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What is the Best Underwear For Running?

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Everyone who runs more than half a horse will take seriously of underwear (both men and women, men should pay more attention). If you wear the wrong underwear(especially when you have thick thighs like me), too tight or too loose, you will never forget the pain in your crotch when you take a bath after running.

What is the Best Underwear For Running? Let’s talk about a few principles. First, the best underwear materials are quick-drying fabrics, the smoother the softer the better. Forget the cotton and flax, unless you want to run with a piece of sandpaper.

The second is the tight boxer. I don’t want to talk about tight-fitting, which is effective in sweat evaporation from the skin and reduces friction. Why boxer? Briefs will grind your genitals down. The thong? ok, if you have a tendency of self-abuse, go ahead!

Third, the longer the better, it will protect the thighs from chafing, otherwise, the edge of the underwear will slowly roll up to the roots of the thigh.

Fourth, the waistband must hold up well – no rolling or anything.
if you have muffing top, you better work out to blast away the bulge, or the waistband will roll down the bottom of the belly and start cutting into the hips. (my personal experience).

Finally, before long-distance running, don’t forget to use vaseline on smear armpits, thigh roots, toes, and other parts to protect from chafing.

Happy running!

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