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Best Underwear to Prevent Chafing for Active Men & Women (Reviews 2020)

Isn’t it annoying when you can’t crush your workout just because you’re not wearing the best underwear to prevent chafing? I mean when you can prevent something, then why shouldn’t you, right? After all, chafing is a common concern among fitness enthusiasts. Like runners, cyclists, hikers, gym-goers, etc. The thing about underwear, particularly workout underwear

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What is Water Bra

What is Water Bra? How Does It Work? (All You Need to Know)

What is Water Bra? A water bra, believe it or not, is quite supportive and comfortable. They are, as the name suggests, bras with water padding in them. The cups have water packets inserted in them. This extra padding (you guessed it right!) increases breast volume and it shapes. So do you need a water

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Best Postpartum Jeans

The Best Postpartum Jeans for Shaping & Comfort (2020 Reviews)

I can relate to when women who’ve come out of their pregnancy find it difficult to wear regular clothes. I mean there will come a time when you have to stop wearing those sweatpants and yoga pants. And trade them for a pair of comfortable, stylish denim. That said, how about giving the best postpartum

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Bras For Narrow Shoulders

What Are The Bras For Narrow Shoulders And How To Choose Them?

Narrow shoulders might make the bra straps slip off the shoulders. Even if the cup and band of the bra fit you perfectly. This means you need a customized bra for sloping shoulders. In the bra world, you call this the best bra for narrow shoulders. The reason for bra slippage is poorly-made bra straps.

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