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Is It Inappropriate to Not Wear a Bra in Public?

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This topic is discussed often and seems to be an ongoing conversation in many arenas. While the two main camps on this topic are that yes, it is inappropriate for a woman to be in public without a bra, the other side feels that it doesn’t matter at all and is a personal choice for the comfort of the individual.

Reasons People Wear a Bra

There are many reasons that people choose to wear a bra. One of the main reasons is to have an extra layer of coverage when they are out in public, at work or school, that will ensure that their clothing will not be seen through and show their chest.

People also choose to wear a bra to limit the movement of the breasts during regular daily tasks as well as during exercise. Too much movement can be uncomfortable and, in some cases, especially during high-impact workouts. Back and shoulder pain can increase when there is a lack of support, and a bra can assist in limiting that pain and discomfort by offering support and limiting movements. It also limits the way that clothing items can move against the body and create irritation.

Some wear them because certain styles and materials feel comfortable against the skin, and make people feel more confident and attractive. These are often those that have a push up ability or use lace or other similar materials.

Reasons People Do Not Wear a Bra

Some people prefer not to wear a bra because it is uncomfortable for them. They can be too tight and restrict the movement, or they can feel as though they are creating pressure on the rib cage. Shoulder straps can create pressure and indents on the shoulders, or they can be too loose and keep falling down. Underwires that are intended to offer support may become uncomfortable and press into the skin around them, sometimes even becoming removed from the bra itself and scratching or poking the wearer.

Appropriateness of Being Braless in Public

Those who feel that it is inappropriate to be without a bra in public are most often concerned with how it looks and the appearance of others. It is most often the case that people will be fine going out without one, but those around them may feel they should be wearing one. Some find it uncomfortable when they discover they are near a woman who is braless. In many situations, they are worn for the comfort of others rather than that of the person wearing them.

Perhaps these are culturally related preferences, or perhaps they are due to the age and the way people were raised. However, it is currently not inappropriate to go to bed in public without a bra. Clothing that fits well and is not sheer will offer enough coverage for comfort, and a bra is not a necessity for those who are comfortable without one.

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