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What is a Slingshot Bikini? The 4th Wave Of Body-Shaping Swimwear

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A slingshot bikini is a type of swimsuit that is one piece and leaves the sides of the body exposed.  There are several other names that it has been called over the years including suspender thong, sling bikini, and more.

What’s the Purpose of Wearing a Slingshot Bikini?

This style of bikini is a way of expressing personal style, showing confidence, and pride in one’s body. They are made in almost any size so anyone who wants to wear on can. Popular for those who prefer a minimalist style of clothing, and people who choose to try new trends. Anyone who is uncomfortable with their body will not select this as their swimsuit of choice.

The slingshot bikini has a long history and has become fashionable and then faded from style a few times over the last few decades.

The current styles include wide front straps that are attached to the bottom, with sides left open and sometimes decorative hardware holding it together in the front. There are halter top versions that provide a tie behind the neck or a continuous portion of cloth that is sewn together and goes over the neck.

Alternatives also include tops that cross, string versions, and more. The name is rooted in the similarities between the swimsuit and a slingshot, being all one connected piece, and the shape of the larger space at the bottom and the thinner straps towards the top. It leaves both sides of the body uncovered, as well as a space in the front and the back is often uncovered.


Would You Wear it to a Public Beach?

Whether or not to wear a slingshot bikini to a public beach is for the wearer to determine. Versions that offer more coverage for the front including halter versions and any with thick straps for the front are acceptable both on a beach and at a pool.

Some that offer less coverage, or none, may cause some discomfort at public locations and may be best suited to private pools and gatherings with friends. Easily covered as needed, they are a strong expression of comfort and confidence for anyone who wears them.


How to Put On A Slingshot Bikini

A slingshot bikini is put on the same as the bottoms of other bikinis, simply slip the feet through the leg holes and pull it upwards. The upper portion of the swimsuit can be in many different styles and may require different approaches to putting on the top of the suit. It will be connected to the bottom, so it is key to keep the lines, strings, or connecting material straight and not twisted or tangled.

For a swimsuit that has a halter top, it will be pulled straight up the front of the body and then over the shoulders. In the case of a halter top neckline, that runs behind the neck to support it,


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