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The 10 Best Bald Basketball Players 

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Baldness makes men look more masculine and lesser attractive. Do you know baldness rules in the sports world? Basketball is the sport in which you will observe all the famous sportsmen are bald. Various basketball players choose to be bald. Like they pick to be bald by their haircuts. And some are bald because of genetic or health issues.

And you know, sometimes they shave their head early to keep it secret that they are becoming bald. They hide their baldness by shaving heads and accepting their new style(baldness) early.

How does it occur?

There are a lot of factors intricate in baldness. The most common reasons behind a bald man are

  1. Hormonal change in body
  2. Age Factor
  3. Genetic problem/ Inherited

Gradually, the shrinking of hair follicles slower down the hair growth. This factor results in a bald head. In a player, hair loss occurs due to a fungal infection. Heavy exercise and a lot of hustles make their body temperature to an extreme level. And body tends to cool by producing sweat. This one is the reason players shave their heads intentionally to remain safe and healthy. Another reason is that hair prevents the body heat from letting out, which acts as a hurdle in sweating. So, this set forth to shave heads for players to maintain good health.

Are you wondering why basketball players are bald?

As we all know that, we cannot control or stop baldness. Some products are available in the market but, they do not work for all. There is no cure to stop becoming a bald person. I think if it happens, then these million-dollar athletes should be the first to get a hand on these cures.

The transplant works to some extent. But this depends on the condition of the skin, hair, and some other factors. So, it is up to the doctors to decide for whom it will work.

The basketball players prefer buzz cut, which is easy to keep and maintain. And as they notice that they are near to bald so, the players accept the reality. And choose to be bald by themselves. But it does not destroy career, talent or deteriorate confidence. Most players adapt the fact of baldness, and honestly, it looks good on them.

1.    Kobe Bryant:

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Kobe Bryant started playing basketball at just the age of 17. He adopted different styles throughout his career. As you all know that, Bryant is not entirely bald. But as he shaves his head so regularly, he comes in the list of best bald players.

Basketball fans across the world have observed the evolution of his game with advancement in hair too. Kobe Bryant had his foot on the gas pedal, but his career was never affected by his hairstyle or being bald. Bryant grabbed the NBA championship five times, which makes him a renowned bald basketball player in history. He confidently rocks the bald look at the end of his career.

2.    Michael Jordan:

Michael Jordan 1

Michael Jordan is known as the top basketball player of all time. He is undoubtedly a good player with and without hair.

You can consider him the most successful bald basketball player yet. Jordan is five times the winner of MVP also is the fifth top scorer of NBA history. However, his NBA career is limited to 15 seasons. He has proved himself in many matches and remains undefeatable. All this has shown that his career was never affected by his looks. And his talent is more powerful despite being a bald head.

3.    Kareem Abdul Jabbar:

Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Kareem Abdul Jabbar case is similar to Bryant. He has hair at the start of his career.

He was well-known for his looks as a youngster. He played 20 seasons in NBA. Moreover, he won 6 times MVP. And come on the list of 50 greatest players in NBA history.

He has a name as an all-time significant basketball player plus, we all remember his fierce “SKY HOOP” finish.

He was the dominant player in college And Also In NBA. Like few stars in the sports world, Kareem rocks his bald head look. He deserves to rank in the top list of bald head basketball players of all-time

4.    Vince Carter:

Vince Carter

The next name that comes on my list is Vince carter. Despite his bald head, he earned 8 NBA all-star awards in his career. As NBA players always try to change their look through their dress or hairstyle. He has represented eight teams and earned eight NBA awards with the bald head. He had faced no hurdle in playing basketball with the bald head.

5.    Jason Kidd:

Jason Kidd 1

Another good name come in the best bald basketball player is Jason Kidd. He is one of the best bald athletes and wins the heart with his superb performance. Like Kareem, his head was full of hair in the early times of his career.

He has played most of the NBA matches with a bald head. It is an assertion that he reached the peak of his career with a bald head. He earned Olympic Gold held in Sydney and achieved 10 NBA all-star selections.

6.    Gary Payton:

Gary Payton

The next awe-inspiring bald basketball player is in our list is the name of Gary Payton, who is well known for representing the Seattle Supersonics.

He has claimed nine all-star selections and an NBA championship.

Do you know the other name for Payton is “the Glove”? He is esteemed to be one of the best defenders of all time. His skills are so absolute, which makes his competitor Jordan into trouble.

7.    Shaquille O’Neal:

Shaquille ONeal

Another all-time best bald basketball player name is Shaquille O’Neal. Unbelievably a dominant player in terms of his achievements. His height always makes him prominent among other players or competitors. He possesses a list of honors that have 4 NBA championships and fifteen All-star selections. He polled as a most valuable player in 2000.

His strength and distinctive energy fully furnished him with a helpful drop step and dunking ability that precedes him to impressive field goal accuracy. On the whole, O’Neal routed NBA in field goal ten times and broke the record.

8.    Kevin Garnet:

Kevin Garnet

Kevin Garnett is an incredible player as he played 21 seasons in NBA. This bald head player has lots of expertise and is well known for his versatility and defensive ability. He assesses as one of the outstanding power forwards of all time. An interesting fact of this bald basketball player is that he started and ended his career with the Timberwolves.

9.    Charles Barkley:

Charles Barkley

To discuss another bald basketball player, wechoose Charles Barkley. He is also known as “Chuck.” Do you know he has won 11times All-stars for consecutively eleven years? The consistent performance of bald Charles has earned credit as the most valuable player in 1993.

Barkley also comes on the list of 50 outstanding players in the history of the NBA. Now, this Bald superstar work as a skilled analyst in a show.


10.   Karl Malone:

Karl Malone 1

How can we forget one of the skilled bald power forwards, Karl Malone? This listing cannot come to an end without his name. He is the greatest one of the all-time best power forwards. He has earned 2 MVP awards and 14 times Allstar is on his honor. This bald player is an unstoppable scorer and puts numerous teams to the sword. We can claim that Karl is one of the best bald players regarding his unique career stats.


Wrap Up: 

Most of the famous basketball players choose to play without hair on their heads.

To be bald is their choice, and for some players, nature endorses this option for them. But to be a bald head person is not an issue. And it neither affects any talent of a person nor becomes a hurdle. The above list is proof that your baldness can never be a hurdle in your career. Be passionate and confident.

Hopefully, the above list of best bald basketball players will help you remain positive and enthusiastic in your life. Baldness is not such a thing that stops you from growing in life.



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