How Do Waist Trainers Work

How Do Waist Trainers Work and What Are the Benefits?

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You heard about the raging talk about waist trainers online. Celebrities, fitness trainers, and influencers are all a part of this growing industry. But is it effective? If yes, how do waist trainers work?

 This article is going to talk about the basics and techniques of waist training. It would be completely childish to think that just waist trainers help trim your waist. But the real reason behind its effectiveness is regular exercise and a good diet.

So are you ready to take on the waist training challenge? Do it after reading a bit more about waist trainers and their benefits.

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What is a Waist Trainer?


A waist trainer comprises of 2 significant elements. First, it has a metal boning structure. Second, the use of a thick material wrapped around the structure. So you wrap the trainer around your waist and tighten it. Giving your body an hourglass shape.

The design is kept together with the help of a lace system. Recent waist trainers also have standard hooks or Velcro straps for maintaining firmness. It is like a girdle but it’s much tighter than anything you’ve ever seen. Including shapewear that goes around the mid-section.

You can train in them, wear them at home, and some sleep in them too. The effects of which start to show after a few weeks of dedication. One of the most effective ways to reduce your waist size. But is it healthy?

How Do Waist Trainers Work?


The elasticated belt around your mid-section can do a lot to your waist. By wrapping around your waist, it pushes your lower abdomen muscles in. As a result, your tummy looks flatter and your waist looks sleeker.

There’s no concrete evidence about waist trainers. Nor is there any quick way to reduce tummy and waist size with the help of waist training. Waist trainers or cinchers work because they alter the appearance of waists.

It’s supposed to improve posture, flatten stomach and waist fats, and tighten muscles. However, these claims are made by the waist trainer brands themselves. With no scientific or clinical backing.

Biologically, when waist trainers are worn for long periods of time. It can press into and put pressure on your organs. Such as the kidneys, bladder, liver, stomach, and even the lungs. Making it harder for you to breathe while standing, sitting, or walking.

The Presumed Benefits of Waist Trainers (Not Backed by Science)


#1 Appetite Reduction

That’s a relief, right? It’s easier to be on a diet when you’re in no mood to eat junk. And even when you do eat healthy foods, it’s a very small portion of food. Waist trainers, by pressing into your abdomen muscles, can decrease appetite.

While the stomach is being squeezed by the elasticated band. You feel fuller quicker which causes you to eat less.

Eating right, in this case, has more benefits. As your body absorbs all essential nutrients needed for weight loss. Such as vitamins, proteins, antioxidants, and minerals. So the body gets what it needs to burn fat while exercising boosts metabolism.

#2 Decrease in Waist Size / Weight Loss

Waist trainers help you perspire more by increase heat around your midsection. As a result, your body loses fluids which is misconstrued as the loss of fat. So is it really weight loss? Not really.

For shedding all that weight around your tummy and waist. You need a consistent dose of exercise and a healthy diet. The assumed benefits of a waist trainer are weight loss and waist reduction.

Some waist trainer brands encourage the use of waist trainers during workouts. Doing targeted waist movements to help shape the abdomen region better and faster.

#3 Getting That Hourglass Figure

When you think of a sensual woman. The superficial and stereotyped image is of a voluptuous figure. The well-endowed breasts, flat tummy, and hour-glass figure. But that’s not right, is it? It’s degrading and quite frankly offensive to most women.

And yet waist trainer brands encourage more and more people that possibility. The possibility to achieve such an hourglass figure just wearing their waist trainers. And that’s what the claim is. To cinch the waist to a size or two smaller. And flatten the tummy and round the waist.

And even if your body does look curvier after wearing a waist trainer. It’s only temporary. Such techniques like waist trainers, waist cinchers, etc. never have a lasting effect.

The Real Side-Effects of Waist Trainers (Backed by Science)

#1 Difficulty in Breathing

I want you to imagine something. You’re wearing a really tight yet flattering corset. This is to reduce the volume of your natural figure. And to be able to fit into a really tight and narrow dress.

Imagine walking around having your chest, abdomen, and midsection tied. Using elastic, metal boning, and hooks. When tight clothes can make you sick. A waist trainer is not that far off. In fact, it’s worse!

It limits movement which had a severe effect on your lungs. Depleting your natural breathing capacity and strength by (up to) 60%. Do you know what problems this could most likely cause?

Hypertension, inflammation, fluid buildup, dizziness, nausea, and so many others.

#2 Organ Damage

Waist trainers press into internal organs to minimize body mass. As this is a temporary fix to look thinner. It’s only by appearance, from the outside, that it looks effective. However, from the inside, things are getting uglier and uglier.

For example, your kidneys and liver are getting pressed (or squished!). This could restrict proper fluid movement and nutrient absorption in the body. Even your bladder can obstruct causing urinary problems or other problems.

Blood flow is reduced which could lead to permanent organ failure, cramps, toxicity, etc.

#3 Abnormal Digestion

If the waist trainer can disrupt the proper functioning of the kidneys or liver. Digestion is not far off. The digestive tract is directly affected by a waist trainer. Such as the esophagus, stomach, and small and large intestines.

