The 10 Best Men Bra

If you are tired of hanging man boobs, you must be seeking the best bra for men to get in shape.

Whether you are having Gynecomastia, or want to get in proper shape, men’s bras are your perfect savior.

However, choosing the right bra is a tiresome task. The concept of men’s bra is fairly new, whereas overall shape and material is also different from women’s bras.

You cannot just pick a women’s bra and wear it. men need a smaller cup size and larger band size in order to cover the saggy breast.

So the problem arises, where to look and how to search for the best bra for men.

Don’t worry anymore!

Here comes the solution, our team has tested the top-rated bras in the market, to compile a complete list of best men’s bras.

 So without wasting time, let’s get to the topic and check the best men’s bra to buy in 2020.

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Why Men Wear Bras?

There is more than one factor responsible for MEN Wearing BRAS.
Some transvestites simply just enjoy wearing bras. Some male athletes wear sports bras for protection, to keep the nipple from chafing while jogging.
There are also some people who wear bras for no reason, just for the feeling of being wrapped,  because bras offer the best support so that they feel more at ease when working.

But, there are increasing numbers of men(married or straight men), who wear women’s lingerie due to Gynecomastia.
Most men with Gynecomastia do not want to live with the embarrassment of having large breasts (often large than B cup). Surgery is the only treatment option for them, but due to medical or financial concerns, bra is the best way to minimize and support breasts.

What is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is a relative condition in which above-average amounts of breast tissue form in males.*
This condition may occur in newborns, adolescents, and adult males. The symptoms of adolescent men usually recover gradually within a few years without excessive obesity.
Symptoms in adolescent males usually resolve themselves gradually over a period of years in the absence of the patient being overweight.

Although the medical community is divided on the need of treating Gynecomastia, mild cases of Gynecomastia can be treated by wearing a compression man bra to flatten the protruding breasts, while more severe cases require surgical reduction of the breasts.

How To Hide Gynecomastia?

Here are some tips to reduce gynecomastia naturally.

  • Choose a men bra: wear bras to support swelling breast tissue

  • Lose weight: losing weight will reduce the size of chest line.

  • Surgical removal of extra tissue

  • Wearing dark, matte fabrics loose-fitting clothing makes the condition appear less noticeable. However, shirts with vertical stripes will help

6 Tips on How to Choose the Right  Men Bra To Hide Man Boobs?


Cotton is the best, but most Compression Shirts are made of Nylon and Spandex for consistent compression levels.
So if you are sensitive skin, choose the A BIG ATTITUDE 9555 Sport Bra,which is 100% cotton.
If you want something for long hours wearing that doesn’t hurt, but still flattens your chest a bit and comfy, Compression Shirt is your choice.
If you had to go to a wedding or some important events, the Chest Binder makes your shirt and suit look better and fit better.


Don’t go too cheap


Men have shallower upper breast tissue and wider chest
If the bra is too tight, the straps will dig into your backs and shoulders, you will feel uncomfortable all day long, even suffocated.
It leads to sagging if too loose and you have to keep adjusting it all the time.
So, it‘s important to choose the right size, or they can be really uncomfortable.
If your boobs are large, I recommend buying a sports bra that comes in traditional bra sizes instead of S,M,L.

4.Proper Compression


Most men have big boobs desire a flat outlook on their chests. It’s important that a man bra compress the chest tissue to reduce movement and bounce. You’ll also find they get your chest pretty flat, minimize the size of the breast by pressing the tissue flat against the skin.
So compression is a great thing when it comes to a bra for men.


Avoid patterns. Wear dark, matte fabrics. …Consider neutral colors like beige, white, black, etc.


Men who need to wear a bra are often harder to fit. The chest is wider on a man so fitting a bra takes more time, and that is why a professional fitting is a must, sizes will most likely larger.
But where do men go for a fitting?

Many male customers have felt better about the process of online shopping than shopping in stores。
If you want to try online shopping, I highly recommend ordering from Amazon which with and free shipping and clear return policies.
You can consult people who have purchased them and buy different sizes to try on for the best fitting

10 Best Men Bras(Table)

NamePictureMaterialMachine Wash  
Champion Plus-Size Vented Compression Sports BraChampion Women's Plus-Size Vented Compression Sports Bra

 82% Nylon, 18% Spandex; Liner: 100% Nylon
A BIG ATTITUDE 9555 Sport Bra
A BIG ATTITUDE 9555 Sport Bra 0X White100% cotton
Esteem Apparel Men's Chest Compression Shirt to Hide Gynecomastia MoobsEsteem Apparel Original Men's Chest Compression Shirt to Hide Gynecomastia Moobs (Black, Medium)90% nylon, 10% spandex
Underworks Mens Extreme Gynecomastia Pre-Surgical Post-Surgical Chest Binder VestUnderworks Mens Extreme Gynecomastia Chest Binder Vest Large Black70% Nylon, 30% Spandex
GKVK Mens Body Shaper Vest Chest Compression Shirt
GKVK Mens Slimming Body Shaper Vest Chest Compression Shirt Abs Abdomen Slim Tank Top Undershirt80% Nylon + 20% Spandex Yes
Mens Compression Workout Tank Tops Abs Abdomen UndershirtsMens Compression Shirt Slimming Body Shaper Vest Workout Tank Tops Abs Abdomen Undershirts80% Rayon 20% Spandex
AILONG Men Shaper Tight Tummy Control Tank TopTAILONG Men Compression Shirt for Body Slimming Tank Top Shaper Tight Undershirt Tummy Control Girdle80% Polyester + 20% Nylon.
Wonderience Compression Shirts Tank Top with Zipper
Wonderience Compression Shirts for Men Undershirts Slimming Body Shaper Waist Trainer Tank Top Vest with Zipper60% Nylon and 40% SpandexNo
Shaxea Mens Slimming Gynecomastia Vest Compression Shirt
Shaxea Mens Slimming Body Shaper Vest Shirt Tank Top Compression Shirt, Shapewear for Men (S, Black)90%Nylon+10%Spandex
XUJI Tomboy Breathable Cotton Elastic Band Chest Binder
XUJI Women Tomboy Breathable Cotton Elastic Band Colors Chest Binder Tank Top (M-6XL)65%Cotton、5%Polyester fiber、30%Spandex

The 10 Best Bras for Man

1.BIG ATTITUDE 9555 Sport Bra

A BIG ATTITUDE 9555 Sport Bra 0X Navy


The BIG ATTITUDE 9555 Sports Bra with its superior design, amazing material, and superior performance is the best men’s bra available in the market.

The stretchable material fits quite easily on your shoulders and chest. The sporty design will hide your man boobs without compressing boobs. The material is soft enough that you will not feel it wearing underneath your clothes.

The fabric is strain-free which means no back pain and shoulder pain. This also prevents stretch marks which form after prolonged use of bras.

It is available in all sizes from 0X to 6X which means anyone can use it.

Furthermore, if you are planning to wear it flexing your abs and love handles on the beach, it comes in black, white, pink, sky blue, navy blue, red, and baby pink color options.

 This gives you an opportunity to match with the boxers or shorts you are wearing and make a perfect sexy outfit to impress anyone.

The bra is quite affordable. So, you won’t have to break your bank in order to buy it. Lastly, a single piece will last for years if properly used and maintained.


  • Available in all sizes
  • Wide color options
  • High-Quality Sports Bra
  • Sexy Outfit
  • Affordable


  • Uncovered Abdominal Area

Overall a fine sexy piece of clothing for multipurpose use. You can wear it all the time in the office, home, gym, at parties and almost everywhere comfortably.

2.Underworks Men’s Extreme Gynecomastia Sports Lipo Breast

Underworks Mens Extreme Gynecomastia Chest Binder Vest Large Black

2nd inline is the brand new Underworks Men’s Extreme Gynecomastia Chest Binder Vest.

Specially designed for the big boobs of men. The vest maintains your overall figure hiding men’s boobs efficiently.

The fabric is made up of high quality 70 percent nylon and 30 percent spandex. It increases the stretching of the vest and forms a perfect build.

 It is quite enough for providing you stage 1 compressions of boobs for Gynecomastia.

You can also wear it for post-surgery compressions.

It is available in all sizes from small to 4X large which fits from 32 inches’ chest to huge 55 inches’ boobs. It comes in only 2 color options; white and black which does not matter if you are wearing under the clothes.

The lightweight vest is overall comfortable to use and serves the purpose.


  • Nylon/ Spandex Composition
  • Stage 1 Compressions for Gynecomastia
  • Designed for Big Boobs
  • Covers the Abdominal Area


  • Tight from Shoulders

Specially designed to hide big boobs. If you are looking for the best men’s bra which can compress boobs and hide your figure, then go for the Underworks Men’s Extreme Gynecomastia Chest Binder Vest.

3.Esteem Apparel Original Men’s Chest Compression Shirt

Esteem Apparel Original Men's Chest Compression Shirt to Hide Gynecomastia Moobs (Black, Medium)

Esteem is a leading, well known, and most trusted company that is in the men’s undergarments business for a long time.

Usually, the men’s bra loses its elasticity and starts getting loose with few uses only.

 That’s not the case with this bra.  Esteem Apparel Original Men’s Shirt will stay in its shape even after many uses.

The extra tight build will give you an instant slimness not only hiding man boobs but also perfectly shaping love handles.

The shirt is made with breathable and soft material. You can wear it under any clothing without any worry about sweating.

The shoulder mesh fabric will let you easily wear and remove the vest. It will also relieve your shoulder muscles and allow them to develop naturally.


  • Breathable and Soft Fabric
  • Mesh’s shoulders
  • Extra Tight Built


  • Expensive

A perfect alternative to surgery and medicines. Enjoy a slim and healthy body and order it right now.

4.Men’s Compression Shirt Slimming Body Shaper Vest

Mens Compression Shirt Slimming Body Shaper Vest Workout Tank Tops Abs Abdomen Undershirts

One of the Men’s most favorite undershirts, the shirt is made up of 80 percent rayon and 20 percent spandex.

The high-quality nylon is breathable specially designed to improve blood circulation and avoid much sweating.

The shirt hides bulges, bumps, and rolls of your body efficiently. It is firm enough to hold the body in position.

It can be used easily under any type of clothing. The slimming compressions will hide man boobs and shape the love handles in an effective way.

The nylon-spandex build ensures that the shirt does not harm your skin and cause any extra marks on the body.

This Shirt is designed to not only hide man boobs but can also be used to lose belly fat and burn extra calories. This will assist in losing weight.


  • Enhance Blood Circulation
  • Wide Range of Sizing Options
  • Can Be Used to Lose Weight


  • Difficult to wear

5.GKVK Men’s Slimming Body Shaper Vest Chest Compression Shirt

GKVK Mens Slimming Body Shaper Vest Chest Compression Shirt Abs Abdomen Slim Tank Top Undershirt

The GKVK Men’s Slimming Body Shaper is a unisex bra. The shaper assists in shedding the extra fatty layers of your skin and losing weight by fat burning and spending extra calories in the body.

The product helps in supporting your back and builds up the posture. The firm design ensures compressed boobs to hide the appearance of gynecomastia.

It instantly flattens the boobs and belly shaping the love handles and front bulges of the skin.

