How to Wash Sticky Bra

Can You Wash Bras in Washing Machine?Here is the Answer

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Bra as a woman’s personal belongings,it’s the second skin of the breast,choosing the right bra is important,proper cleaning methods are also important,especially in this warm rainy season. Bras can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria.


So let me ask you a question,how do you usually clean your bra?Let’s take a look at the following comments:


@snxjfhd: its 2011, why we’re still talking about hand-washing our bras? It’s been more than 20 centuries since the washing machine was invented. What can’t be washed?


@W:Who told you to wash your underwear by hand? Your hands are dirtier than the washing machine, and there are more germs on your hands than on your feet. Washing machine is much better than hand washing, it can kill germs, it’s highly hygienic/


So can bras be washed in the washing machine?

The disadvantages of washing machine.

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  1. Bras are either underwired or unwired.

For underwear with rims, the rough rotation of the washing machine can easily deform the rims;The wire is out of shape and your bra is going to the trash!

  1. Bras are thin, soft undergarments. Can you bear to wear undergarments with jackets, jeans, and socks in a laundry bucket?
  2. Because some of the bra cloth lace wrap edge, the material is delicate, after the violence of washing machine cleaning may be aging fabric, dark color, elastic shrinkage, and other invisible destruction.


The condition of machine washing

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If the bra’s label does not indicate that it must be washed by hand, it can be machine-washed, but be sure to use a washing machine to wash the bra for three minutes, as long washing can easily discolor or stain the bra.


In addition, follow the label instructions, put the bra in the laundry net to wash, the amount is limited to half the capacity of the laundry net. Also, wash bras with and without soft rings separately to avoid damaging other clothing.



how to wash bras to make them last longer.


The situation of hand washing.

Compared with machine washing, hand washing is more complicated and more acceptable. Relative attention is also essential. The life of the bra can  be extended by traditional hand washing.


The steps of bra handwashing.

  1. First of all, we need to prepare a basin of water, the water temperature is below 30℃, and the right amount of underwear detergent is integrated into the water. Then soak the bra in water for 10 to 15 minutes to avoid staining.

(NOTE: For lace and silk underwear, please wash with cold water to avoid deformation of the bra.)

  1. Then, when we wash, we gently rub with our hands. The parts with soft rings, rubber bones, and laminating strips can be used on the reverse side of the buckle. The cleaning brush of the bra comes with the bra to scrub gently, and then scrub the dirty part of the bra in a circle in a counterclockwise direction.

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  1. Finally, we should remember to rinse the bra with running water to remove any residual detergent avoid damaging the elasticity of the bra.


Steps of bra drying.

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  1. Squeeze as much water as possible out of the bra before drying. Make a fist, place the cup on top of your fist, and press dry with your other hand. Or wrap the bra in a clean towel or bath towel to absorb moisture.

2.Then the bra is arranged and then clamped, pay attention to be sure to clamp upside down, the underwear is still left with water, clamping will lead to the shoulder strap burden is too large, over time, the bra is easy to deformation.




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