What Is the Best C-Ring Swimwear and Underwear? (The Most Important Factors)

C-Ring Swimwear

You can refer to C-ring swimwear as men’s enhancing swimwear because what C-ring underwear does is provides a discernible lift to your manhood. While also keeping your parts together down below.

Just like C-ring underwear that’s designed with a simple string and built-in pouch, C-ring swimwear is also well-equipped as such to enhance and lift. It consists of a circular ring-shaped structure. This performs the job of enhancing the front profile of your crotch. Thus, creating a desirable bigger bulge down there.

So in this post, I’m going to discuss all you need to know about C-ring swimwear and underwear.

All About C-Ring Underwear and Swimwear


Men’s underwear styles are not the same as they used to be before. There are plenty of different designs coming up. Some of them are good for nothing. While others are increasingly becoming more and more popular. Simply because of the exceptional support, comfort, and lift they deliver.

But it’s not uncommon for most men to own almost every style of undies. Just so that they know what each design fits and feels like. The same applies to men’s swimwear. Especially if the goal is to create a visible protruded-bulge effect down there.

That said, C-ring or cock ring swimwear and underwear are specifically engineered for trapping extra blood in the penis. So here’s the breakdown that explains why C-ring swimsuits and undies for men are a sought-after commodity. Despite not falling into the category of regular i.e. the most commonly chosen swimwear and underwear.

Aim of C-Ring Swimwear and Underwear


Have you ever worn or come across men’s jockstrap-style underwear? These are crafted for providing tons of protection in the form of support down there. Just like that, cock ring underwear is also specially designed for a purpose.

So what is the purpose of C-ring undies and swimsuits for men? The first is that these C-rings enhance the appearance of your bulge. You can refer to it as ball lifter swimwear.

Then comes the part where I tell you that cock rings are often worn by men to prolong their erection. And that’s only logical since the rings trap extra blood in your penis. Therefore, paving the way for constant pleasure.

Use of C-Ring Swimwear and Underwear


Exotic swimwear and underwear of this kind are the most useful for trapping blood in your penis. So you can maintain a stronger erection for a longer time.

Also, needless to say, the C-ring design creates a bigger bulge in your pants. In fact, it’s often referred to as revealing men’s swimwear. Simply because the protruded bulge is visible and garners attention.

Aspects of C-Ring Swimwear and Underwear

As you already know, the cock ring is a circular-shaped thing tight enough for curbing blood flow. And it’s most commonly a part of not just swimwear. But also various underwear styles for men. Such as boxer brief underwear, thong underwear, bikini underwear, and more.

And if you want to choose a swimwear or underwear built with this C-ring, then you have to prioritize comfort. In the form of breathable, soft fabrics that don’t bother your meat and potatoes. Go for fabrics like nylon, polyester, cotton, bamboo, and spandex.

Who Is C-Ring Underwear and Swimwear Not Good For?

Do not think of wearing cock rings if you have skin allergies, heart issues, or diabetes. And if you still wish to try them, then why not limit the time? Meaning wears this kind of underwear or swimwear for just 30 minutes or so.

Not every penis likes to feel contracted for such a long time. So it’s only natural for pain, discomfort, etc. to occur as a result of wearing cock ring swimwear and underwear for too long. But the good news here is that C-ring undies and swimsuits are designed for daily wear. Unlike just the cock rings on their own.

Benefits of C-Ring Swimwear and Underwear


  • Boosts Confidence

Cock ring undies and swimsuits build up your confidence levels. After all, the design pushes the boundaries of your stamina. So you can perform better. And once you get used to wearing cock rings, it’s bound to increase your stamina during foreplay as well.

  • Enhancement

No doubt, underwear and swimwear structured with C-rings create a more visible, bigger bulge in your pants. Your “manhood” looks enhanced. Thus, your whole personality and profile appear to be different. Hands down, it adds sex appeal to your image.

What’s the Suggestion?