The tight x shape back is a unique feature that gives a relaxed and easy all-day use. Wear it under any clothing and you will feel like not wearing it at all after some time.

The shoulder mesh material keeps the shoulder easy. It is also easy and convenient to wear it. The wearing style is a bit different from conventional undershirts. You have to step into it and then pull up rather than wearing it from the top.


  • Specially designed X shape back
  • Mesh shoulders
  • Easy to wear


  • Expensive

The GKVK Men’s Slimming Body Shaper Vest Chest Compression Shirt is surely the best choice for you if you are a gym guy and want to build up a strong perfectly shaped body.

6.Champion Women’s Plus-Size Vented Compression Sports Bra

Champion Women's Plus-Size Vented Compression Sports Bra

It was originally made for women for sports purposes. But the quality it is providing and the material used can be utilized by a man also.

The bra is made up of 82 percent nylons and 18 percent imported quality spandex. The liner is although made up of complete nylon. The bra is not cup-shaped rather over flatted to hide man boobs from all the sides.

The bra is firm from the chest and quite relaxed and stretchable from the shoulders and back. The wide gel-cushioned straps ensure extra comfort for your back. U back design with a back hook makes the bra easy and convenient to remove and wear.

It compresses the boobs and hides the visible appearances of hormonal changes.

The bra is easily washable in machines with all clothes without any worry of losing color or damage to the fabric.

The bra comes up with 4 color options including black, white, imperial indigo, and medium grey.

The moisture management technology helps prevent excessive sweating keeping the skin dry and cool most of the time.


  • Moisture management technology
  • 4 color options
  • U back design
  • Gel cushioned straps


  • Uncovered abdominal area

The bra feels so relaxing and comfortable to wear that you will hardly notice anything on your chest.

7.TAILONG Men Compression Shirt for Body Slimming Tank Top

TAILONG Men Compression Shirt for Body Slimming Tank Top Shaper Tight Undershirt Tummy Control Girdle

This product mainly focuses on shaping the love handles and reducing the size of your tummy. The chest also develops positively when you wear it during gym sessions.

This product comes in all sizes from small to 4 x large that can fit everyone with every type of body.

It is made up of 80 percent polyesters and 20 percent nylon. It looks like a thick heavy body shaper but in practice, it is a very lightweight and skin-friendly item.

The tight undershirt can be worn with any type of clothing.

One thing which you need to consider here about washing is that you can only hand wash it. Washing it directly in the machine will harm the fabric and cause it to loose down.


  • Lightweight
  • Good for gym sessions
  • Makes Superior Shape


  • Feels bulky

8.Wonderience Compression Shirts for Men Undershirts Slimming Body Shaper

Wonderience Compression Shirts for Men Undershirts Slimming Body Shaper Waist Trainer Tank Top Vest with Zipper

This Compression Shirt will help you in losing weight and forming a perfect hot body.

This is one of the best options one can consider for a perfect slim body.

The shirt comes with a unique feature which is the zipper. It is easy and convenient to wear and remove it with the help of the zipper.

It ensures super-strong compressions to shape your love handles, compress boobs, and reduce the belly overall. The abdomen corsets assist in making 8 packs in your abdomen.

To the sufferers of gynecomastia, the product compresses boobs and within a few months of use, you will see a wide improvement.

The super comfort fabric will not let you feel if you are wearing anything under your office shirt.

The 2 steel bones keep the shirt upright in the position and do not let it roll during your tough gym routine.


  • Zipper included
  • 2 steel bones
  • Super comfort fabric


  • Hand Washable Only

Wonderience Compression Shirt is a widely used shirt for shaping the body. You should consider it while buying the best bra for men.

9.Shaxea Bodywear Men’s Slimming Body Shape

Shaxea Mens Slimming Body Shaper Vest Shirt Tank Top Compression Shirt, Shapewear for Men (S, Black)

Shaxea is a well-known brand that has been manufacturing men garments for ages. The Shaxea bodywear men’s slimming body shaper is also one of the finest products made by the company.

The product comes in 2 color options including black and white.

It holds the body in correct places. The gynecomastia men boobs are hidden by the compressed highly tight fabric. It holds the body in its place.

 You can wear it all the time even in the office when you are not working out.

Furthermore, the belly bears hide instantly as you start wearing during normal routines. 

The super sturdy seams enhance performance and durability. It lasts longer with long-lasting elasticity.


  • Super sturdy seams
  • Highly tight fabric
  • Durable
  • For all occasions
  • Affordable



  • Tight from shoulders

The Shaxea Bodywear Men’s Slimming Body Shaper is surely the best choice for a budget-friendly user.

10.XUJI Women Tomboy Breathable Cotton Elastic Band Colors Chest Binder Tank Top

XUJI Women Tomboy Breathable Cotton Elastic Band Colors Chest Binder Tank Top (M-6XL)

Last but not least in the list is the XUJI Women Tomboy Breathable Cotton Elastic tank top. It is made for women but men are also seen using it.

Unlike conventional body shapers, it is made up of 65 percent cotton, 5 percent polyester fabric, and 30 percent spandex. The cotton built here makes it unique. It is quite good for those who have excessive sweating issues.

The mash panel along with a strong wide elastic band makes sure your body is getting the air and breathing properly allowing you to cool down and dry your body.

The design here is classy and gorgeous. The 3-row hooks close the tank top effectively around the body. You can surely wear it as a classy gym outfit.

The shoulder straps are made up of fine yoga cotton material that increases the comfort and supports your back.


  • Unique Cotton Built
  • Perfect Gym Outfit
  • High-quality Yoga Cotton


  • Weak fabric

If you are tired of extra fit nylon bras and want to try something which is comfortable and does not cause any stretch marks on your body then must consider XUJI Women Tomboy Breathable Cotton Elastic Band.


It’s not just the ladies who want to get slimmer and have sexy figures, men also wish and work for it.

So if you are planning to get a sexy slimmer body, or you are suffering from gynecomastia, must consider buying the best bra for men in 2020.

If you ask my personal opinion, I will suggest you buy two pieces, one for the gym workout session and the other one to wear for the rest of the time in the office, home, and parties to maintain the shape and hide man boobs.

What Is the Best Shapewear for Bodycon Dresses? (How to Choose Based On Body Type)

Best Shapewear for Bodycon Dresses

If this is your first time buying shapewear, you’ve come to the right place. This article covers everything you need to know about the best shapewear for bodycon dresses.

What to look for and what to avoid? And how not all shapewear look and feel the same?

For a sophisticated outfit, you need stylish and supportive shapewear. Just any shapewear won’t do. There’s one you can wear for tucking your tummy in naturally. There’s another you can wear for emphasizing your bust or buttocks. The list goes on.

This brings me to the first, and most important, part of the guide. And that is comparing the best shapewear for bodycon dresses. I have all the different types of shapewear for you. Bodysuits, briefers, shorts, and under-bust shapewear.

So sit back and take your pick!

Best Shapewear for Bodycon Dresses – Table Comparison and Top 10 Reviews

Shaperx Tummy Control Shapewear#10Elastic mesh, laceOpen Bust / Tummy Control Bodysuit
Maidenform Flexees Women’s Hi-Waist Shapewear#9Nylon, elastaneHigh-Waist Shorts
Yummie Women’s Cleo Seamless High Waist Shaping Short#8Nylon, elastaneHigh-Waist Shorts
Irisnaya Shapewear Bodysuit#7Nylon, spandexTummy Control Bodysuit
Bali Women’s Cool Comfort Hi-Waist Shapewear#6Nylon, spandex, cottonHigh-Waist Shorts
Spanx Power Shorts Shapewear#5SpandexHigh-Waist Shorts
Bali Women’s Shapewear Lace ‘N Smooth Body Briefer#4Nylon, spandex, laceTummy Control Bodysuit
Nebility Women Butt Lifter Shapewear#3Polyester, spandex, cottonUnder Bust / Tummy Control Bodysuit
Maidenform Flexees Shapewear Body Briefer#2Nylon, elastane, cottonFull Bodysuit
Nebility Women Latex Waist Trainer Full Body Shapewear#1 – Top PickLatex, spandex, cottonOpen Bust / Tummy Control Bodysuit

#10 Shaperx Tummy Control Shapewear – Best shapewear for lift and support

SHAPERX Women Shapewear Tummy Control Fajas Colombianas Body Shaper Zipper Open Bust Bodysuit, SZ7200-Black-XL


  • The size chart is very helpful.
  • High-quality and soft material.
  • It uses hooks and a zipper for support.


  • The boning is a little longer than usual.

The ShaperX is a tummy control shapewear with a slimming effect. It not only emphasizes your natural curves. But it also gives you bust support without slowing down your breath.

It’s not suffocating at all. In fact, the non-slip shoulder straps hold the shapewear together. And since it’s an open bust design, it’s impressively supportive. It cinches your upper and lower abdomen. And it’s a good posture alignment shaper too.

The fit, lace accents, and design are all worth considering. The open bust area is extremely supportive of your bosom. Perfect for women who want some lift and support in that region.

It has a double hook design at the back. This only improves the firmness and support of the shaper. Overall, it feels smooth on the stomach. As much as it feels smooth and soft on the back. No skin irritation, no tightness, and no heat.

#9 Maidenform Flexees Women’s Hi-Waist Shapewear – Best underwear briefs shaper

Maidenform Flexees Women's Shapewear Minimizing Hi-Waist Boyshort , Latte Lift, Small


  • Perfect for day-long use.
  • It doesn’t slip or roll from the legs.
  • The cotton lining is breathable and supportive.


  • It’s not a waist trainer.

This shapewear for body dresses is a bit different. It’s shaping short and high-waisted. This means it goes right above your navel. While also providing abs and waist shaping.

The Maidenform Flexees works like perfect body shorts. It really comes together to reduce folds and bulges on your body. It elongates your posture while smoothing the curves too.

Though this list is for shapewear for bodycon dresses. This shaper is good for everything. It has the most comfortable support of all times. Mainly because the boning structure is breathable, without a girdle.

This shapewear really sets the tone for body-conscious wear. The fact that shapewear can have no metal, no girdle, and still do the trick. Well, that is pretty impressive! And that’s precisely what this best shapewear for bodycon dresses does.

It’s soft to touch, it targets the tummy and waist to smooth the muffin top. And even though you don’t mind your tummy showing a bit. The nylon and elastane with cotton lining make it appear smooth and sexy.

#8 Yummie Women’s Cleo Seamless High Waist Shaping Short – Best high-waisted shorts shaper

Yummie Women's Plus Size Cleo Seamless High Waist Shaping Short, Naked, Small/Medium


  • Shapes your tummy, hips, and thighs.
  • Seamless and lightweight fabric.
  • Silicone, non-slip waistband.


  • The legs might roll up a bit.

The Yummie Cleo Seamless Shaping Shorts are shapewear for a reason. Not only does it flatten your stomach. But it also boasts of shaping your waist and upper thighs. That is perfect for bodycon dresses because it’s the whole package!

Women often wear a tummy shaper and thigh shaper separately. But with this best shapewear for body dresses, you have both. The nylon and elastane fabric pockets and firms up your skin.

