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What Wear Fit was founded to help everyone interested in apparel with the best product suggestions and guides.

What Wear Fit is and always will be your most trusted place to gain knowledge and find the best products of apparel.

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Article Author

Joseph Richard

Joseph Richard

Joseph is a Fashion designer with 6 years experience in men's high-end clothing.
Consulted with executive developer on high-end fashion purchasing and shopping experiences.
Provided personal insight, experiences, and preferences to assist with redevelopment and target market shift of mall.

Angela Douglas

Angela Douglas

Angela is a Fashion and Style Consultant.

Angelagoes the extra mile when it comes to whatwearfit. She's passionate about helping women discover apparel that suits them best.

She used to word with technical designers to select fabric, fits, tech packs, and sewing instructions.

She assisted with the design process from start to finish including concept, designer, presentation, boards, and line sheets.

Linda Thompson

Linda Thompson

I am Linda, i am a Yoga teacher and fitness instructor.
give private session to the guests,help them with body building and weight loss ,dance,yoga.

I started practicing yoga at the age of 19. I never thought that I would become a yoga teacher before 2015. Until I found my inner strength from yoga in my life.
I always believe that there is a reason for what happens in my life. Maybe that's why I became a yoga teacher. Besides my love for yoga, I also began to explore in this life journey with all the love I met in my life

Training & Certification

Internationally certified moksha high temperature yoga teacher

Thanks to my teachers Ted grand, Jessica roberston, Frank Jude boccio, Michael Stone and all the teachers.