How to Wash Sticky Bra

How to Wash Sticky Bras? (Most Useful Tips for Care)

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It’s no ordinary bra; an adhesive bra demands special attention. Because if that doesn’t happen, you might just end up destroying its most functional adhesive feature. So how to wash sticky bras? How to store sticky bra? And how to make sticky bras last for longer?

All these questions I’ve answered at length for you below. Because I know what it’s like to firstly come across an adhesive bra that you actually like. And then once you buy it, there’s nothing more important than caring for it. So the bra can stay with you for as long as possible.

Why Is Washing Your Adhesive or Sticky Bra Necessary?


In simple words, good hygiene. If you don’t wash your bra, then skin irritation and rashes are inevitable. That’s the thing about moisture and bacteria you know. When there’s too much accumulation of moisture, then it leads to the formation and spread of bacteria.

And you’d be lying if you said you don’t sweat in your bra. Boob sweat is a very common occurrence after all. Plus, you obviously don’t want to put on something when it’s smelly and oily. Be it underwear or bra!

Another reason for washing an adhesive bra is to keep it from falling mid-wear. Unwashed, not-cared-for sticky bras are susceptible to coming off. Did you know that? So why lose face in public!

If you don’t care for your precious adhesive bra, it is indeed going to lose all the stickiness. So the tasks of cleaning and even storing your bra are crucial. A sheer moment of laziness can cause a huge embarrassment.

How to Wash Sticky Bras?


Handwashing the bra with soap and water…

1. Prepare the washing solution

You can mix some bra cleanser or regular hand soap with warm water. The cleaning solution should be anything that removes oil and dirt.

You can even check if the manufacturer of the bra has mentioned any guidelines regarding what to wash the bra with.

2. Use your fingers for washing

Now use your fingertips for applying the solution to the bra. Dip those fingertips in the water and then press them on the sticky area of your bra. Move your fingertips around in small and circular motions. This cleans the surface of the adhesive very well.

If you see any visible dirt, use some extra cleaning solution there. With a slightly increased pressure of your fingertips.

3. Dip your bra in the cleaning solution

For washing the entire bra body, dip the undergarment into the soapy water. Make sure it’s immersed in there completely. Swish it around a little bit. And let the bra soak for a couple of minutes.

4. Rinse the bra with fresh water

The next step is to rinse your adhesive bra using fresh, clean warm water. Hold the sticky part under running water. Make sure it’s warm. This helps in getting rid of all the dirt and oil.

Rinse both the inner and outer parts of the bra for a few seconds.

5. Repeat the whole washing procedure once again

Do the cups still feel or look dirty? If yes, then don’t hesitate to wash the bra gently once more. You can actually clean the adhesive area multiple times if you like.

It’s important for all the oil, dirt, and impurities to get destroyed completely. Otherwise, the stickiness of the bra gets compromised.

How to Dry and Store Sticky Bras?

  • For Drying…

Place On It A Flat Surface

Caring for any bra requires drying it on a flat surface. And this is even more important in the case of sticky bras. Make sure the adhesive portion is facing up.

Allow it to air-dry throughout the night. Or for however long it takes. Either way, it should feel completely dry before wear or storage.

But this doesn’t mean you can’t hang it up for quicker drying. After all, many women do that to let their bras drip-dry.

  • For Storing…

Use The Original Packaging

Do you still have the bra case? If yes, then make that a part of your storage. It’s the best for keeping dirt and lint away from the bra. That said, the adhesive or sticky part is then more likely to stay that way for a long, long time.

Most adhesive bra manufacturers provide a plastic covering for the sticky area. It’s what keeps that zone lint-free. But if you don’t get that, then feel free to use Ziploc bags.

How to Extend the Life of Sticky Bras?


How long do sticky bras last? It doesn’t matter as long as you know the 3 methods for extending their shelf life.

#1 Wash the bra each time after use

The beauty of regular washing is that it increases the lifespan of your adhesive bra. So if you wish to keep it sticky for longer. Then you’ve got to make that effort to wash it after every use. Because adhesive doesn’t function properly when it’s got oil and dirt on it.

And if you’re very lazy to wash it each time after use. Then how about washing your bra once in a while at least? Something is better than nothing here, isn’t it?

#2 Avoid machine-washing or machine-drying the bra

The washing machine is no place for delicate stuff. No doubt, it’s going to destroy not only the adhesive part. But machine-washing or machine-drying also ruins the whole structure of the bra. Therefore, hand-washing is the best and most recommended.

How to Hand-Wash Bras : Clothing Care↓

For drying, just place it on a flat surface in a sunny spot. But not for too long.

#3 Use a special cleaner for bra adhesive if possible

How to make adhesive bras sticky again? It’s simple; just use a special bra adhesive cleaner. This is often provided by the manufacturer of the sticky bra. But if it’s not, then a regular hand soap cleaning solution gets the work done just fine.

#4 Don’t rub the adhesive with sponge or towel

When you rub that delicate adhesive area with a sponge or cloth, the damage is inevitable. Except for your fingertips, do not use anything else on the sticky portion. It’s the simplest yet the most ignored tip for prolonging the life of your sticky bra.

Instead of rubbing, just let the bra soak in soapy water for a few minutes.

The End

There’s no need for you to feel like you’ve been cheated if your bra starts to show signs of wear and tear. It’s only common for bras to lose form, shape, etc. when they’re not cared for properly. Particularly if the bra features an adhesive.

No amount or level of the stickiness has the ability to last forever. But what you can do instead is make it last for a longer time at least. And you can do so simply by washing your bra properly and more frequently. Make sure you use warm water and regular cleaning or hand soap.


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