So it looks tight, smooth, and shapely from all sides. If you’re sick of wearing panties that poke through your dresses. This shapewear you can wear without.

The length of which is long and supportive. It starts from right under your bust all the way down to your upper-mid-thigh. The shapewear has 2 primary zones of shaping. The first is the upper and lower stomach. And the second is waist, buttocks, and thighs.

The lining is seamless with a firm silicon waist. The material itself is blanketed in a soft fabric. So even while wearing the shapewear, you feel more tucked in rather than suffocated.

#7 Irisnaya Shapewear Bodysuit – Best shapewear bodysuit

	 Irisnaya Shapewear Bodysuit Scoop Neck Tank Tops for Women Tummy Control Waist Trainer Vest Full Body Shaper (L, Black)


  • Ideal for a slimming hourglass look.
  • Includes bust, tummy, and waist support.
  • The bodysuit material is strong.


  • None so far.

The structured boning of the Irisnaya Bodysuit is special and effective. The fabric that it’s made of is super comfortable and supportive. With proper care, it can last for years.

This shapewear is perfect in versatile ways. You can wear it for waist training, parties, and work. But especially for parties, under a bodycon dress, it’s amazing. It gives the body a naturally voluptuous shape.

The nylon and spandex construction holds everything well. It’s tight but it’s supposed to be. The bodysuit goes around your crotch, sort of like underwear. It has adjustable hooks near the crotch too.

But don’t worry. Just like good panties, the crotch has a double-layer fabric protecting you.

From the backside, the buttocks region, the boning structure is slightly curved. This is to emphasize the C-shape of your buttocks. Think of it as a booster of what’s already there. This shapewear doesn’t add volume so much as it shapes. That is perfect for when you need to wear a bodycon dress.

#6 Bali Women’s Cool Comfort Hi-Waist Shapewear – Best shapewear with waist and thigh control

Bali Women's Shapewear Cool Comfort Hi-Waist Thigh Slimmer, Black, X-Large


  • Comfortable and breathable fabric.
  • The legs don’t roll or bunch up.
  • Slimming without feeling too tight.


  • The fabric rubs between the legs.

The Bali Cool Comfort Shapewear is another popular choice. It is an incredible shaper with a high-quality design. It has core, waist, and thigh control. Made primarily of nylon and then spandex, it’s durable and effective.

The cotton lining improves breathability. It doesn’t pinch or aggravate the skin. Nor does it feel too tight. Rather with the way the fabric is made, it’s quite firm and smooth.

I would definitely recommend this shapewear for long-term use. It doesn’t show your stomach. Nor does it make your waist or thighs appear out of shape. You’ll instantly notice major changes in your body after wearing this.

Unlike former shapewear buying habits, you don’t need to buy a size smaller for better shaping. Make sure you buy your exact size and you’ll feel better too. It goes all the way to your bust. Flattening and smoothening your muffin top.

The fabric around the crotch is seamless. This means you wouldn’t even have to wear underwear. Even if you do, it shows no panty lines.

#5 Spanx Power Shorts Shapewear – Best supportive shorts shapewear

SPANX Power Shorts Soft Nude Medium


  • Perfect slimming and compressing effect.
  • The waistband feels lightweight and firm.
  • Medium-level firmness for long-term use.


  • The leg lining is not seamless.

Spanx is a popular shapewear brand. It brings comfort back into the game with its power shorts. The best part about these shapewear shorts is that they are extra supportive. The “power” in Power Shorts refers to the slip-proof texture.

The high-waist style of this shapewear makes everything better. It provides shaping in two ways that normal corset-type shapewear fails to do. The high-waist fit cinches the stomach and waist together.

This gives you a slimming appearance without the tightness. Next, the slip-proof fabric that is so Spanx popular for is also great. It stays firm and smooth against the skin. And the cotton gusset near the crotch feels soft to wear.

The shaping zones that line the inner fabric are impressive. They target the stomach and thighs. The best part is that it comes in a wide range of sizes – for petite and plus sizes too. So you will never fall short of size or style in the Spanx.

#4 Bali Women’s Shapewear Lace ‘N Smooth Body Briefer – Best lace shapewear

Bali Women's Shapewear Lace 'N Smooth Body Briefer - 36C - Black


  • Seamless and soft bust support.
  • Easy to wash and maintain.
  • Breathable and lightweight quality.


  • Not to be worn for a long time.

This shapewear is for someone who appreciates good design. The nylon and spandex design delivers a firm and smooth support. The Bali Women’s Lace ‘N Smooth has everything. It offers a proper fit, great form, and amazing fabric.

Moreover, it even looks good as is. There’s no bulky strap, rigid boning structure, or awkward enclosures to look at. The lace design of the shapewear makes you look appealing and sexy.

The lace is of a stretchy material which is good. It has both a slimming and compressing effect. All this does is it adds form to the entire outfit. Even if you happen to show off your body shaper under a dress. The lace design makes it look good.

Another impressive quality of this shapewear is the great price. The hook-and-eye closure at the back is well-hidden by the lace. So from front to back, it looks smooth and eye-catching.

#3 Nebility Women Butt Lifter Shapewear – Best butt-lifting shapewear

Nebility Women Butt Lifter Shapewear Hi-Waist Double Tummy Control Panty Waist Trainer Body Shaper (M, Black)


  • Ideal for postpartum recovery also.
  • The firm fit with comfortable design.
  • The legs are not too tight.


  • No midsection support.

If you want something seriously effective, go for the Nebility Butt Lifter Shapewear. It looks good and feels even better. It hugs your belly and waist. It keeps your skin from protruding out so there are no bulges. And it smooths the skin so there’ll be no wrinkles.

The weight of this butt lifter shapewear is light and comfortable. It has a slight butt-lifting design for extra shaping. The butt lifter also provides better posture and alignment. So it’s invisible but it also fixes incorrect posture and back pain.

You can wear this shapewear while working, lounging, and exercising. It’s a tummy control shapewear and a waist cincher mixed together. And for bodycon dresses, well, there’s nothing better.

It really accentuates your curves which a bodycon dress requires. It adds volume by shaping the waist and buttocks. And it flattens and smooths the tummy for the perfect figure. All this and still no butt rashes because the fabric is soft and breathable to touch.

#2 Maidenform Flexees Shapewear Body Briefer – Best supportive bodysuit shapewear

Maidenform Flexees Women's Shapewear Body Briefer, Latte Lift, 40DD


  • Anti-static and cling-proof fabric.
  • Easy to put on and take off the design.
  • Secure and non-slip shoulder straps.


  • The straps are not removable.

The Maidenform Flexees Shapewear is a smooth and comfortable choice. You can wear it in any season. I know how hot it can get to wear shapewear in the summer. But this particular shapewear allows perfect breathability.

The fabric is light and soft against the skin. It regulates body temperature just by the way it fits. You’ll notice this soon when you put the body briefer on. The nylon and elastane blend is common and it works.

It’s got a smooth cotton lining. And it helps shape the tummy and keeps it flat and smooth to touch. Rest assured. This shapewear doesn’t actually reduce tummy fat but it does shape it.

So when you wear bodycon dresses, your belly appears flat and firm from the outside. It even has bust support which is perfect. The foam cups provide shaping. They even appear seamless for tight-fitting dresses.

#1 Nebility Women Latex Waist Trainer Full Body Shapewear – Top Pick

Nebility Women Latex Waist Trainer Bodysuit Slim Full Body Zipper Shapewear Open Bust Corset (L, Beige)


  • Adjustable shoulder straps.
  • Anti-droop bust support.
  • Great for slimming and trimming the waist.


  • The crotch area lacks proper support.

The Nebility Latex Waist Trainer is everything you’ve expected in shapewear. And then some more. It focuses on the upper, mid, and lower sections. It has an open bust design, meant to lift and support the entire upper body.

It’s made of latex, cotton, and spandex. So it’s breathable, tight, and supportive. You can wear this waist trainer during your workouts. But it’s also an excellent choice for parties and work. It has a panty attached to the crotch which you will love.

The boning structure of this bodysuit is tight. But it’s not hard to put on and walk around in. The fabric does get loose after a while. So you won’t feel the heat for a very long time.

The openings near the thighs don’t chafe the skin. Nor does it allow your legs to rub together next to the gusset. And even if it does, the spandex and cotton blend makes it smooth and non-chafing.

This is a snug-fitting shapewear choice for most women. It’s not back-breaking nor is it the kind that forces you to breathe shallow breaths. It’s supportive, shaping, and slimming.

What to Look for When Buying the Best Shapewear for Bodycon Dresses


You’ll miss out on the benefits of wearing shapewear if you do these things.

Shapewear doesn’t have to be such a bad thing. It’s the same as wearing a push-up bra to lift and support your bust. You’re not adding anything to your body. Nor are you subtracting from it.

All shapewear does is it gives you a voluptuous figure. So you look curvy and sexy under dresses, tops, jeans, skirts, and what-not.

Shapewear has become all the rage for the past few years. And it’s growing not only by demand but also by style. So follow these tips to make the most of your shapewear infatuation!

Buy the Correct Size


Those days of wearing corsets way tighter than your actual size are over. Science suggests wearing shapewear of your exact size. Anything tighter will cause physical problems, stiffness, and soreness.

If you’re looking to flatten and smooth your bulges. You can consider buying a firmer fabric such as spandex. Do not think of buying a corset a size or two smaller than yours.

The firmness level of shapewear depends on its material. The tightness level of shapewear depends on its size. So to be able to sit down and walk around without any discomfort, look for a suitable size.

Tight shapewear will only cause breathing problems. And might also cause inner-thigh chafing, even more bulging around the openings and other irritation.

Choose the Level of Constriction


Medium level constriction in shapewear is for smoothing and shaping. Strong or high-level constriction is for a complete hourglass figure.

The former is the best option for most women. It’s not too tight, it’s breathable, and you can wear it for longer.

The latter option is for those looking for a full-body transformation. This level of shaping is for 2-3 hours of use and not more. If you wear a strong constriction bodysuit for more than 4-6 hours. It may cause shortness of breath, soreness, and dizziness.

Such shapewear has a solid metal boning structure for shaping. They will squeeze your muscles in to compress and shape. So you can imagine how uncomfortable wearing such shapewear for a long time can be.

That’s why medium-level constriction is ideal. They have shaping zones around the tummy and waist for proper slimming. The fabric is lightweight enough for you to slide your hand under it. And it won’t cause any discomfort after a few hours of wear.

What’s Your Body Shape?

Are you still confused about what shapewear to buy? An easy way to decide is by your body shape. Not all the best shapewear for bodycon dresses is going to fit you the same.

So you can pick the perfect style depending upon the shape of your body. You may fall in either one or a combination of these body shapes.

  • Apple-Shaped Figure


This is when you have a V-shaped figure. You’re heavier or fuller above the waistline than below. This means you have narrow hips and slimmer thighs. Your shoulders are slightly broader or wider than the hips. And your bust and tummy area is fuller too.

For an apple-shaped figure, a shaping camisole or underbust shapewear is great. While providing bust lift and support. They will also flatten and shape your love handles.

The openings at the bottom will elongate your waistline. Making you look taller and curvier. This will only enhance the look of your narrow hips and a slimmer waistline.

