7 Best Bald Black Actors

When the words of ‘actors’ flourished in our minds, we immediately imagine someone who has beautifully all-over physical elegance and an excellent attitude. But in this case, if we ask about black actors, and Besides, he has a shiny bald head, you might be thinking!

But don’t worry about this because today, we will introduce you to some bald black actors who are successful in their acting careers and earn the most significant awards with fascinating artistic qualities. Consequently, let’s start the digging about these ‍superstars without further ado!


  1. Ving Rhames


Irving Rameses Rhames, a highly talented, black-skinned, bald head actor, has incorporated with the film industry for a long time, from 1984 to the present day, and it’s a testament to his outstanding success.

Born in New-York City on May-12, 1959, and his fathers-mothers are Reather and Ernest Rhames. He discovered his deep love for acting when he first enrolled in New York’s High School to perform in art, and in his succession, he completed high school and enrolled in a college at SUNY Purchase to learn drama. He later moved to Juilliard School’s Drama Division, where he completed his Arts degree in 1983.

Rhames began his acting career in 1964 at the Broadway Theater, playing The Boys of Winter. And since then, he has gradually joined the film industry and brought different characters to life in many movies in front of all audiences.

Some of his notable films and the characters performed in them are, respectively; In the People Under the Stairs (1991), he played Leroy’s role, a famous film like Con Air, in a high-level computer hacker in the movie Mission Impossible and more.


  1. Mike Colter

Mike Colter is a very skilled American black bald actor who has a wide range of successes in the film entrepreneurs and a high level of success. His height is six-feet three-inches, and he has developed a solid muscular body with full control, which has given him an adequate action figure.

He became famously known for his leading role in Luke Cage, a Marvel superpower’s hero web series, and was born on August 26, 1976, in Columbia, South Carolina, U.S.A. The talented artist spent the first year of his higher education at Benedict College and later transferred to the University of South-Carolina for selection, earning a bachelor’s degree in theater in 1999.


  1. Djimon Hounsou


Djimon Gaston Hounsou is a well-known black Beninese – American actor and a famous model who has no hair on his head. But he has won everyone’s hearts with his ability to perform acts in cinemas very efficiently in a short time.


Has worked on essential roles in big-budget world-famous movies like Blood Diamond, Fast and Furious, and many more.

Djimon was born on April 24, 1964. In Cotonou, Dahomey, presently recognized as Cotonou, Benin, and Hounsou, emigrated to France with his brother at the age of 12 later dropped out of school to become a homeless man.

But during this difficult time, he somehow got the chance to meet a photographer. And that photographer introduced him to a fashion designer who later collaborated with Djimon to build a modeling career.


  1. Michael Clarke Duncan


Michael Clarke Duncan was a massive body with a height of six feet five inches. On December 10, 1954, he was born in Chicago, Illinois, and died on September 3, 2012, in Los-Angeles, California. He was 54-years old at the time.

His journey in the film world began with the opportunity to star in the movie Friday, released in 1995. And he later starred as John Coffey in The Green Mile in 1999, and his name is associated with many other famous movies.


  1. Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel Leroy Jackson is one of the most incredible black bald, highest-grossing, and producers of all time. This highly qualified American actor has applied his acting skills in all the movies. Those movies have become hugely popular all over the world, with total revenue of $27 billion! That’s is tremendous.

Leroy was born on December 21, 1948, in Washington, D.C., United States; and He is the only child of Elizabeth Harriett and Roy Henry Jackson, and he grew up in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and His father quickly left the family; his mother worked hard to raise him.

Jackson married LaTanya Richardson in 1970, and their daughter, Zoe, came into the house two years later. This extremely popular Hollywood actor has achieved unprecedented success in his career.

And if the amount is calculating according to the box office performance, he has generated $ 7.42 billion instead of his 68-movie work, which no other actor has been able to do.


  1. Louis Gossett Jr.

Louis Cameron Gossett Jr. Is an American actor with black skin and a gleaming ‍shiny bald head. On May 26, 1936, he was born in Brooklyn, New York, United States, and is still closely associated with the film industry.

He achieved the highest level of fame by making the most successful performance in a significant character in the movie An Officer and a Gentleman, released in 1972.

He made his acting-debut on stage at the age of 18, and due to polio, it took him a while to graduate, but in 1954 he was able to complete it from Abraham Lincoln High School.

