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Dating While Bald – Why Women Date Bald Men

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Every man knows they are probably going to lose their hair one day, but that doesn’t make it any easier when it finally happens. This is particularly frustrating if you are dating, as so much of modern match-making is about appearance and first impressions. Luckily, dating while bald is easier than you think.


Baldness, Strength, and Maturity

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Some women are actually attracted to bald men. Not that the lack of hair is itself what is attractive, but a bald man that is well-groomed has a strong, mature appearance. There are plenty of bald celebrities that are considered attractive, such as The Rock, Jason Statham, and Bruce Willis.

One reason that some women like to date bald men is that they are attracted to a strong beard. The hormone responsible for hair loss is also linked to beard growth, so as your hairline weakens, your facial hair gets fuller. This also works stylistically, as the bold facial hair pairs well with a shaven head.

If you are beginning to bald this is a great time to start experimenting with facial hair if you haven’t already. Beards often fill in as you age, so even if your facial hair was unsatisfying when you were young, it might be better now. Beard care is also different than hair care, particularly because cutting your own beard is easier than cutting your own hair. Take the time to learn about it.


Hair Care Tips for Balding Men

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Just because you are losing your hair, doesn’t mean you get to ignore your haircare entirely. You still need to find a hairstyle and maintain it. Are you going fully shaved, or do you still want to maintain some hair? Receding hairlines or small bald spots can be hidden well with the right hairstyle.

If you have started balding, it is best to avoid hairstyles that create a lot of tension, such as cornrows, dreadlocks, or “man buns”. These styles stress your follicles, which can accelerate the rate that your hairline recedes.

Of course, many guys choose to wear hats to cover up bald spots. This is a decent approach, but you obviously can’t wear a hat all the time. You aren’t going to wear a ballcap out to an upscale restaurant or business meeting, so make sure your hair still looks as well-groomed.

There are urban legends that wearing a hat causes baldness, but this isn’t true. On the other hand, if you are already balding, a tight-fitting hat can accelerate the balding process by pulling out loose hairs. This effect shouldn’t be noticeable if your hat fits correctly and you are aware to not tug on hairs as you are taking off your hat.


You Don’t Need Hair to Find Love

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At the end of the day, many women aren’t looking for a partner solely based on looks. If you are smart, friendly, and successful, you have a great chance of finding a partner no matter how much or little hair you have.

Modern dating apps that put the emphasis on looks can be a bit frustrating, but just need to put your best foot forward. You could also consider switching to apps that do not stress appearance or attend single events that give you a chance to let your personality shine. As long as you take care of your appearance and put yourself out there, a bald spot won’t make or break your love life.

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