  • Pear-Shaped Figure


This is a kind of reverse figure of an apple-shaped body type. It’s when you have a fuller torso and waistline than the upper body. Narrow shoulders, slimmer under bust, and petite tummy.

A thigh-shaper, for this body shape, is perfect. You can buy an open bust or underbust thigh shaper. So it’s high-waist and it shapes your tummy, hips, and thighs.

A thigh-shaper, also known as shorts shapers, will give you the perfect hourglass look. It has a slim and sleek fit. Taking care of any bulges, cellulite, love handles, and back fat.

  • Athletic Figure


A ruler-straight figure is also very common. Shapewear that adds volumes to your slight, narrow curves is what an athletic figure needs. A high-rise, butt-lifting shapewear. A bodysuit with a corset-like design and a solid boning structure.

You don’t want your body to look extra curvaceous. But you do need something shaping and enhancing. Even butt-enhancing briefs offer voluptuous shaping. They shape and emphasize your tummy and buttocks. So you get the hourglass figure that most shapewear most confidently promises.

Final Thoughts

What do you make of this? Shapewear is not something you can wear every day. But whenever you do, you want to do it right. Much like a fancy push-up bra, shapewear can be just as flattering and sexy.

But all this is in vain if the shapewear isn’t supportive and comfortable as well. That’s why the Nebility Women Latex Full Body Shapewear is a clear winner. There’s nothing suffocating about this shapewear. It’s one of the best for working all your problem areas.

It smoothens the tummy, shapes your figure, and boosts your confidence. What more is needed? You can wear your favorite bodycon dress without feeling awkward in your body. Shapewear is great because it promises tummy control without feeling tight.

Best Shapewear for Lower Belly Pooch That Is The Most Comfortable (2020 Reviews)

Best Shapewear for Lower Belly Pooch

Gaining excess body fat is very common among both men and women. But, in this article, I’m targeting the women demographic only. The causes can include pregnancy, unhealthy or fatty diet, genetics, or lack of exercise. But the thing is that you can hide your tummy bulge. With the help of the best shapewear for lower belly pooch.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about. I mean it’s only normal to gain weight. And to have natural bumps and lumps. But if you wish to conceal them, then that’s an option at your disposal here.

What shapewear also does is smooth out your curves. To give your body a more streamlined silhouette. And this is very useful for women in their postpartum stage. So let’s get right down to business, shall we?

Best Shapewear for Lower Belly Pooch – Table Comparison and Top 10 Reviews

Miraclesuit Women’s Extra Firm Control Comfort Leg Bodysuit#10BodysuitNylon, elastane
Bali Women’s Shapewear Lace N Smooth Brief#9BriefsNylon, spandex
Spanx Women’s Higher Power Shorts#8ShortsNylon, spandex
Loday Waist Trainer Corset for Tummy Control#7Waist trainer corsetNon-latex rubber, cotton, spandex
Irisnaya Shapewear Bodysuit Tummy Control Vest Full Body Shaper#6BodysuitNylon, spandex
Empetua Shapermint High Waisted Body Shaper Shorts#5ShortsNylon, spandex
Maidenform Flexees Women’s Shapewear Hi-Waist Brief#4BriefsNylon, elastane
Olikeme Women’s Shaperwear Tummy Control Body Shapewear#3BodysuitNylon, spandex
Maidenform Flexees Women’s Shapewear Comfort Devotion Cami#2CamiPolyamide, elastane
Spanx Women’s Plus Size Oncore Shapesuit#1 – Editor’s ChoiceBodysuitNylon, spandex

#1 Spanx Women’s Plus Size Oncore Shapesuit – Top Pick


SPANX Oncore Mid-Thigh Bodysuit Soft Nude 1X


  • A non-compression bust with adjustable straps.
  • Fully-bonded front panels for tummy shaping.
  • Edge-bonded side panels for squeeze-free slimming.


  • Not high enough in the back.

For total transformation, you require the best shapewear for muffin top and back fat. Meaning an item that helps with your lower belly pooch. And with your back fat. For that, nothing works better than the Spanx Women’s Plus Size Oncore Shapesuit.

The sculpting shapewear is powerful as well as lightweight. Powerful in the sense that it creates a flat stomach. And provides squeeze-free, comfortable slimming. Thanks to the full-bonded front panels. Comfortable shaping with much less bulk is what you get here.

The bonded panels in the tummy region are what make this the best shapewear for lower belly pooch. There’s no denying or even downplaying that fact. Then there are side panels too for both slimming and freedom of movement.

Moreover, the underarms and neckline are bonded. This means no rubbing or skin irritation. Even the bust area offers a smoosh-free fit. That’s because it’s non-compressed. In the back, there are butt-enhancing pockets. And below, there’s a double-gusset opening for easy bathroom visits.

The moral of the story? Everything you want is included in here.

#2 Maidenform Flexees Women’s Shapewear Comfort Devotion Cami – Best shapewear cami


Maidenform Flexees Women's Shapewear Comfort Devotion Cami, Black, Small/10


  • Figure-flattering seamless fit.
  • Tummy shaping and back fat smoothing.
  • Firm support in the chest.


  • Not for women with larger breasts.

It’s now time for me to review the best shapewear for tummy and back fat. Once again, Maidenform makes an appearance. But this time it’s their Comfort Devotion Cami. It’s perfect for everyday tummy control. All-day comfort is a part of this everyday tummy control, fortunately.

The fact that it offers a figure-flattering fit is the best part. I mean this fit targets tummy shaping in the most comfortable and luxurious manner. The fit flexibility around the chest area is also something that doesn’t disappoint.

The built-up back design is the one feature responsible for back smoothing. Then comes the 2-ply midsection with the 1-ply bust. The shapewear lays flat against your skin and under clothing. In simple words, you get seamless shaping.

Every Comfort Devotion creation by Maidenform offers the much-needed combination of support, comfort, and shaping.

#3 Olikeme Women’s Shaperwear Tummy Control Body Shapewear – Best compression shapewear


OLIKEME Shaper for Women Tummy Control High Waist Butt Lifter Body Shaper Shapewear Bodysuit Plus Size,Beige XS to S


  • Shapes midsection with targeted firm control.
  • Light boning to prevent rolling down.
  • Crotch hooks are easy to fasten.


  • Sizing part is a bit tricky.

This body shapewear has enough compression for targeting your midsection. You get extra-firm tummy control. This also makes your natural curves look smooth and streamlined. Pair it up with a higher waist. And you have shapewear that reduces a few inches off your waist.

If you’re worried about the undergarment rolling down at the stomach. Then let me tell you that it features light boning to prevent that from happening. What’s even more enticing is that your belly gets all the compression and support it demands. For getting back in shape!

This thing smooths your stomach and hips. And it’s got hooks in the crotch. So you don’t have to remove it all every single time you go to the bathroom. If you ask me, Olikeme is the best for the postpartum belly.

#4 Maidenform Flexees Women’s Shapewear Hi-Waist Brief – Best high-waist, firm-control shapewear briefs


Maidenform Flexees Women's Shapewear Hi-Waist Brief Firm Control, Latte Lift, Small


  • Silicone elastic waistband prevents roll down.
  • High-waisted for tummy control.
  • Feels silky and smooth against the skin.


  • Not seamless, thus visible panty lines.

Here’s the best core control shapewear in the form of high-waist briefs. Let me also bring to your attention that Maidenform offers the best cheap shapewear. That is made using nothing but high-quality materials and stitching. Even this one, as a matter of fact, is built to last.

But maybe you’re more concerned with how the high-waist briefs smooth out your bulges and bumps. Am I right? In that context, the shapewear’s higher waist in itself does an excellent job of shaping your body. Along with that, the fabrics enable all the smoothing-out action. For giving you a curvy and streamlined silhouette.

Furthermore, the undergarment is designed with a silicon elastic waistband. So all those complaints about the shapewear rolling down are not a part of the deal. You can make inches disappear from your waist with this thing. It’s a must-have if that’s your priority.

Not only does it shape well, but the brief also provides a lot of comforts while it’s holding everything in. And that is something women during their postpartum stage desire the most. After going through a C section, it’s important you wear clothes that are easy to put on. And, in the case of shapewear, effective too.

#5 Empetua Shapermint High Waisted Body Shaper Shorts – Best high-waisted shapewear shorts


Shapermint High Waisted Body Shaper Shorts - Shapewear for Women Tummy Control Small to Plus-Size Nude Small


  • Breathable and lightweight fabrics.
  • Anti-slip silicone strip to prevent rolling.
  • Seamless design, thus no visible panty lines.


  • The seams are prone to coming loose too soon.

You may not have heard of Empetua as one of the best shapewear brands. But that doesn’t mean their High Waisted Body Shaper Shorts are no good. On the contrary, the shapewear is perfect for providing instant tummy control. And an instant butt-lifting effect.

What about the fabric and construction? The blend of nylon and spandex is incredibly comfortable. There’s no amount of pinching or bunching at all. And the fact that nylon and spandex are both used together means the stretch factor is well-taken care of. On top of that, nylon is highly durable and resistant to heat.

There’s a non-slip silicone strip that prevents rolling. Sizes are available from S all the way to XL. Moreover, body shaper shorts are totally seamless. So you can put them on discreetly to boost your confidence levels.

In my opinion, it’s not easy to come across this kind of comfort with this kind of perfect fit. The seamless design of the shapewear shorts is foolproof. It offers all the back, waist, and tummy coverage you desire.

#6 Irisnaya Shapewear Bodysuit Tummy Control Vest Full Body Shaper – Best tank top bodysuit


Irisnaya Shapewear Bodysuit Scoop Neck Tank Tops for Women Tummy Control Waist trainer Vest Full Body Shaper (S, Apricot)


  • Stretch, lightweight, and soft fabrics.
  • Reduces the waistline and shapes the butt.
  • Adjustable crotch with adjustable hooks.


  • Visible panty lines.

If you hand-wash and hang-dry this bodysuit, then you’re looking at long-term body shaping. The Irisnaya Tummy Control Vest Full Body Shaper is the best when it comes to shaping your tummy. And for lifting your buttocks. Compression and full-body coverage are essential factors. When buying the best shapewear for lower belly pooch.

Constructed with double-layered fabric, the bodysuit prevents your butt from sagging. Meaning it supports your backside like no other.

On top of that, the use of soft, breathable, silky, high-elastic, and top quality fabrics says a lot here. So you can wear it all day long for smoother curves. And no bumps or lumps.

The crotch space is adjustable. That makes your bathroom visits easy and convenient. Needless to say, this body shaper is a very suitable choice for every occasion.

#7 Loday Waist Trainer Corset for Tummy Control – Best waist trainer corset shapewear


LODAY Waist Trainer Corset for Weight Loss Tummy Control Sport Workout Body Shaper Black (XS, Beige(Zip&Hooks))


  • High-quality, stretchy fabric construction.
  • Adjustable straps.
  • Long torso to hide bumps, bulges, and rolls.


  • Shows through form-fitting clothes.

When you have control and flexibility, your lower belly pooch doesn’t stand a chance at all. Well, that’s what you should expect from this waist trainer corset. It’s specifically designed for tummy control and weight loss.