He was admitted to New York University, and since he was six feet one inch tall, he was offering to play with the university’s basketball team. And he then turned down that offer to concentrate fully on practice in the theater.


  1. Morris Chestnut

Morris Lamont Chestnut is a very popular American black balded movie actor, and he was born on January month 1, 1969, in Cerritos, California, United States. Chestnut made his appearance felt in the film industry with a full-blown heroic reflector by providing unparalleled performances to Ricky’s important character in the 1991 film Boyz n the Hood.

And since then, he has been bringing his fans one quality movie after another, some of the most notable ones in stages; The Last Boy Scout (1991) in the role of Locker Room Kid, Harold Lee in The Inkwell (1994), When the Bough Breaks (2016) in the character of John Taylor and many more.


Last Words: We would certainly hope that the bald black actors described in detail in the article above are the most unimaginably successful heroic lifestyle. It will inspire you at a tremendous rate to take your life and yourself fully into the wilderness of success.

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What’s the Best Women’s Panties for Men?

Why men wear women’s panties?

While people might no broadly talk about it, there is an ever-increasing group of men who wear women’s panties and underwear. Many stigmas surround men wearing women’s panties because of some outdated belief that it makes them less masculine or indicates sexual orientation.  A set of underwear does not determine your masculinity.


Men, regardless of sexual orientation or preference, wear women’s panties for various reasons. It could be because:

  • COMFORT: When women choose underwear, most of the time, the first thing that comes to mind is comfort. Many men who decide to choose women’s panties do it because they are more comfortable wearing them. The fit and the feel are right for them compared to most male underwear such as boxers, boxer-briefs, trunks, and the likes in the market. Comfort, however, is not just about how something feels on you but also about you feel in something. For some, it is more about the fact that they feel comfortable and secure wearing women’s underwear.


  • SEXINESS: This reason is probably only second to comfort for people of either gender when choosing underwear. Women step into a store and buy thongs or a pair of sexy panties because they want to feel sexy for themselves and sometimes for their partners. If women think thongs make them sexier or make them more attractive, why won’t men believe the same? Call it a fetish or whatever, but sexy is sexy.


  • IDENTITY: Panties to some men is more than just underwear, it is an expression of self and identity. It is being free to express what you want to yourself; wearing them beneath clothes makes them feel like they are indeed coming into their identity. It might seem like a little thing, but it is the little things that eventually become big enough to feel like you are true to who you are; your identity.


It is the year 2021, and this idea of fragile masculinity that is threatened by the simple existence of panties needs to be binned. Your masculinity or identity is not ruled simply by what you wear and even if it was, then so what? Putting yourself first is the name of the game.

That being said, that men find women’s underwear appealing and comfortable doesn’t make it easy to shop for. One of the more obvious reasons is because these panties come in a lot of design, color, material, and just structure, and it might take time to find the right ones for you.

While it is different strokes for different folks, a lot of feedback from men who wear women’s underwear claim that panty briefs are the best, especially in terms of comfort.

Brief panties offer more coverage than the other time of women’s panties. They cover the entire genital area and have a snug fit that makes them preferable to the different types of women’s panties. They are also better at maintaining hygiene than most of the other kinds of panties.

Nylon material is said to be the material that men seek the most when shopping for women’s underwear. It might the fit or just the way nylon can feel fit and snug against one’s body but whatever it is, nylon seems to be leading the race.

Of course, there are a whole bunch of men who are new to this world and who have a round of trial and error to do before finally making a choice on what they want. Regardless, shopping for women’s underwear as a man can be overwhelming.

Acknowledging the difficulty a man might have shopping for women’s underwear that fits him is one thing but doing something about it is another. We have gone out of our way to look for the best in women’s underwear that the market has to offer and the consumer feedback from users both male and female alike, too, and used all that information to bring you the most comfortable and yet exquisite women’s panties for men who love to wear them.

In this post, we will be reviewing some of the best and comfortable women’s underwear currently in the market for men.


  1. Vanity Fair Women’s Illumination Brief Panties (Regular & Plus Size).
  2. Bali Women’s Stretch Brief Panties.
  3. Carole Brand – Women’s Classic Nylon Panties Full-Cut Briefs (Pack of 3).
  4.  Bali Women’s Skimp Skamp Brief Panties.
  1. Olga Women’s Without a Stitch 3 Pack Tailored Brief Panties.
  2. Jockey Women’s No Panty Line Promise Tactel Hip Brief.
  3. OUENZ Women’s Cotton Underwear, Breathable Solid Comfortable High Waist Soft Briefs Panties for Women.