Nobody tells you this but it’s important to clean your private area before you wear underwear or swimwear built with a cock ring. But why is that? By cleaning, I mean shaving your pubic hair. Because it’s likely that the ring might get entangled in your pubic hair if you don’t shave or trim it. And that sounds like a very painful and uncomfortable experience.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong or unhealthy about C-ring swimsuits and undies. As long as you’re not wearing a cock ring for too long. And if daily wear is a priority, then choose underwear styles that are suitable for everyday use. The same goes for swimwear with a built-in cock ring.

Just keep some precautions in mind nevertheless. Since cock-rings restrict blood flow, it’s best to avoid wearing them for more than 30 minutes. Once you grow accustomed to the fit and feel, then you can consider keeping them on for a longer time.

Also, take into account the fabric of the swimwear or underwear. You have options like polyester, nylon, cotton, etc. paired with spandex of course. So make sure the materials you select feel comfortable and soft against your skin and genitals. That’s very important.

And lastly, choose a style that doesn’t focus too much on the frontal lift and bulge. Front enhancement might seem like a necessary goal to achieve for some. But it shouldn’t come at the cost of no support and comfort. The experience shouldn’t feel unbearable down there. Because if it does, then you’re only inviting potential erectile dysfunction.


So now you know all there is to understand about cock ring undies and swimsuits for men. You can wear them to enhance the appearance of your bulge. Cock rings are built into all kinds of underwear styles these days. So you get to choose boxer briefs, bikinis, jockstraps, thongs, etc.

These C-rings are also built into swimwear. They’re a part of the pouch design of the swimsuit. So you can show off your bulge even when chilling at the pool. If that’s what you really wish to do!


How to Fix Saggy Swimsuit Bottoms? (Top 5 Most Useful Solutions)

How to Fix Saggy Swimsuit Bottoms

Let’s just forget about the diaper-like appearance of a saggy swimsuit. Maybe you’re not as concerned about how it looks as you are about how it feels. And a saggy-bottomed swimsuit feels nothing but uncomfortable. In fact, it also makes you feel more self-conscious about your body. That said, here’s how to fix saggy swimsuit bottoms.

When chilling or lounging by the pool, your priority should be to unwind, relax, and have a good time. Rather than worry about the fit of your bathing suit. Or the bottom of the swimsuit hanging from your buttocks. If you can relate, then it’s time to remedy the problem.

How to Fix Saggy Swimsuit Bottoms – 5 Most Effective Solutions


1. Elastic Band

With the help of an elastic band, you can learn how to fix swimsuit bottoms that are too big. Allow me to elaborate.

Create along the waistband of your swimsuit bottoms a lining for inserting the elastic band. In order to create a snug fit, cut this band shorter by a few inches than your actual waistline. But keep in mind that the band shouldn’t be very tight. Otherwise, you’re bound to invite discomfort or transparency.

2. Attach Matching Straps

How to fix a loose bathing suit bottom? You can do so by using two matching straps. Attach them on either side of your bikini bottoms. Thus, transforming your bottoms into a snug-fitting tie-up bikini style that stays put.

If you ask me, it’s a very stylish solution to the problem of how to fix saggy swimsuit bottoms.

3. Resize or Scrunch


By resizing, I mean cutting up the bottoms only to sew the different pieces of the bikini back together. But for this, your tailoring skills should be at least average in order to get the job done properly. Otherwise, you’ll just end up discarding your swimsuit bottoms altogether.

That’s why it’s important to take measurements twice before cutting. This includes measuring yourself accurately. Along with leaving a few inches for expansion. So you don’t feel suffocated on hot, sunny days.

Another safer alternative is to scrunch it up. Meaning creates a ruffle design vertically. If you want to know how to make a swimsuit smaller, then this is it.

4. Attach Drawstrings to the Waist

As in the case of adding an elastic band, creating the lining space along the waistband is necessary. Once that is in place, attach drawstrings. So now you can tie your bottoms of your swimwear in place.

For easier adjustments, add to the drawstring end a safety pin. This particular solution works best in the case of fixing saggy swimming shorts.