Packed with double-layered high compression, the shapewear can hold everything in. At the same time, it’s plenty of lightweights, stretchy, and comfortable. So you can move however you like. Even during your muffin top-banishing workouts. You can wear it under your daily clothing too.

A waist trainer like this has the ability to cut down a few inches from your tummy. And there’s no amount of discomfort you feel when sitting down or moving. All thanks to the high-quality spiral steel boning. There are 4 of them for preventing the rolling down or up of the shapewear.

What’s even more welcoming is the inclusion of lumbar support in here. That helps in improving your posture. And also providing back pain relief. Who knew shapewear, let alone a waist trainer corset, could do so many things at once!

#8 Spanx Women’s Higher Power Shorts – Best shapewear for everyday shaping


Spanx Higher Power Shorts Black Small


  • A no-slip strip on the waistband.
  • Leg openings are dig-free.
  • High-waisted and shaping zones for pooch control.


  • The top tends to roll down sometimes.

An everyday essential is supposed to be the most comfortable for all-day wear, correct? That said, you might want to take a look at Spanx Women’s Higher Power Shorts. They’re lightweight, no doubt. And they provide all-day shaping. Without any center seams bothering through clothing.

Designed with softer yarns, the shapewear delivers smooth body shaping. With no squeezing action from any side. These seamless, softer yarns make way for all the stretch and recovery you demand from such undergarments.

Full-coverage, all-day comfort, and lightweight shaping are the highlights in this case. For your lower belly pooch, there’s the targeted shaping zone. All shaping zones, as a matter of fact, offer 360-degree support. This means you get to move as freely as you like.

Then there’s the high waist to eliminate or conceal your muffin top. That’s how I know it’s the best shapewear for lower belly pooch. One that you can wear all day, every day.

#9 Bali Women’s Shapewear Lace N Smooth Brief – Best shapewear briefs


Bali Women's Shapewear Lace 'N Smooth Brief, Black, Medium


  • Firm control lace for smoothing and shaping.
  • Higher-cut legs for freedom of movement.
  • Outlast technology manages heat.


  • The fabric is too thin.

Did you ever think that briefs would rank as the best shapewear for tummy and waist? I’m guessing NO, right? Even I didn’t think so until I came across Bali’s Lace N Smooth Brief. The pair gives you full back coverage. And it doesn’t even dig in or ride up.

The star of the show, as is evident, is the smoothing lace. Such a design provides immense comfort in the form of heavy breathability. But what matters more is the way these briefs shape your backside. And also smooth your tummy.

The fabric construction is such that the shapewear moves with you. Also, it’s important to note that the undergarment features Outlast technology. For regulating the body temperature. And for long-lasting performance.

Irrespective of your muffin top, the briefs don’t dig, squeeze, or pinch. The fabric feels so soft it’s as if you’re wearing cotton underwear.

#10 Miraclesuit Women’s Extra Firm Control Comfort Leg Bodysuit – Best shapewear with built-bra and full rear coverage


Miraclesuit Shapewear Extra Firm Comfort Leg Smooth Molded Cup BodyBriefer Nude 34B


  • Built-in underwire bra with adjustable straps.
  • Extra-firm front double-panel for tummy control.
  • Made of the stretch and elasticity of durable nylon.


  • No padding in the bra.
  • The torso is a little short for tall women.

To hide lower belly pooch, nothing works better than a bodysuit. Because, more often than not, women who want to hide their lower tummy also wish for shaping around the hips and thighs. In that case, this Extra Firm Contol Bodysuit feels like a godsend.

The comfort leg shapewear gives you full-range movement. Meaning the undergarment adjusts very well to the shape and size of your body. It’s got a patented silicone edge for eradicating lines. This also prevents the possibility of the shapewear riding up. In short, a smooth and flawless appearance is what you get. Along with full rear coverage of course.

The gusset, made of stretch cotton, features a hook and eye adjustability. To make wearing the bodysuit a hassle-free, quick task. But, more importantly, the shapewear flattens your tummy. Along with defining your waistline with extra-firm control. And you have nothing but the double-paneled front to thank for this.

Also, bonus points for those adjustable shoulder straps. What sense would it make if the body-shaping undergarment didn’t offer this kind of adjustability!

Best Shapewear for Lower Belly Pooch – Buying Guide

Benefits of Shapewear


The best shapewear for lower belly pooch targets your tummy. That you already know. But shapewear in the form of bodysuits, high-waist briefs, high-waist shorts, etc. do more than just that.

  • Instant Shaping and Slimming

The very reason you’re buying shapewear is to reduce inches from your waistline instantly. It gives you a slimmer figure immediately. In comparison to the slow process of losing weight by exercising, healthy eating, and more. However, it is indeed a temporary solution. But that’s what you desire anyway, right?

  • Affordable

Shapewear no more is a luxurious item. Brands like Spanx, Maidenform, etc. have now made it a point to lower their price tags. So women, irrespective of their budget, can make the most of body shaping.

  • Not Visible Under Clothing

Isn’t it even more rewarding if you get the opportunity to wear your shapewear discreetly? The seamless design of the undergarment is what makes it so popular among women. You can put it on below most types of clothing. This means your body can look well-shaped while you’re sweating it out at the gym.

  • Hips, Butt, and Back Shaping Benefits

I’ve reviewed so many shapewear options that not only target your tummy. But also shape your buttocks. There are bodysuits with panels or compression that smooth out back fat as well. These kinds of shapewear are the most useful for women during their postpartum phase.

Choosing the Best Shapewear for Lower Belly Pooch


Buy your magical body-transforming shapewear keeping the following factors in mind…

1. Type of Use

Do you want to wear one on a daily basis? Or only for special occasions? If it’s the former, then go for shapewear that isn’t built with too much compression. On the other hand, a higher level of support is the best for wearing only for a few hours.

2. Type of Control

The options are firm, moderate, and light. There’s ultra-firm as well. Once again, on a daily basis, choose light to moderate firm control.

As for ultra-firm and firm shapewear, they’re more fitting if you have an hourglass body shape.


3. Type of Shapewear

Some bodysuits that look like bathing suits. They smooth out all problematic areas. Like your back fat, tummy bulge, big hips, and sagging buttocks.

The next common one is tummy control shaping high-waist shorts. These are the least expensive. And also the best for daily wear. They deliver firm tummy control, no doubt. While lifting and shaping the backside as well.

Camisoles are the most relaxed forms of shapewear. They give you a more defined and flattering appearance. Therefore, they’re the most comfortable to wear.

Also, a very popular choice is the waist cincher. Needless to say, it cinches the waistline. And lifts your chest. Don’t confuse them with corsets though.

The last choice is a pair of thigh slimmers. They target your thighs, hips, backside, and tummy. More often than not, thigh slimmers are designed with moderate to firm control. Meaning they’re the most effective in terms of slimming your tummy and waist. Along with lifting your buttocks.

4. Sizing

It’s only common sense to take the size of your body and shapewear into account. Now here’s a very common misconception. Buying a smaller size means looking more slimmer. That’s wrong though.

When you select a smaller size, the shapewear is only going to cause more bulges. Because of the uncomfortable and super-tight fit. But that doesn’t mean choosing a larger size is okay. One or two sizes up leads to bunching up of the undergarment. So there’s no point in either.

So measure yourself right and go for the proper size.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shapewear for Lower Belly Pooch

Q1. Does shapewear help in losing weight?

In a way, it does. Shapewear consists of compression, right? And this compression triggers more sweating. And when you sweat more during your workouts, you’re accelerating the fat burning process.

Q2. Can you wear shapewear every day?

As long as the undergarment is comfortable, it’s okay to wear it daily. The modern versions of shapewear are not constricting or suffocating anymore. On the contrary, they’re very comfortable, breathable, and lightweight.

Q3. Can plus size women wear shapewear?

There are plenty of options specifically designed for plus size women. Just make sure you get the right size. Because only then does shapewear smooth out your bumps and lumps. That too without squishing anything and causing discomfort.

Q4. How to care for shapewear?

Hand-wash your shapewear every single time, meaning no machine-washing. And make sure you’re hand-washing it gently. Then hang-dry the undergarment.

As for storage, you should store a shapewear flat in a dark area.

Final Say

I have provided you with enough basic information to choose the best shapewear for lower belly pooch. The benefits of this undergarment don’t just include shaping the tummy. It also includes smoothing out back fat, streamlining the shape of the butt, and making you look slimmer.

One such very helpful option is the Spanx Women’s Plus Size Oncore Shapesuit. The brand is Spanx after all. So you can expect a lot of stomach shaping. It happens because of the fully-bonded front panels installed in the shapewear. And, no doubt, all this slimming is squeeze-free and comfortable.

What are Body Shaper Pants – How to Choose the Best Shapewear

Body Shaper Pants

Shapewear, no doubt, is a part of the daily wardrobe and outfits of many women around the world. And the best part about shapewear is that it comes in not one but all kinds of forms. Body shaper pants, by far, are the most popular and effective. All thanks to the ability of the shapewear undergarment to make your tummy look flatter, thighs slimmer, and backside toner.

These shapewear pants can do all of that at once. No wonder it ranks as the most fashionable item in the women’s category.

In this article, I’m going to tell you what exactly shaper pants are. Along with discussing, at length, tips for choosing and using all types of body shapewear that women can rely on when it comes to transforming the natural shape of the body.

What Are Body Shaper Pants and What Do They Do?


High-waist body shapewear, high-waist control pants, body slimming shapewear, seamless shaping underwear, etc. These are some of the terms used for body shaping pants. Whatever you like to call it though, the features and purpose of the undergarment remain the same.

As long as you’re picking a high-quality pair. You don’t have to worry about the construction of the garment. More often than not, brands like Spanx make sure the right kind of fabrics is used. They should feel super soft and smooth against the skin. It’s very important for shapewear to be breathable as well.

The next crucial factor is the waist of the body shaper pants. A high-waist is essential when it comes to any kind of shapewear. In that case, you can put them on to tuck in your tummy. And to also make your butt look toned.

Needless to say, high-waist shapewear creates firm control around your abdomen and waist. In fact, the majority of women who choose to wear shapewear do it for that very reason. Wouldn’t you agree too?

If the shapewear comes from a good, reliable brand, then its construction should not be your concern. Especially in the case of body shaping or slimming pants. These are specifically designed for making the tummy look toned and tighter. While also providing firm control around your midsection area.

Just make sure you pick one that offers enough compression. Something too tight ends up feeling uncomfortable. And something too loose is just not great for bringing about the smoothing and shaping action.

And once again, the fabrics used should be breathable. Otherwise, there’s no chance your shapewear is going to feel comfortable all day long.

Choosing and Using Shapewear


While it’s true that shapewear is the best for making your body look slimmer. But it can all go for a toss if you don’t choose the right one.

Back in the days, shapewear used to be a very tight undergarment. One that would push in all the bulges and fat the wrong way. Discomfort, pain, and a very unflattering shape of the body. These were the results back then. But, thankfully, that’s not the case anymore.

Even so, it’s not easy choosing shapewear that gets the job done right while also feeling breathable and comfortable. That said, there’s no need for you to look for something that completely transforms the natural shape of your body. Instead, go for a shaping undergarment that targets your tummy, butt, and thighs.


