DIY Pasties - How to Make Nipple Pasties

DIY Pasties – How to Make Nipple Pasties (Tips You Need to Know)

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I think I’ve found you the perfect DIY nipple pasties! It’s incredibly simple and fun to make. It’s also so inexpensive and easy to do. You can make it yourself at home without making a mess. And it’s not as hard or complicated as you might think.

But before I spill the secrets. What are nipple pasties? Lingerie accessories can really spice up your closet collection. I leave the rest up to your imagination.

Nipple pasties can be anything you want them to. You can use any color, pattern, style, or material. They look like extra-large buttons that you paste over your nipples. They’re fashionable, for sure, and allow you to be as creative (and fun and witty) as you like.

Check this out!

DIY Pasties: How to Make Nipple Pasties


Here is your ultimate step-by-step guide on how to make nipple pasties. Trust me; you don’t want to miss this!

After you’ve made your own nipple pasties, try them out before the big day! Don’t just wear them assuming they’d fit. Nipple pasties are tricky little things. Some may stick to your skin while others may not even if they work on others. Keep nipple pasties on for a few hours as a test run.

Stuff you need:

1. Materials

– Foam paper or cardboard or buckram.
– Any silk, lace, leather, or cotton material for design.
– Heat ‘n’ bond to stick both fabrics.
– Decorative fabrics such as sequins, tassels, or glitter.

2. A Hot Glue Stick Gun

– Keep some spare hot glue sticks.


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3. Craft tools

– An iron with an ironing board.
– A stencil and stencil shaper/cutter.
– A pair of scissors.
– Pencil or marker to make accurate measurements.


1. Pick out your design

Let’s say that you want to make circular-shaped nipple pasties with lace and silk. Carve out the exact diameter of the circle you want to paste over your nipples. You could also want a teardrop, square, diamond, star, or heart-shaped pasties. It’s your personal preference.

Then decide what you want to go over the fabric. This includes any glitter, trimmings, or bedazzlement. Gather all the necessary tools in front of you. So nothing gets lost and you’ve got everything you need within a hand’s reach.

2. Cut out the stencil

Once you pick the ideal shape, cut the shape out of each fabric. This includes the stencil, then the fabric, followed by the buckram or cardboard.

At this point, you will have a pair of two pasties of the same shape and size. To avoid cutting one pastie too big or small than the other. Always cut the stencil first of the right shape and size. Then use that same stencil to cut out the fabrics and buckram. It’s better and faster that way!

3. Heat ‘n’ bond it!

Cut out a similar size of heat ‘n’ done. It should always be either smaller than the actual size or of the same size. On medium-high heat, iron the heat ‘n’ bond. After a bit, or until it cools down, remove the wax paper.

Stick the sticky or gluey side of the heat ‘n’ bone to the buckram. And iron the buckram to the sticky side. Once that’s set, you can cut out the final piece of fabric around the buckram. If that’s too difficult for you, you can use a pencil or a marker to get the shape right.

4. The slice

It’s the final step before you get to decorate the nipple pasties. Remember, the bigger the slice you snip out from the pasties. The more circular or conical it will be. Since you’re a beginner, you can always start small and from the center.

5. Adjust the tip

Getting the tip of the nipple pasties right is very important. If you make any mistake, they won’t stick. If you’re using a tassel, stick the loop at the center. This should pack the small conical hole in the middle.

You can use a cone with the loop to glue it. Make sure you hold the cone in place while the hot glue dries completely.

6. Add sequins, trimmings, lace

If you want to get creative, now is the time! You can add decorative stones, rhinestones, sequins, gems, etc.


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DIY Pasties: How to Make Nipple Pasties Tips


A lot of things could go wrong while making nipple pasties. Especially if you have no clue about how to make it. I mean, even if you have an idea about nipple pasties. Mistakes are inevitable! But not anymore. Here’s what you must totally avoid when thinking about making nipple pasties.

DIY pasties: How to make nipple pasties and no mistakes!

Buy silicone pasties

If you think you can customize store-bought nipple pasties. This is your chance. Silicone pasties are easy to customize. They’re also reusable. So you can wear them whenever you like. With or without adding sequins or bedazzling it!

Buy fabric pasties

They’re less sticky than silicone pasties, that’s for sure. But they also allow you to customize. That is if you’re not willing to make DIY nipple pasties from scratch. Fabric pasties take away the hard part for you. And leave you to do the fun stuff.

Do not use a moisturizer

No matter the material of nipple pasties. With a moisturizer on, the pasties will slide right off. The adhesive can also irritate the skin with a cream or lotion or powders. And perspiring will make it worse. So avoid applying a moisturizer or any powders on and near your areolas.

Use the correct adhesive

You can use toupee tape if nothing else works. And it won’t. Because toupee tape is painless, comfortable, and irritation-free. It’s good for sensitive skin, sweaty skin, and prolonged use.

Besides, if you use wig tape, it’s too strong and may be difficult to take off. And spirit gum may irritate your skin or become messy to apply and remove.

Having said that, is double-sided tape an option? Though it’s simpler and easier to buy. There are different types of double-sided papers on the market. Just make sure you get the right one- for fabric and not paper.

One side of the tape will stick to the fabric of the pasties. And the other side will stick easily on to your skin. You can peel off the pasties when you’re done. It leaves no sticky marks or imprints on your skin.


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Do not make the pasties too heavy

No matter what adhesive you use then. The pasties will fall right off. Keep the pasties light and fun. The tassels or sequins you’ve chosen must be light and minimal.

Putting a lot of adhesive can also make the pasties heavy. So use little adhesive in proper proportion to the number of tassels or stones or glitter you’ve used. 

However, if you have to wear heavy pasties for an event or whatever. You can rely on spirit gum or body glue. They’re professional options for women in burlesques. In which the costumes are heavier and more decorated with sequins and tassels.

Such high-quality glues take longer to dry once you wear them. So make sure you’re not distracted or use too much of it. Mistaking a higher amount for maximum effectiveness.

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Check for skin reactions

You can do a dab test before using any type of glue or adhesive on your skin. You can apply the adhesive on your wrist and wait for a few minutes or even hours. If there’s no sign of skin irritation, itchiness, or redness. Then the glue and fabrics are safe for your skin.

However, if you notice some redness or inflammation, wash the area properly. This is to make sure the adhesive doesn’t stay on your skin without you being aware of it.

This also applies to whenever you remove the nipple pasties from the skin. Always clean the area thoroughly well with soap and water. Do not scrub the area aggressively if there’s glue stuck on the skin. Simply wash hot water to get the glue off.


If women performing in burlesques can wear nipple pasties. Why can’t you? Nipple pasties are nipple covers with adhesives on one side and sequins on the other. Depending upon your style, you can make star or heart or teardrop nipple pasties.

Nipple concealers are easy to buy on the market. Made of silicone, fabric, and other skin-friendly materials. You can either make nipple pasties from scratch. And rely on reusable pasties such as silicone to decorate on.

These lingerie accessories are more fashionable than you think. And they can do a lot more too! Like, act as nipple concealers if you don’t want to wear a bra. Offer seamless support in a variety of fabrics such as silk or lace.

Only when choosing the correct fabric, you need to be careful about things. Such as what type of nipple pasties you want. The shape, weight, customization quality, etc.

Burlesque dancers use nipple pasties for style. It looks all fancy and colorful with glitters, tassels, and other gems or stones. This trend is so popular that there is a whole handbook of it! Can you imagine? Acing the art of making nipple pasties at home.

This article lets you start from scratch and in the right manner. So happy pasting!

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