COMPARISON TABLE of Best 7 Women’s Panties for Men

Vanity Fair Women’s Illumination Brief Panties Nylon/Spandex Mid-rise Panty briefs with enclosed elastic-band Size 6-12 Full coverage
Bali Women’s Stretch Brief Panties Cotton/ Spandex High-rise panty briefs  with dyed to match elastic waistband Size 6-10 Full rear coverage
Carole Brand’s Women’s Classic Nylon Panties Full-cut Briefs Nylon High-rise Panty briefs with elastic closure Size 6-13 Full coverage
Bali Women’s Skimp Skamp Brief Panties Nylon/ Spandex High rise Panty briefs with center back seam an elastic enclosure at the waist Size 5-11 Full rear and front coverage
Olga Women’s Without a Stitch 3 Pack Tailored Brief Panties Polyester/ spandex High rise panty briefs with no elastic closure Size 7-10 Full-seat coverage
Jockey Women’s No Panty Line Promise Tactel Hip Brief Tactel Nylon/ Lycra Spandex Mid rise panty briefs with no panty lines Size 5- 10 Full coverage
OUENZ Women’s Cotton Underwear, Breathable Solid Comfortable High Waist Soft Briefs Panties Cotton/ Spandex High rise panty briefs with a two inch waist band Small – 5X Large Full Coverage


7 Best Women’s panties for men

  1. The Vanity Fair Women’s Illumination Brief Panties– Best for modesty and comfort.

Vanity Fair Women's Illumination Brief...
2,202 Reviews
Vanity Fair Women's Illumination Brief...
  • Satin trim at the waist and legs
  • 100% cotton liner
  • Maintains modesty with the ultimate fit

If you’re looking for something that is modest as well as comfortable, then this is the one for you. The Vanity Fair Women’s Illumination panties are a full coverage panty that is made of a nylon and spandex fabric that makes it super soft and stretchy. It is very light and doesn’t leave panty lines between clothes. The elastic at the waist and thighs are enclosed so that the elastic doesn’t touch your skin; this is especially important for men with sensitive skin that might react to elastic contact with the skin. The elastic enclosure also protects the panties’ waistband and makes sure they don’t get loose too. It comes in a pack of three.


Pros Cons
· They are very light, soft, and comfortable.

· They have an elastic enclosure, which is ideal for sensitive skin and protects the briefs’ waistband.

· They are full coverage.

· They come in a three-pack.

· It is expensive.

· The prices fluctuate with the size.

OUR TAKE: These panties are ideal for comfort for any body size and can be worn under any clothing without the risk of showing and panty lines or worry about sweating. It is also perfect for people with sensitive skin.



2.  The Bali Women’s Stretch Brief Panty– Best for people on a budget.

Bali Full Cut Fit Cotton Brief Silken...
14 Reviews
Bali Full Cut Fit Cotton Brief Silken...
  • Bali Brief combines breathable cotton...
  • Full Cut Fit feels easy, stays in place.
  • Classic brief design gives full...

If you are on a budget and still want to afford comfort, then these panties are the right ones for you.

The Bali women’s stretch brief panty is made of a fabric that is a blend of cotton and spandex. What this means is that not only are these panties airy and healthy (because of the cotton), but they also stretch (because of the spandex). They have a high-rise silhouette; this means that they can stretch up to your tummy. It also offers full coverage at the back with an additional in-sewn gusset for comfort. The waistbands here are not elastic enclosed like the previous brand but dyed to match, and it comes in a one-pack.

Pros Cons
· They are affordable and best for those on a tight budget.

· It is made of cotton and spandex, which means they are both comfortable, airy and allow for a little stretch.

· It has a sewn-in gusset, which provides extra strength for the fabric.

· It has full rear coverage.

· There is no elastic enclosure, and the waistband is dyed to match.

· The waistband might roll after a while.

· It comes as a stand-alone.

OUR TAKE: If you’re on a budget and have a limit you want to spend, then go with this brand. It provides the best quality at a low price. The high rise silhouette also adds something different to this panty than we get with the everyday panty briefs.