5. Fold Over and Stitch the Waistband

This is the easiest remedy on the list. No doubt, it’s a part of almost every article discussing bikini bottom hacks. Just fold the waistband inward and sew it in. Don’t stitch too tight. Keep this in mind if you want to prevent the stitches from coming apart accidentally.

Sewing in the waistband is actually a brilliant idea. In that, it’s very useful in case you happen to gain a few kilos in the future.

Now it’s time to get to know a little more about how to choose and wear swimsuits…

Most Common Swimsuit Mistakes Women Make

  • Buying One Swimsuit for All Purposes

By purposes, I mean the different water or water-related activities we indulge in. Such as surfing, swimming, sunbathing, etc. You shouldn’t buy the same style of swimsuit for all of these activities.

Here’s an example. For undertakings like diving, swimming, paddle boarding, and the like, swimwear that’s likely to untie or come off is a NO-NO. This kind of activity requires sporty-style swimsuits. These, no doubt, are more well-equipped to keep you secure and supported during athletic movements.

  • Wearing An Old Swimsuit

No matter how cute your bathing suit looks, if it’s old and worn out, then it’s no good. The thing about swimwear is that it consists of elastic, which stretches out eventually. Multiple wear and washes do that to swimsuits.

So if you’re favorite bikini bottoms have been subjected to this kind of wear and wash. Then it’s time to bid adieu to them. Otherwise, you’re only making your butt look saggy.

  • Buying Too Big Swimsuit Bottoms

Speaking of preventing a saggy butt appearance, avoid wearing too big bottoms. Many women select a size larger in order to avoid the possibility of bulging. And if you’re one of them, then please note. That by doing so, you’re welcoming some form of sagging in the buttocks area of the swimsuit. Especially when coming out of the pool.

In fact, this can even cause your bottoms to come off during diving.

Also, don’t forget that swimsuits are elastic. So they stretch with time. That means if your bottoms are too big. Then the chances are the fit is going to get even bigger and more stretched out over time. In that case, you now know how to fix saggy swimsuit bottoms.


  • Lack of Support In the Tops

If you’re well-endowed in the bust region, then this tip is directed at you.

Swimsuits, no matter how cute, are no good if they lack support. By support, I mean wider straps and bands that keep your bosoms comfortable and held in and up.

  • Undermining the Style of Bikinis

Agreed that bikini swimsuits don’t look good or flattering on every woman. But who cares about how it looks as long as you want to wear a two-piece!

And if you’re so self-conscious, then maybe you can buy a high-waist bikini style. These certainly look more flattering. Plus, they have a very retro-looking visual appeal.

  • Undermining the Style of One-Piece Swimsuits

To be honest, not all one-piece swimsuits look shabby or outdated. There are plenty of sportswear brands that manufacturer sporty, trendy, pretty, and even comfortable styles of one-piece swimwear these days.

  • Obsessing Over Tan Lines

Swimwear, at least most of the fun, stylish ones, are all about cutouts and straps. And you’re definitely missing out on the joy of donning a swimsuit if you’re too worried about tan lines. So why not remedy the situation? Simply by carrying an umbrella with you to the beach or pool.

Another very effective solution comes in the form of sunscreen lotion. With a higher SPF rating. Apply and re-apply your sunscreen formula every 60-80 minutes to keep those tan lines away.

  • Buying One-Size Bikini Sets

By far, this is the most common mistake women make when choosing swimwear. Especially two-piece swimsuits. Who says that your bottom and top sizes are the same? There are all types of body shapes; pear, apple, hourglass, inverted triangle, etc. So maybe you have fuller hips with a narrower torso. Or vice versa.

In that context, it only makes sense to mix and match different styles and brands. Try different colors and patterns as well if you like. There’s no hard and fast rule that you have to purchase a matching two-piece set.


Be it swimsuit season or not, saggy swimsuit bottoms are always a bad idea. Now I know that comfort is key but who says that a proper fit cannot be comfortable too!

So in case your bottoms look like you’ve put on a diaper, worry not. Because you can easily remedy the situation without actually having to buy a new piece altogether.