Let me make something very clear here. Do you think choosing one size down is going to get you to fit into a smaller-sized dress? If yes, then you’re wrong.

A size down doesn’t add any extra firmness. That’s for sure. On the contrary, too tight shapewear does indeed make your body look bigger. Simply by causing bulges. And let’s not forget, there’re lots of discomforts too.

When your shapewear is tighter than it should be, it’s also compressing your nerves and organs. And this can often lead to numbness and tingling in the muscles. Restrictive clothing is not a healthy choice, no matter what.


Not Just for Special Occasions

Many women put on body shaping pants and the like for work as well. It helps in boosting self-confidence and self-esteem. But that’s only if your shapewear is comfortable to wear all day long.

Speaking of which, going to the bathroom means having to remove the shapewear. So make sure that process is not difficult or time-consuming. Because if it is, then you might just postpone your bathroom visits. And that, in turn, can lead to a urinary tract infection.

Also, are you susceptible to developing yeast infections, bladder infections, or gastrointestinal problems? If yes, then it’s highly advisable to not keep your shapewear on throughout the day.

Different Types of Shapewear

Apart from body shaper pants, you can look into the following forms of shapewear as well…

1. Tights

This kind of shapewear is great for giving your legs a very flattering slimming silhouette. There are high-waist tights too. That target not only your butt and thighs but also your waist. These smooth out your panty lines and enhance the shape of your buttocks.

Here’s the perfect workout for shaping your legs and butt…

2. Full-Body Shapewear

I’m sure you must have seen a full-body suit that doesn’t cover the breasts. The beauty of full-body shapewear is that holds the tummy in. While also slimming your hips. The open-bust design allows you to wear the shapewear with your own comfortable, supportive bra.

The overall effect of full-body shapewear should be smoothing. And not creating any bulges in any new areas. But if you want to shape the size and structure of your breasts too. Then pick a bodysuit with chest coverage as well.

3. Mid-Thigh Shaper

Much like bicycle shorts that go up to your waist or even higher. They cinch your tummy, hips, butt, and thighs.

But if your main concern is shaping your thighs more than your abdomen region. Then choose a shorter length that reaches your waist. What about smoothing your bulges all over? For that, a longer one that travels higher than the waist is more fitting.


So now you know what body shaping pants are and what they do best. There are other types of shapewear as well. That helps a great deal when it comes to smoothing out your curves and bulges. Particularly around your tummy, hips, butt, and thighs.

But amid all this smoothing and shaping, what also matters is the fit of the undergarment. The fabrics should be breathable. Only then does the garment feel comfortable. Even for all-day wear!

What is the Best Long Torso Waist Trainer and How to Choose It?

Long Torso Waist Trainer

What is a Long Torso Waist Trainer?

Waist trainers, waist cinchers, trimmer belts… There are plenty of names for this kind of compression shape wear. But a long torso waist trainer? It is perfectly fitting for women with long torsos and body types.

It’s compression that you need to hide tummy fat and back fat. And give yourself that much-coveted hourglass shape. It shapes, slims, and molds the body into its girdle structure. With the help of steel boning and hook-and-eye closures.

You look trim and slimmer and feel amazing. And the best part of wearing waist trainers is that you can train while wearing them! So promoting better body shaping, sweating out the fat, and getting fit every day! 

Top 3 Long Torso Waist Trainer

LadySlim by NuvoFit Fajas Colombiana Latex Waist Trainer#1 - Editor's ChoiceLatexHooks
SHAPERX Women's Latex Waist Trainer#2LatexHooks
BRABIC Postpartum Belly Wrap Waist Trainer#3ElasticHooks

Discover Top 10  Long Torso Waist Trainer For Best Body Shape

#1 LadySlim by NuvoFit Lady Slim Fajas Colombiana Latex Waist Trainer – Editor’s Choice


Lady Slim Fajas Colombianas Reductoras Y Moldeadoras para Mujer Latex Waist Trainer Cincher Shaper for Women Beige 2XS

The LadySlim by NuvoFit Lady Waist Trainer makes its appearance known. It’s a non-toxic natural latex that fits easily and comfortably. The Colombiana Latex fit has a slimming effect. Supported by a tight yet adjustable hook-and-closure system. It’s the perfect hourglass trainer.

The thing about waist trainers is that they’re supposed to be tight. But without being suffocating or stiff. This long torso-designed waist trainer smoothens everything out. The outer fabric is of latex helps correct your posture.

The inner fabric is breathable and cushiony. The latex comes with a slightly different smell. But nothing about it feels and seems ill-fitting or irritating. The strip of latex around the abdominal region improves compressions. This keeps your muscles engaged and your figure well-shaped.

Who is this waist trainer good for? If you want to alter the shape of your body. While working out to lose weight and tone, wearing this waist trainer for 1-2 hours a day is ideal. The material keeps the entire structure well-ventilated and safe.

The drawback though is the boning. It’s not a flexible boning that could improve. Some may not feel good about its structure as it is not forgiving, shaping wise.


  • The material is thick and rubbery.
  • The inner and outer stitching is smooth.


  • The inner and outer stitching is smooth.

#2 SHAPERX Women’s Latex Waist Trainer – Best long torso waist trainer for back pain


SHAPERX Women's Latex Waist Trainer Corset for Weight Loss Waist Cincher Body Shaper Slimmer Tummy Control Shapewear, SZ1988-3-Black-XS

Comfort is a queen with the SHAPERX Latex Waist Trainer. It has an adjustable breast-buckle with a double-need and firm structure. It creates a comforting and supportive atmosphere for all sizes. The fabric is a bit more flexible than the first pick which is a bonus.

This latex waist trainer for the long torso is far more effective than basic waist trainers. It doesn’t lose its shape that easily. It’s smooth, comfortable, and durable to wear. All in all, it does flaunt your hourglass figure with maximum belly coverage.

The long torso quality offers perfect coverage. If you’ve just had a baby and want something to support your stomach area. You will know right from the beginning that this is the best long torso waist trainer.

However, if you’re well-endowed, this waist trainer may be wearisome. The area above the upper abdomen bulges out awkwardly. You can either buy a size down or opt for another fit altogether.


  • It flatters curvy or straight body types.
  • The steel bone improves posture and reduces pain.


  • Women with well-endowed breasts may find this uncomfortable.

#3 BRABIC Postpartum Belly Wrap Waist Trainer – Best long torso waist trainer for pelvis support


BRABIC Postpartum Belly Wrap Waist Trainer Recovery Support Pelvis Belt Body Shaper, Invisible Comfy Underwear (Beige, S)

This effective waist trainer is an elastic waist trainer. It features 5 steel bones, a high soft lining, and breast-plate. The BRABIC Postpartum Belly Wrap is the perfect shapewear fit. It holds everything together and supports them effectively.

The title says “postpartum” which means it’s customized. There’s something comforting about this quality. It has a high waist, belly wrap tightness, and durability. You can catch a glimpse of your body wearing this and feel good about yourself.

It offers tummy compression, shaping, and firmness. This long torso belly wrap waist trainer won’t actually help you lose stomach fat. But it keeps your muscles engaged and firm. So it complements your workout regime to get fit.

The steel boning also offers lumbar support and smoothens cellulite. This means less back pain, correct posture, and skin firmness.

For most body types, the bottom bulges out especially if you belong to the smaller sizes. The edges and seams at the bottom can feel limiting.


  • The slimming girdle offers exceptional compression.
  • Smoothens tummy, back, and hip cellulite.


  • Not the most comfortable fit for small sizes.

#4 LadySlim by NuvoFit Lady Slim Fajas Colombiana Latex Waist Trainer – Best medium-compression long torso long waist trainer

LadySlim by NuvoFit Fajas Colombiana Full Latex Chaleco Vest Waist Cincher Trainer Trimmer Girdle Workout Corset Body Shaper (Black, S)

Another one of LadyClim by NuvoFit’s Colombiana Waist Trainers. This vest waist trainer  for a long torso is reinforced and practical. Like most popular choices, it makes you feel powerful and at ease. The latex fabric adds pressure without feeling too tight.

What this Fajas Colombiana Latex Waist Trainer creates a sauna effect. It increases the temperature around the tummy region. For muscle toning, slimming, and shaping. If you want a pear-shaped figure (for large sizes) and hourglass figure (for small sizes. This is what you get.

There are plenty of reasons why you might need this waist trainer. If not for weight loss literally, then for shaping or slimming. It does not cause bulging or feel stiff around the breasts. Doesn’t matter if you’re well-endowed or with wide-set breasts.

The material, though it’s latex, has a leathery feel and smell. This isn’t bad but it might concern some of you. It helps you keep things tight and smooth underneath. The material doesn’t probe or cause bulging.

On the other hand, the waist trainer rolls up from the bottom. But only when you wear it while working out. The sweating and constant movement may cause this.


  • This vest-type fit is comfortable and supportive.
  • The quality is durable and breathable.


  • It rolls inwards from the bottom.

#5 SHAPERX Women’s Latex Colombian Waist Trainer – Best high-compression long torso waist trainer


SHAPERX Womens Long Torso Waist Trainer Corsets Latex Waist Cincher Body Shaper Sports Girdle, SZ1999-Black-XS

The SHAPERX Colombian Waist Trainer is ideal for all body types. It improves the shape, defines body curves, and increases warmth. The material, stitching, and fit maximize the slimming effect of the waist trainer.

This waist trainer does its job pretty well. The 9 spiral steel boning offers an incredible slimming effect. It feels good, supportive, and effective. Supported by the 3 hook-and-eye closure makes all the difference.

The latex covering has a cotton and spandex lining. This is essential as it improves posture and prevents spillage. It covers from top to bottom and side to side. So it’s an ideal wrap around your belly and pelvis. You can avoid shifting or adjusting the waist trainer all the time.

The patch of material around the belly has thermal compression. Thermal compression can make your workouts more effective by promoting sweating. Not to mention, the upper abdomen region has a slight lift from the under-bust.

The material needs to be aired off from time to time. As it holds on to sweat stains and odor due to steel boning.


  • The steel boning doesn’t poke or rub against the skin.
  • It offers high compression.


  • Not as breathable as other waist trainers.

#6 Ursexyly Women Waist Trainer Corset – Best long torso waist trainer for post-surgery use


Ursexyly Women Waist Trainer Corset Zipper Hook Shapewear Double Control Body Shaper Tummy Fat Burning Waist Cincher (XS, Waist 23.6-25.9 Inch, Beige Corset)

The Ursexyly Waist Trainer feels silky and smooth. It’s the best long torso-length waist trainer for tummy control. Making it unmatchable for postpartum, post-surgery, and workout use. The spandex and polyester fabric offers excellent support and compression.

The steel boning offers better structure and posture for most women. Reducing back pain, improper spine alignment, and lower back pain. It has a direct line to comfort and support. All thanks to its adjustable rows of hooks and eye closures.

There’s enough support on this waist trainer for sports, casual, and fancy use. It impacts the natural posture of the body giving it a slimming and hourglass figure. The bottom feels longer which adds support. And from the top, it doesn’t cause breast bulging or poking.

