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How to Dress for a Small Chest And Big Stomach

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Some people may be asking “how should I dress if I have a small chest and big stomach?” as this is not as uncommon a problem as it may seem. People of all body types will question how they should be dressing for their own comfort and to appear attractive to others.

Structured Suits

A good structured suit can do a lot for this body shape, and can be used in many different ways. Use the structure suite jacket over the vest for a great flexible top, or over a blouse for formal sittings, a tank top for a relaxed feel. Each will offer structure to the body and create a beautiful silhouette. The pants can be worn with the other pieces, or they can be switched for an alternate colored skirt or jeans, or wear the structured pants with an off the shoulder top to move the focus. Each piece functions together and separately for many great looks.

Strappy, Cutouts, or Relaxed Tanks and Body Suits

A small chest allows for all the barely there tops without the worry of bras and straps to get in the way. Enjoy the freedom with any type of top, cut outs throughout, or something with a low cut and that’s sure to make a statement and stay in place. The freedom from structured and supportive bras that cover more skin creates great flexibility in tops and allows for spaghetti straps or criss-cross straps that go all the way around. Enjoy a wrap with no worries of straps showing or it slipping to show a bra strap. A halter top is ideal for this body type with the flexibility and the smooth lines. It draws attention to the neck and can display and jewelry or be worn plain with an emphasis on the shoulders and neck.

Boyfriend Cut

The boyfriend cut is a style of clothing that is cut before being sewn together in the sizes and shapes that are generally used for men’s clothing. These may have a boxier shape and will allow more room for movement and comfort. This shape is ideal for those with smaller chests and can be paired with a more feminine jean or with a boyfriend cut pant for an easy outfit. Boyfriend cut pants can create a different shape than other pants, and offer more space for movement and comfort.


The structure of this piece often creates support for those with a larger bust, bur for those who have a smaller chest they emphasize the bust line and can make it appear that there is more there. It creates a line that mimics the shape of a larger bust and without the need for the added support can be worn strapless, with a tie, or in any other way.

It is possible to dress feminine and create a beautiful silhouette for women of any body shape, and some styles are best fit for those who have a smaller chest but a larger waist. The ability to go without a bra opens the door to many styles that are difficult to wear otherwise, makes a low cut top less risky, and can make the best use of cut outs and strappy shirts. Try a few styles and determine where you want to bring focus, where you want to gloss over, and how clothing pieces make you feel. When dressing any body it is best to wear clothing that feels comfortable and confident, mix and match styles and masculine and feminine pieces, for the most flexible wardrobe.

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