How To Take Off A Girl’s Bra with One Hand(Graphic Details)

How to unhook the bra?

Generally speaking, you and the girl is face-to-face, Hands on her back↓

The thumb and index finger of the left-hand tug on the left side of the band, and the middle finger presses on the right side of the band↓

The middle finger is held down and the thumb and index finger are pulled to the right↓


How to unhook the bra through the clothes?

Press the left strap with the big finger and the right strap with the middle finger and the index finger, and pinch them together↓

The important point to notice is big fingers should be a little bit rubbed out↓



In fact, the front clasp bra is a little difficult to Take Off.

First of all, let’s take a look at the structure of the front clasp bra


There is a stick inserted into the hole on the left↓


At this time, you should be face-to-face with your girl, Insert your index finger under bra, and the other fingers are on the other side. Push each other in the direction of the other side. Push your index finger outward.↓

Then the index finger and thumb hold the left side and pull up, pull out the stick, and you succeed!↓


remember a mnemonic: front clasp bra up and down, back clasp bra left and right


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