The material is durable and the quality is superb. It has a good effect on the shape of your body. The kind that gives waist trainers a good name rather than bad. By keeping your waist cinched, it allows better posture and movement.

However, what this waist trainer doesn’t indulge in is sitting. It’s a really long torso waist trainer so sitting in it can be a bit difficult. Especially if you have a small waist.


  • It promotes body heat and sweating.
  • The 4 spiral steel boning is supportive and firm.


  • Not the ideal waist trainer to sit in.

#7 VENUZOR Waist Trainer Belt for Women – Best Velcro long torso waist trainer


VENUZOR Waist Trainer Belt for Women - Waist Cincher Trimmer - Slimming Body Shaper Belt - Sport Girdle Belt (UP Graded)(Black,Small)

The VENUZOR Waist Trainer Belt is the perfect slimming companion for athletic use. It helps in muscle engagement, warmth, and elevated perspiration. Another common name for this type of waist trainer is ‘trimmer belt’.

Made of neoprene, it really keeps your muscles going. The lack of latex or cotton or spandex promotes stretchiness. Allowing you to do more intense abdominal exercises without feeling cramped.

Especially during working out, you don’t want to feel restricted. You want to be able to do all your exercises correctly. And the VENUZOR allows you to do that effectively. The trimmer belt wraps around your belly and love handles. Smoothening and firming the muscles there.

For anyone going through weight loss, muscle fatigue, recovery, etc. can make full use of this. The Velcro straps wrap around snugly. It, in fact, contributes to sweating the abdominal region while exercising.

Trust me; it’s probably more fun to work out this way. When you know that the firmness of the neoprene material is making your abs work harder.

The girdles may feel uncomfortable to put on. Also, a bit tricky to remove while going to the bathroom or after your workout.


  • It gets you into shape effectively.
  • Offers back, spine, and tummy support.


  • The fit is uncomfortable to put on and remove.

#8 Ann Darling Women’s Fajas Colombiana Latex Sport Waist Trainer – Best triple-layer long torso waist trainer


Ann Darling Latex Sport Waist Trainer/Cincher Hourglass Corset for Weight Loss (X-Small, Latex-Black)

The Ann Darling Fajas Sport Waist Trainer is remarkable in its fit and style. It’s great for someone with a long torso. It tucks in your tummy fat. It helps you length your middle waist to make your entire body seem flattering.

The slimming effect of Ann Darling has a good feel and fit. The hook-and-eye closure is seamless and practically invisible. Once you put it on and hook it up, you won’t be able to look down on it. It feels like a second skin.

The outer fabric is firm and the inner fabric is smooth. So it feels cushiony and snug. The waist area has a bit of a slimming effect too. Allowing you to get into the perfect figure while you train your body.

It helps you sweat more, burn more calories, and tightens the muscles. For a waist cincher, it’s pretty comfortable and breathable. The best time to wear this long torso-designed waist trainer is between 1 to 3 hours.

You can lie down in it, sit in it, and eat small servings. The comfortable material helps you regulate your diet more effectively. And exercise more profusely to tone all the muscles in the body.

The bad bit though is that the outer latex material rolls inwards. This is because the inner lining of the material is a bit narrower. So it affects the overall fit and shape of the waist trainer.


  • The flexible spiral steel bones are supportive.
  • The hook-and-eye closure is strong.


  • The bottom latex material curves inwards.

#9 Nebility Women Latex Waist Trainer – Best versatile long torso waist trainer


Nebility Women Waist Trainer Bodysuit Slim Full Body Zipper Shapewear Latex Open Bust Corset (3XL, Black)

Heard bad things about waist trainers? Let the Nebility Latex Waist Trainer change your mind. It’s a bold and beautiful waist trainer. With a latex material that accelerates slimming. And spandex and cotton blend which improves compression and breathability.

This waist trainer for long torso allows tummy control and waist shaping. It doesn’t cause sweating or heating like other waist trainers. The fabric is breathable, moisture-wicking, and sweat-free.

The steel boning offers spin and back support. While it also improves posture and reduces pain. A lot of the times we sit slumped over our desks or walk with our shoulders bent toward the ground.

With a waist trainer like this one, it really offers support. The U-shape push-up feature of the top part of the trainer is impressive. It gives your bust a lift for better shaping and slimming. The frame of this waist trainer goes higher than most other waist trainers.

The material is smooth, balanced, and lightweight. No bulging, poking, lumps, or rolling. The 3 hook-and-eye closures offer flexibility. Allowing you to feel freer in how you move around at home or work.

The only drawback of this long torso waist trainer is the zip and hook-and-eye closure. Making it slightly difficult to put on and take off.


  • Ease of movement and breathability.
  • Hand washable and soft material.


  • Difficult to put on and take off.

#10 YIANNA Women’s Underbust Latex Sport Girdle Waist Trainer – Best affordable long torso waist trainer


YIANNA Women's Underbust Latex Sport Girdle Waist Trainer Corsets Cincher Hourglass Body Shaper Weight Loss (Black, XS)

Last but not least, the YIANNA Underbust Latex Waist Trainer is known for its support. It’s not too tight but that doesn’t mean it’s loose either. The material isn’t super thick insofar as it causes excessive sweating. But it’s not thin insofar as it lacks support.

The steel boning structure takes the prize in this one. Its entire frame is customized to suit curvy women. Those who already fashion a slight hourglass figure. So if you’re straight, this girdle may seem uncomfortable for you.

You can wear it under clothes. It doesn’t add more pressure than it should (and must for shaping!). You can breathe comfortably in it. Even if you plan on wearing it for a long time. It’s the most breathable waist trainer to work out in.

I mean, this waist trainer really helps you hit your weight goals. You will notice a difference in tummy and waist if you work out in it. Now I’m not saying this waist trainer (by itself) will help you shed weight. But it’s a good tool to include in your weight loss regime.

The material is not the most durable to use. It sags fairly easily and quickly. So washing it by hand is preferable to prolong its shelf life.


  • It encourages you to eat less and slowly.
  • The material is smooth and breathable.
  • Great for weight loss and shaping.


  • Needs to be hand-washed only.
  • Lacks durability.

Why Are Waist Trainers So Highly Recommended? (Benefits of Waist Trainers)

benefits-of-wearing-a-waist-trainer When you want your body to acquire the perfect shape, what’s necessary is exercise. Along with a healthy diet! But achieving this goal is both difficult and a lengthy process. The difficult part you have to overcome yourself. As for the time, you can speed up the process. Simply by working out with a waist trainer.

The thing about waist trainers and corsets is that they make the task of shedding belly fat much easier and quicker. Now I’m not saying that you simply put on a waist trainer. And expect to see results just like that. This is not possible. Exercising and eating well are also crucial to the process.

But you certainly can accelerate tummy fat-shedding by working out with a waist trainer. These waist trainers are special kinds of corsets equipped with special features. That is both comfortable and effective when it comes to losing belly fat.

What they also do is reduce your waist size. Along with accentuating your curves! This part provides a temporary fix to your problems. So you can wear waist trainers to make your waist look smaller. Until it actually becomes that desirable size with all the working out and diet!

And the best part about waist trainers, at least the ones I’ve reviewed, is that they’re not uncomfortable to wear. You can make the shapewear a part of your casual and formal outfits. They even go well with gym wear and sportswear.

So if you’re interested in buying and wearing waist trainers, know that they can and do help you get rid of your muffin top.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Waist Trainer for Long Torso

Do you think you can just buy any random waist trainer? No, it’s not as simple as that. But I am here to make it simple for you. Just keep the following factors in mind…

1. Material

The most common waist shapewear material is latex. And it’s because latex is quite stretchable yet very firm. But mainly because latex delivers excellent compression properties. This is something you simply cannot expect with any other material. When taken care of, it can last for many months. And that too without showing signs of wear and tear.

Then there are softer and thinner cotton material waist trainers as well. These are perfect for those living in hotter climates. The cotton versions too have a certain level of latex. To bring forth compression and firmness.

What about if you wish to buy a latex-free waist trainer? That also is an option since latex allergies are not uncommon occurrences. But are such types of waist trainers lightweight and able to repel moisture? Yes, fortunately, they’re much like their latex-equipped counterparts.

2. Size


Proper sizing is crucial to the process, wouldn’t you agree? You can spend months waist training. And you won’t achieve desired results if your waist trainer size is incorrect, to begin with. So don’t neglect to look at the size chart provided by the manufacturer.

You have to measure your waistline the most accurately. But what if your size falls between two different sizes? Then go for the slightly bigger size. Instead of suffocating in the slightly smaller size!

Speaking of which, avoid too tight waist trainers. They’re not good or safe for health. At the same time, too large waist trainers don’t offer favorable results. Even if you choose to wear the thing frequently!

3. Torso Length

Related to size is the torso length. This particular factor is a very important one. As you already know, I have reviewed only long torso waist trainer options in my article. So if you have a short torso, you should look elsewhere.

So what passes off as short torso?

  • Is your height less than 5 feet, 2 inches? If yes, short torso waist trainers are perfect for you.
  • And if you’re taller than 5 feet, 6 inches, pick a long torso waist trainer.

As for how to measure torso length, here it is. Start from the neck base till your hips.

4. Boning


Waist trainers feature either steel or plastic boning. The former is a more preferred choice. It’s because the steel boning is much sturdier and more effective. In comparison to plastic boning of course!

Then comes the number of bones included. The higher the number, the more effective and durable the waist trainer. Also, more often than not, steel boning comes with a sufficient amount of padding. This ensures the bones don’t stick out or cause discomfort and irritation.

5. Comfort

So what takes the form of comfort in waist trainers? It can be a soft inner cotton lining. So you’re all set to wear the waist trainer for long hours and not feel uneasy.

Even flexibility matters in that case. You obviously don’t want the waist trainer to pose any restrictions on your breathing.

6. Adjustability


Waist trainers are worn for achieving a slimmer shape, am I right? So the design better have the ability to accommodate your waistline once you actually start shedding that weight. This opens the door to lace-up closures. You can adjust them quite easily. To reach the degree of tightness your body is the most comfortable with.

Then there are hook-and-eye closures too that offer multiple adjustments. These come in handy once you start to size down. 3 columns of such hook-and-eye closures are perfect.

7. Shape

In this department, you get over-bust and under-bust. Over-bust waist trainers certainly provide more coverage. But they’re also more constricting. As for under-bust waist trainers, these are a more popular choice. Since the under-bust structure means less, thus more comfortable coverage.


The Final Note

So I have reviewed as many as 10 best long torso waist trainers for you. The clear winner, in my opinion, is the LadySlim by NuvoFit Lady Slim Fajas Colombiana Latex Waist Trainer.

#1 LadySlim by NuvoFit Lady Slim Fajas Colombiana Latex Waist Trainer
  • ITEM DESCRIPTION: High Quality...
  • ABOUT LATEX: Our Latex is 100%...

I have chosen it because of the immense amount of comfortable compression it provides. Particularly during workouts! Plus, the waist trainer looks great with gym wear and other types of clothing.

You can wear this or the other 9 long torso waist trainers for long hours. So your waist training sessions have finally received an upgrade. And this means more effective and faster belly fat-shedding sessions.