Improper digestion can cause gas, acidity, nausea, and constipation. And even further buildup of inflammation can lead to more serious conditions. Such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, heartburn, Acid Reflux, etc.

#4 Rib Fractures

Most waist trainers compress your rib cage. At least the last few ribs protecting your organs. And if you wear it long or tight enough, it could lead to rib fractures. You can also pass out before you feel the internal pain from all the pressure.

It’s not natural to cinch your waist, hips, and stomach. And expecting the fat to just disappear when you take it off after hours. The fat will go back to where it was. With no difference in the muscles or body mass.

What guarantees a slimmer waist, though, is persistent exercise and diet. Not wearing a waist trainer for up to 6 hours daily for weeks expecting something to happen. Organ failure, rib fractures, indigestion, vomiting… that’s what’ll happen.  


Waist Trainer vs Shapewear

What’s the difference between a waist trainer and shapewear? You can know the difference and make a more informed decision. Plus, you will have the answer to everything if ever the topic comes up!

Shapewear is a body shaper, period. It does not promise a decrease in appetite, weight loss, or a flatter tummy. Though it does make you look thin and voluptuous under dresses. However, it’s not painful or difficult to wear.

Lots of women wear shapewear for parties. It’s totally harmless and comfortable. While some people are under the impression that waist trainers will help you lose weight. Nobody thinks of shapewear as a weight-loss measure.

Women buy shapewear with the same intention as when buying jewelry. To look good, feel confident, and take it off when at home. Some shapewear also offers bust support. By lifting the breasts up for more flattering deep-neck outfits. Waist trainers don’t.

Having said that, you will find all types of shapewear. Including high-waist shapers, leg shapers, mid-thigh shapers. Shapewear can be worn higher than your midsection. And they extend as low as down to your knee. A quality that a waist trainer lacks.


HOPLYNN Neoprene Sweat Waist Trainer

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Waist Trainers vs Waist Cinchers

There is a world of difference between a waist trainer and a cincher. Even though both offer the same slimming properties. A waist cincher is made of a different material. Such as latex which offers compression. But, at the same time, it offers breathability.

Waist trainers are made of a variety of materials. Such as spandex or mesh or nylon. It provides a tight compress around the waist. While being supported by Velcro or hooks or buttons.

You can tie a waist trainer with a front zipper or lace system. They have steel bones that compress the stomach region for a slimmer effect. Cinchers are more flexible as they come with only 2-3 hooks or straps. This means you can keep adjusting the fit without it hurting you.

Lastly, one who believes in the powers of waist trainers wears it for hours and hours. You can wear it for walks, lounging around at home, and social events. Waist cinchers are best worn only during workouts. The latex starts to feel stifling and hot after 1-2 hours of use.

HOPLYNN Neoprene Sweat Waist Trainer

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SHAPERX Shapewear for Women Tummy Control

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What’s the Right Size for a Waist Trainer?


This section will tell you what it is you have to do to measure your waist. Each waist trainer has its own size chart. That you need to refer to after following these instructions.

You need a measuring tape and some help if you’re unable to do this on your own.

  1. Take proper measurement of your bust standing straight. Keep your bra on and wrap the tape around the fullest part of your bust.
  2. Next, wrap the measuring tape around your waist. Feel for your last rib and measure the area under that. Breathe naturally while doing so.
  3. Lastly, slide the measuring tape down to the bottom of your hips. Take that measurement correctly.

Once you get the numbers right, this is what I’d like to call the “fit chart.” Based on the type of waist trainer you’re wearing. And what part of the body do you want to slim down? Follow this.

Reduce 2 inches from your size: This is how low you can go without poking or prodding or hurting your body. No internal organs are being crushed. You can breathe normally. And you can move around without feeling uncomfortable. Most shapewear brands recommend such a size.

Reduce 3-4 inches from your size: This is when you want to look slim, voluptuous, and skinny. It’s for women who are not new to wearing waist trainers or cinchers or shapewear.

Reduce up to 6 inches from your size: This is when you want the full waist training experience. It really slims down the waist and flattens the tummy. That’s to say, it really does press into your midsection. Causing breathing problems, discomfort, pain, etc.

Word of caution: If at any time you feel nauseated or dizzy. Please take the waist trainer off and consult a doctor immediately.


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If something takes over the internet, it does not mean it’s legit. The myth that waist trainers work is word of mouth but false. There are plenty of other things you can do to reduce waist size. Such as a healthy diet, strength conditioning, stress management, etc.

Waist trainers give you an hourglass shape with no everlasting effect. It’s quick, effective, and durable. That is why it works for so many women and that it’s still popular. But is it worth the hype? The straightforward answer is no.

Waist trainers don’t do what you’d like them to do. But they do well to make you look slimmer while you’re wearing a waist trainer. The rest is up to you to work hard on. And that means lots of exercise, no junk or fatty foods, and plenty of water.

A waist trainer is nothing but a means to look skinnier, more voluptuous, and flattering. And to give you that boost of confidence. That, quite frankly, exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can easily be substituted.

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