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How Do You Go to the Bathroom with Shapewear?

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Shapewear is a specific type of undergarment, often worn under dresses and skirts, designed to create a slimming silhouette. However, there are other reasons a person may use shapewear, such as while post-partum or after surgery. Regardless of why you are wearing shapewear, going to the bathroom in it can feel intimidating. Many people worry about having to use public restrooms in their shapewear. But wearing shapewear doesn’t mean that peeing must be difficult. Read on to learn what you need to know about how to go to the bathroom wearing shapewear.  

Types of Shapewear

It is important to consider the different styles of shapewear available and how they will work while you are going to the bathroom. Almost all shapewear is designed to be worn without underwear. You can wear some if you choose, but it is often easier to pee if you opt-out of the extra layers. Bodysuits look just like a one-piece bikini. This style of shapewear may have a hook-and-eye closure, like the back of a bra. Alternatively, they may use buttons that snap together. Both make it very easy to go to the bathroom, as you just separate the front and back to pee like normal. Longline shapewear, which ends at mid-thigh, has different types of crotch openings. The most common type of opening is called an open gusset. This design has two pieces of fabric that overlap but can be spread to create an opening. Longline shapewear may also be designed with a zipper along the crotch. When shopping for this style, opt for one that has either of these openings.  

Using the Bathroom in Shapewear

Once it is time to use the bathroom, open the hole in the shapewear. Spread the fabric to where it is touching the inside of your thighs and pull back as well as to the sides. Sit with your back straight and keep your legs as far from one another as you can. Some people choose to sit backward on the toilet while peeing in shapewear. Sit facing the wall with your legs spread far apart.  Keep the fabric pulled back and away as much as possible. Many find this technique helps keep them dry while peeing in shapewear. Another tip includes using folded-up toilet paper to stuff in between your skin and the fabric. This adds extra protection to your shapewear while you go to the bathroom. You can also purchase a tool to use while peeing in shapewear. Items such as Peelux can make it easy to pee in shapewear. This works by holding the fabric open and away from you while you pee, keeping you and your clothes dry. This allows you to pee without getting undressed or struggling with the opening. Peelux is compatible with any gusset opening shapewear and comes with a waterproof travel bag for storage. One other method involves taking the shapewear completely off in the restroom. This is the most difficult and time-consuming option. If you choose to do this, try to find a large stall with a hook. Use the hook to first hang your clothes and then shapewear. If there is no hook, you can try holding the items or hanging them over the stall door.  

Final Thoughts

Shapewear can be a versatile piece to keep in your closet. Wearing shapewear out in public should not be stressful or feel like a hassle. Utilize these techniques and tips to make going to the bathroom in shapewear easy and stress-free.

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