Best Waist Trainer for Plus Size Long Torso


NO.1 Long Torso Waist Trainer for Plus Size-Nebility Latex Waist Trainer

NO.1 Long Torso Waist Trainer for Plus Size-Nebility Latex Waist Trainer
NO.1 Long Torso Waist Trainer for Plus Size-Nebility Latex Waist Trainer
NO.1 Long Torso Waist Trainer for Plus Size-Nebility Latex Waist Trainer
Our Score



  • Fits well for Plus size women
  • not bunch up when you sit
  • Comfortable enough satiny material
  • The shoulder strap helps prevent the corset from slipping down 
  • Perfect for tummy tuck and lipo surgery 

NO.2 Long Torso Waist Trianer for Plus Size-Ursexyly Waist Trainer

NO.2 Long Torso Waist Trianer for Plus Size-Ursexyly  Waist Trainer
NO.2 Long Torso Waist Trianer for Plus Size-Ursexyly  Waist Trainer
NO.2 Long Torso Waist Trianer for Plus Size-Ursexyly  Waist Trainer
Our Score



  • Works for plus size girls
  •  A hook at the top of the zipper to make sure it doesn’t unzip
  • Affordable and durable
  • Nice Customer Service

Discover Best Long Torso Waist Trainer – Top 10 Choices Comparison Table

#3 BRABIC Postpartum Belly Wrap Waist Trainer – Best long torso waist trainer for pelvis support


How Do Waist Trainers Work and What Are the Benefits?

How Do Waist Trainers Work

You heard about the raging talk about waist trainers online. Celebrities, fitness trainers, and influencers are all a part of this growing industry. But is it effective? If yes, how do waist trainers work?

 This article is going to talk about the basics and techniques of waist training. It would be completely childish to think that just waist trainers help trim your waist. But the real reason behind its effectiveness is regular exercise and a good diet.

So are you ready to take on the waist training challenge? Do it after reading a bit more about waist trainers and their benefits.

What is a Waist Trainer?


A waist trainer comprises of 2 significant elements. First, it has a metal boning structure. Second, the use of a thick material wrapped around the structure. So you wrap the trainer around your waist and tighten it. Giving your body an hourglass shape.

The design is kept together with the help of a lace system. Recent waist trainers also have standard hooks or Velcro straps for maintaining firmness. It is like a girdle but it’s much tighter than anything you’ve ever seen. Including shapewear that goes around the mid-section.

You can train in them, wear them at home, and some sleep in them too. The effects of which start to show after a few weeks of dedication. One of the most effective ways to reduce your waist size. But is it healthy?

How Do Waist Trainers Work?


The elasticated belt around your mid-section can do a lot to your waist. By wrapping around your waist, it pushes your lower abdomen muscles in. As a result, your tummy looks flatter and your waist looks sleeker.

There’s no concrete evidence about waist trainers. Nor is there any quick way to reduce tummy and waist size with the help of waist training. Waist trainers or cinchers work because they alter the appearance of waists.

It’s supposed to improve posture, flatten stomach and waist fats, and tighten muscles. However, these claims are made by the waist trainer brands themselves. With no scientific or clinical backing.

Biologically, when waist trainers are worn for long periods of time. It can press into and put pressure on your organs. Such as the kidneys, bladder, liver, stomach, and even the lungs. Making it harder for you to breathe while standing, sitting, or walking.

The Presumed Benefits of Waist Trainers (Not Backed by Science)


#1 Appetite Reduction

That’s a relief, right? It’s easier to be on a diet when you’re in no mood to eat junk. And even when you do eat healthy foods, it’s a very small portion of food. Waist trainers, by pressing into your abdomen muscles, can decrease appetite.

While the stomach is being squeezed by the elasticated band. You feel fuller quicker which causes you to eat less.

Eating right, in this case, has more benefits. As your body absorbs all essential nutrients needed for weight loss. Such as vitamins, proteins, antioxidants, and minerals. So the body gets what it needs to burn fat while exercising boosts metabolism.

#2 Decrease in Waist Size / Weight Loss

Waist trainers help you perspire more by increase heat around your midsection. As a result, your body loses fluids which is misconstrued as the loss of fat. So is it really weight loss? Not really.

For shedding all that weight around your tummy and waist. You need a consistent dose of exercise and a healthy diet. The assumed benefits of a waist trainer are weight loss and waist reduction.

Some waist trainer brands encourage the use of waist trainers during workouts. Doing targeted waist movements to help shape the abdomen region better and faster.

#3 Getting That Hourglass Figure

When you think of a sensual woman. The superficial and stereotyped image is of a voluptuous figure. The well-endowed breasts, flat tummy, and hour-glass figure. But that’s not right, is it? It’s degrading and quite frankly offensive to most women.

And yet waist trainer brands encourage more and more people that possibility. The possibility to achieve such an hourglass figure just wearing their waist trainers. And that’s what the claim is. To cinch the waist to a size or two smaller. And flatten the tummy and round the waist.

And even if your body does look curvier after wearing a waist trainer. It’s only temporary. Such techniques like waist trainers, waist cinchers, etc. never have a lasting effect.

The Real Side-Effects of Waist Trainers (Backed by Science)

#1 Difficulty in Breathing

I want you to imagine something. You’re wearing a really tight yet flattering corset. This is to reduce the volume of your natural figure. And to be able to fit into a really tight and narrow dress.

Imagine walking around having your chest, abdomen, and midsection tied. Using elastic, metal boning, and hooks. When tight clothes can make you sick. A waist trainer is not that far off. In fact, it’s worse!

It limits movement which had a severe effect on your lungs. Depleting your natural breathing capacity and strength by (up to) 60%. Do you know what problems this could most likely cause?

Hypertension, inflammation, fluid buildup, dizziness, nausea, and so many others.

#2 Organ Damage

Waist trainers press into internal organs to minimize body mass. As this is a temporary fix to look thinner. It’s only by appearance, from the outside, that it looks effective. However, from the inside, things are getting uglier and uglier.

For example, your kidneys and liver are getting pressed (or squished!). This could restrict proper fluid movement and nutrient absorption in the body. Even your bladder can obstruct causing urinary problems or other problems.

Blood flow is reduced which could lead to permanent organ failure, cramps, toxicity, etc.

#3 Abnormal Digestion

If the waist trainer can disrupt the proper functioning of the kidneys or liver. Digestion is not far off. The digestive tract is directly affected by a waist trainer. Such as the esophagus, stomach, and small and large intestines.

Improper digestion can cause gas, acidity, nausea, and constipation. And even further buildup of inflammation can lead to more serious conditions. Such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, heartburn, Acid Reflux, etc.

#4 Rib Fractures

Most waist trainers compress your rib cage. At least the last few ribs protecting your organs. And if you wear it long or tight enough, it could lead to rib fractures. You can also pass out before you feel the internal pain from all the pressure.

It’s not natural to cinch your waist, hips, and stomach. And expecting the fat to just disappear when you take it off after hours. The fat will go back to where it was. With no difference in the muscles or body mass.

What guarantees a slimmer waist, though, is persistent exercise and diet. Not wearing a waist trainer for up to 6 hours daily for weeks expecting something to happen. Organ failure, rib fractures, indigestion, vomiting… that’s what’ll happen.  

Waist Trainer vs Shapewear

What’s the difference between a waist trainer and shapewear? You can know the difference and make a more informed decision. Plus, you will have the answer to everything if ever the topic comes up!

Shapewear is a body shaper, period. It does not promise a decrease in appetite, weight loss, or a flatter tummy. Though it does make you look thin and voluptuous under dresses. However, it’s not painful or difficult to wear.

Lots of women wear shapewear for parties. It’s totally harmless and comfortable. While some people are under the impression that waist trainers will help you lose weight. Nobody thinks of shapewear as a weight-loss measure.

Women buy shapewear with the same intention as when buying jewelry. To look good, feel confident, and take it off when at home. Some shapewear also offers bust support. By lifting the breasts up for more flattering deep-neck outfits. Waist trainers don’t.

Having said that, you will find all types of shapewear. Including high-waist shapers, leg shapers, mid-thigh shapers. Shapewear can be worn higher than your midsection. And they extend as low as down to your knee. A quality that a waist trainer lacks.

Waist Trainers vs Waist Cinchers

There is a world of difference between a waist trainer and a cincher. Even though both offer the same slimming properties. A waist cincher is made of a different material. Such as latex which offers compression. But, at the same time, it offers breathability.

Waist trainers are made of a variety of materials. Such as spandex or mesh or nylon. It provides a tight compress around the waist. While being supported by Velcro or hooks or buttons.

You can tie a waist trainer with a front zipper or lace system. They have steel bones that compress the stomach region for a slimmer effect. Cinchers are more flexible as they come with only 2-3 hooks or straps. This means you can keep adjusting the fit without it hurting you.

Lastly, one who believes in the powers of waist trainers wears it for hours and hours. You can wear it for walks, lounging around at home, and social events. Waist cinchers are best worn only during workouts. The latex starts to feel stifling and hot after 1-2 hours of use.

What’s the Right Size for a Waist Trainer?


This section will tell you what it is you have to do to measure your waist. Each waist trainer has its own size chart. That you need to refer to after following these instructions.

You need a measuring tape and some help if you’re unable to do this on your own.

  1. Take proper measurement of your bust standing straight. Keep your bra on and wrap the tape around the fullest part of your bust.
  2. Next, wrap the measuring tape around your waist. Feel for your last rib and measure the area under that. Breathe naturally while doing so.
  3. Lastly, slide the measuring tape down to the bottom of your hips. Take that measurement correctly.

Once you get the numbers right, this is what I’d like to call the “fit chart.” Based on the type of waist trainer you’re wearing. And what part of the body do you want to slim down? Follow this.

Reduce 2 inches from your size: This is how low you can go without poking or prodding or hurting your body. No internal organs are being crushed. You can breathe normally. And you can move around without feeling uncomfortable. Most shapewear brands recommend such a size.

Reduce 3-4 inches from your size: This is when you want to look slim, voluptuous, and skinny. It’s for women who are not new to wearing waist trainers or cinchers or shapewear.

Reduce up to 6 inches from your size: This is when you want the full waist training experience. It really slims down the waist and flattens the tummy. That’s to say, it really does press into your midsection. Causing breathing problems, discomfort, pain, etc.

Word of caution: If at any time you feel nauseated or dizzy. Please take the waist trainer off and consult a doctor immediately.


If something takes over the internet, it does not mean it’s legit. The myth that waist trainers work is word of mouth but false. There are plenty of other things you can do to reduce waist size. Such as a healthy diet, strength conditioning, stress management, etc.

Waist trainers give you an hourglass shape with no everlasting effect. It’s quick, effective, and durable. That is why it works for so many women and that it’s still popular. But is it worth the hype? The straightforward answer is no.

Waist trainers don’t do what you’d like them to do. But they do well to make you look slimmer while you’re wearing a waist trainer. The rest is up to you to work hard on. And that means lots of exercise, no junk or fatty foods, and plenty of water.

A waist trainer is nothing but a means to look skinnier, more voluptuous, and flattering. And to give you that boost of confidence. That, quite frankly, exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can easily be substituted.

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