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How Should You Sit While Wearing a Short Dress?

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When wearing a short dress, or one that is tight, such as a pencil skirt or other, they often begin to pull up the legs, especially when sitting. Knowing how should you sit while wearing a short dress can save you from some embarrassing moments.

How to Keep a Dress From Riding Up

A dress is likely to begin to ride up the legs when it is tight against the legs. With the movement of walking or sitting, the movement will cause the dress to pull up at the bottom hem. There are a few ways in which to minimize this including wearing safety shorts or shapewear underneath the dress, using clothing tape, or using hairspray.

These solutions will create a friction or a bit of a tacky feeling that will allow the dress to stick to the shorts or the skin. As the dress is in contact with the material or with the skin that has hairspray on it, it will resist moving and remain in place.

Wearing a dress that is a wrap dress allows for extra coverage, if part of it begins to ride up there is another layer of cloth that has wrapped around that will keep the legs and body covered. A looser dress will also be able to swirl around and move around the legs but will not be pulled upwards by the movement.

Ways to Move To Keep a Dress From Riding Up

When walking in a dress or skirt that tends to ride up, take small steps. The smaller steps will keep your knees closer together, thus allowing the skirt to remain in position more easily. Longer strides will cause the dress to pull up faster, and it will require readjustment frequently.

Dancing can still be enjoyed by employing one of the strategies above, such as wearing safety shorts or shapewear underneath, and by taking shorter or smaller steps. Smooth movements and slow dancing can help to keep the skirt of a dress pulled down more and will require less adjustments.

How to Sit While Wearing a Short Dress

When sitting in a short skirt it is helpful to hold your hands against the skirt until you are seated, as it will rise and you can control and correct it to some degree. Sitting with your knees together and turned to one side or the other can help to keep your skirt from moving after you sit down. Some find that crossing the ankles can help create a comfortable seated position while keeping skirt in place. Alternatively crossing the legs at the knees can also be a comfortable position to sit in and will prevent anyone from viewing up the skirt if it does begin to ride up. A tighter skirt will be most easily kept in position by crossing the legs at the ankles or not crossing them at all.

Wearing a dress is a common way to dress for many people, and short dresses are comfortable in the summer without becoming too hot. There is always a risk that the dress will begin to ride up the legs, but by using hairspray, clothing tape, or shapewear as a way to keep it from moving and by sitting in the correct manner, this can be limited. Wearing a wrap skirt or one that is loose will avoid the problem as they are more likely to stay in place, however the back of any skirt will ride up and become shorter in the back when sitting down.

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