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What is a Tankini and How to choose the Best Tankini

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One of the popular bathing suit styles, a tankini offers the flexibility and comfort of a bikini with the coverage and appeal of a tank top. Made in many different styles of bottoms, with a wide range of colours and patterns, there is a tankini for almost anyone. Becoming popular in the 1990s this bathing suit has stayed popular with adjustments being made to changing styles throughout the years, making a tankini available to suit anyone.

What is a Tankini

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Tankini Tops

The top of a tankini is a tank top, but this can be achieved in many ways. They may be spaghetti straps, thicker shoulder straps, cross straps, halter tops, or have thin straps that meet in different ways in the back. Different body shapes have led to there being different shapes to the tops as well, and they are available with many additional options. Ruffles, keyholes, and other details are all found in some tankinis, and they can vary in length as well. For more coverage, there are tankini tops that go down to the hips and cover the top of the hips, while there are also versions available that will not be long enough to meet the bottoms and varied lengths in between.

Tankini tops have taken into consideration all body types and offer several styles that will fit any body shape. Built-in bras have been added for additional support and coverage for those who are larger chested, and some padding has been included in others for those who are smaller breasted and prefer to have a fuller or larger appearance. This bathing suit is intended to ensure everyone has a comfortable option for their swimsuit.

Tankini Bottoms

Tankini bottoms are available for anybody’s shape and comfort level. There are traditional bikini bottoms as well as versions with booty shorts and even longer shorts or skirts. Each style offers a level of comfort and coverage that will boost the confidence of the wearer, and help to show their own personality in their choices. Available in low rise, hipsters, and high waisted, they are suitable for anybody shape and any age.

Most bottoms have an additional lining to prevent the material from becoming see-through without using thicker or uncomfortable materials. Some options will include shorts overtop of the base bottom, or a full bottom that has a skirt included over it. These will offer the most coverage, but will also have additional material that may be uncomfortable for swimming laps or during a water exercise. When selecting the bottoms for your tankini select some that will work for the activities that you most often participate in.


Made with general bathing suit materials, many are created from a spandex/cotton blend, or from lycra with nylon they are usually suitable for swimming, and will not become see-through when wet. There are versions with a thicker material or an inner liner, and they can be purchased with padding in the bra sections, ties, and various levels of coverage. When cared for well it can last years, and the tops and bottoms can be mixed for just the right look as long as they are made with the same material.

As they are created with different mixes of fabric, you can find one in your preferred fabric by checking the tags on each part of the suit. Due to allergies and irritations, it may be necessary to stick to one rather than the other, which will change how it feels and how it fits. If you do not have any allergies, then you can choose whichever materials feel the most comfortable for you. They will each stretch and conform in their own way and it is necessary to find the right fit for you.
Your tankini should be hand washed when possible, or washed on a gentle cycle in cold water, and laid flat to dry. This will prevent it from becoming mishappen and prevent wear on the material. Through a washing machine, it will rub against itself and any other clothing in the machine which can cause it to wear out sooner and thin the fabric, while the dryer may shrink it and cause it to no longer fit.

Choosing the Best Tankini for You

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One of the top advantages of a tankini is the flexibility of selecting a top and a bottom that will fit well, match nicely, and provide the comfort of a well-fitting bathing suit that is also easy to move in. The most important factor to consider is your comfort, and this will relate to the cut of the bathing suit as well as the material. High-waisted bottoms with a longer top will offer the most coverage, while a spaghetti strap top that is shorter with a low-rise bottom will allow for a more revealing fit. If you are moving a lot, then you may want a more structured suit to keep it in place while restful vacations may fit well with a looser or flowing top. Have fun mixing and matching tops and bottoms until you find the best fit that you feel confident and comfortable in.

The Future of the Tankini

With the flexibility and easy ways to adapt the tankini, it is likely to stay popular for many years to come. As the styles change over the years the tankini and other swimsuits will as well, keeping up with the styles of the decades. To update your own tankini you can easily change the bottoms or the tops with other sets, and mix the colors to create a look that is individual to you. They allow for personal expression and will offer a comfortable suit that will remain in style and offer the coverage and comfort that you need for years to come.

In the future, the shapes, colors, accessories, and even materials may change. This will make it more comfortable for some, but less for others, so if you have a tankini that you love care for it well. The years of wear that you get will be well worth the time invested, and it will never go out of style.


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