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Can Guys Wear Skinny Jeans Like Girls?

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Skinny jeans are appropriate for both genders and can easily be worn by either men or women. For the best fit, it is important to try a few different sizes and styles, as there are several different fits in the waist and legs for skinny jeans. Some may wonder how do guys wear skinny jeans without a bulge, and this often comes down to how they fit in the waist and pocket placements.

What Makes Them Skinny Jeans

Jeans are considered to be skinny jeans when they are cut so the legs are tight against the leg of the person wearing them. They can offer different fits in the waist, including high-waisted, midrise, and a low waist or hip hugger. While they are tighter through the hips than most other jeans, they can still be worn in a size that allows for more room in the waist and hips.

Who Wears Skinny Jeans?

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Anyone can wear skinny jeans. They create an appearance of longer legs which can have a slimming effect. They are worn by both women and men and are available for any size and many body shapes.

Avoiding a Bulge in Skinny Jeans

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The pockets in skinny jeans can create an effect that causes there to be a bulge that appears. Having anything in the pocket of a pair of jeans that is tight to the body will create a bulge in the shape of that item. Having small pockets waist in the front will help to reduce the chance of a bulge from keys, cell phone, or other things. Back pockets that are higher up will also help to prevent discomfort and the distinct shape of things in the pockets from occurring.

Avoid tucking in a shirt to a pair of skinny jeans. They can lump together and cause the appearance of lumps and bumps in the jeans. This can be covered, however, by wearing a longer sweater or a blazer or jacket that goes below the waist.

The selection of undergarments is also an important part of avoiding a bulge in skinny jeans. Boxers have larger amounts of fabric and are looser around the legs, which can create a bulge and will cause lumps and bumps where they gather. This is both uncomfortable and creates an unappealing look. Wearing boxer briefs that are close to the legs and less likely to shift, or wearing briefs, can help to ensure that everything stays in place and is comfortable for the wearer.

Choosing a larger size than what is worn in a relaxed fit may be necessary. This allows for extra room for movement and will not be restricting. Skinny jeans that are tight in the waist and hips may be more uncomfortable, and when too tight they can restrict movement and make walking and sitting less comfortable.

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Anyone can wear skinny jeans if they select the correct fit and pair them with the right items. Choosing shirts that do not require being tucked in, looser waistlines, and underwear that will not move or bunch, can all help to prevent a bulge in skinny jeans.

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