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Elevator Shoes – Secrets No One Else Will Tell You About!

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Want to look a little bit taller? Click here to learn everything you need to know about elevator shoes and their benefits.

Do you want to see the world from a taller point of view? Elevator shoes made that possible with their height-increasing effect. They have unique designs that’ll sneakily give you a few extra inches of height, and nobody will suspect a thing!

But are elevator shoes for everybody? And do they hurt like high heels? Keep on reading to find out the answers and much more.

Why Do People Wear Elevator Shoes?

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Elevator shoes, also known as height-increasing shoes, are famous among short people for their unique effects. People mainly wear them to look a bit taller, and it works like magic.

Such shoes have height-increasing layers between the insoles and outsoles. The trick here is that the shoes look normal from the outside because the heels have normal heights. So everybody will think you’re wearing regular shoes.

It’s worth mentioning that elevator shoes are more famous among men because women can wear high heels to look taller without an issue.

The best part about elevator shoes is that they aren’t limited to short men. Some tall men wear them to improve their posture. They’re also beneficial for people with flat feet because they provide more support for their heels.

Not to mention, elevator shoes are suitable for every occasion. If you look on the market, you’ll find elevator sneakers, formal shoes, sandals, boots, casual shoes, and more.

Do Elevator Shoes Hurt?

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Elevator shoes shouldn’t hurt at all if you buy the right size. High heels hurt because they constantly put pressure on one part of the foot and force your feet into an unnatural shape. However, elevator shoes distribute pressure equally and keep your feet in their regular shape all the time.

Elevator shoes also have built-in lift insoles that don’t move under your feet as you walk, so they won’t give you any blisters or skin irritation.

Is It Better to Be Short or Wear Elevator Shoes/Shoe Lifts?

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Many people think that accepting your height, whether tall or short, is better than looking for alternative solutions like elevator shoes. However, as we’ve mentioned, these shoes have many benefits besides making you taller. In addition, some people are insecure about their heights, so if wearing such shoes will do no harm, why not?

In the end, it depends on your personal preference. But there isn’t a right or wrong answer here. So, if you think wearing elevator shoes is better for you, by all means, go for it. 

Girls, How Do You Feel About Guys Who Wear Elevator Shoes?

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The topic of guys wearing elevator shoes or platform shoes is controversial among women. Some women think it’s okay because they know how challenging it is to face insecurities. Meanwhile, some women think men should be more confident about themselves and not resort to such solutions.

Elevator Shoes vs. Lift Insoles, Which Is Better?

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While elevator shoes have built-in insoles that make you look taller, lift insoles are separate height-increasing accessories that you can place in any shoe.

Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. Generally, lift insoles are more budget-friendly than elevator shoes. So, if you’re on a limited budget, you’ll appreciate their price tag more. Also, you can move your lift insoles from one shoe to another freely, while an elevator shoe will limit your fashion options.

That said, elevator shoes are much more comfortable than lift insoles. Lift insoles might move under your foot and cause you discomfort while walking, while built-in insoles never move from their place. Lift insoles also might give you more blisters, calluses, and skin inflammations. 

So before making a purchase, you should try walking in both and see which feels more comfortable.

Are Elevator Shoes Obvious?

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While elevator shoes aren’t supposed to be obvious, some are poorly designed, so they show. Also, elevator shoes show more when worn with short pants. So, if you want to hide them, you should look for pants with taller hems.

How Much Height Do Elevator Shoes Actually Add?

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Like high heels, elevator shoes come in various heights. Some can make you two inches taller, while some can give you extra height up to five inches. Most elevator shoes and lift insoles on the market stick to these numbers. So, if you want a different number, you can have elevator shoes custom-made for you.

Is It Wrong to Mention Your Height in Elevator Shoes?

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When asked about their height, some people say their height after wearing elevator shoes. Whether it’s because of insecurities or something else, we don’t recommend doing so. For starters, it’s ethically wrong because people may interpret it as lying. Second, they’ll know the truth once you take off your shoes, so it isn’t necessary.

Can Tall People Wear Elevator Shoes?

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Elevator shoes are mainly meant to make people taller, so there’s an ongoing belief that tall people shouldn’t wear them. However, it’s absolutely fine if you’re tall and want to increase your height.

Some celebrities do it even if they aren’t that short. Take Vin Diesel, for example. The guy is nearly six feet tall, and he’s been known to wear lift shoes on specific occasions. The same goes for Brad Pitt, who’s shorter than Diesel but still tall enough to wear regular shoes.

Again, it depends on your personal preference. If you want to try it for a day and see how you feel like walking around with elevator shoes, go for it. But if you think you’re tall enough and like how you look, there’s no need for them.


To Wrap Up

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Elevator shoes are a magical solution if you want to look taller by a few inches without being too obvious. They have built-in height-increasing layers that are practical, comfortable, and nearly invisible. But beware that you might need long pants to go with your new shoes.

Now that you have enough information about elevator shoes, you can decide whether you want to wear them!

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