3. The Carole Brand – Women’s Classic Nylon Panties Full-Cut Briefs (Pack of 3)- best for all sizes.

Women's Ivory Classic Nylon Panties Size...
1,608 Reviews
Women's Ivory Classic Nylon Panties Size...
  • Pack of three panties. Brief style. High...

Light and soft is the name of the game of the game with this set of panties. They are made of 100% nylon, which makes them very soft and light, but they are a breathable cotton panel to allow for airflow into the genitals, which is healthy. It is also high-rise with full coverage, an elastic band, and comes in a pack of three. It has a wide size range too, and the price range doesn’t change with size.

Pros Cons
· It is made of nylon, so it is very soft.

· It is equipped with a cotton panel, which makes it airy.

· It offers full coverage.

· It comes in a pack of three.

· It has a wide size range.

· It is affordable, and the price doesn’t change with size.

· Because it is entirely nylon, it isn’t that stretchy.

· It has a tight elastic waistband.

OUR TAKE: This set is super affordable with a wide range with a great fit, but they may not be the most comfortable pair because they don’t stretch, but they are super soft.


4. The Bali Women’s Skimp Skamp Brief Panty– best overall.

Bali Skimp Skamp Brief, Black, 5
1,976 Reviews
Bali Skimp Skamp Brief, Black, 5
  • High-rise panty with full front and back...
  • Covererd elastic along waistband and leg...
  • Cotton gusset

The quality of these is revealed in the fact that they are the brand’s best selling panties. They are very light-weight and stretchy as one would expect from a nylon and spandex fabric. It is high-rise and has both full coverage at the front and the rear alongside a center back seam. These panty briefs also have a cotton gusset and elastic enclosure around the waist and the thighs which is excellent for hyper-sensitive skin which also prevents them from leaving panty lines. It is also super-affordable and budget-friendly and comes in a one-pack.

Pros Cons
· It is super comfortable and light-weight.

· It is budget-friendly and affordable.

· It has an elastic enclosure at the waist and the thighs which protect the waistband and are good for sensitive skin.

· It doesn’t leave panty-lines.

· It has full coverage.

· It comes in a one-pack so you can’t buy in bulk.


OUR TAKE: The Bali’s women skimp skamp brief party is properly the best overall because not only is it super affordable, it doesn’t compromise on quality and comfort. It manages to combine the comfort of nylon, the flexibility of spandex and the airiness of cotton in one panty brief and it is still light.

  1. The Olga Women’s Without a Stitch 3 Pack Tailored Brief Panties– Best for slimmer men.

Olga Women's Without A Stitch 3 Pack...
202 Reviews
Olga Women's Without A Stitch 3 Pack...
  • Wickable fabric feels soft against skin
  • Full seat coverage

The Olga Women’s Without a Stitch 3 Pack tailored Brief panties are different from most panty briefs as they are made from different materials than the classic cotton and nylon. They are made from polyester and spandex so they have a different feel than the standard panty briefs. The elastic bands however do not have closure so they may not be ideal for people with sensitive skin. It has full-seat coverage and although it is slightly expensive, it does come in a three-pack. Maybe because of the different material, or something totally different, a couple of users have complained of the elastic being too smaller and the panty briefs being smaller than the indicated size.


Pros Cons
· It has a different feel from the regular panty briefs.

· It has full-seat coverage.

· It comes in a three-pack.


· The elastic band has no closure which can irritating to sensitive skin.

· Some customers have complained of the waist band being too small and the panty briefs being a size smaller than indicated.

· It is slightly expensive.

OUR TAKE: This panty brief is unique in the terms of fabric, and the reviews indicate it might be better for males of smaller or slimmer physique to buy these ones as a couple of reviews suggest that they come smaller than indicated.


  1. The Jockey Women’s No Panty Line Promise Tactel Hip Brief– Goes best for lighter clothing.

Jockey Women's No Panty Line Promise...
1,528 Reviews
Jockey Women's No Panty Line Promise...
  • Underwear Style 1372
  • Mid rise and full coverage
  • 90% Tactel® nylon/ 10% Lycra® spandex

These panty briefs are made from Tactel nylon and lycra spandex fabric which makes them very light. They are mid-rise so they do not reach as high up as many panty briefs do which make them popular amongst a lot of men. They offer full coverage but at the front and the rear, there is also a cotton panel which is at the crotch area to enable better air circulation in the genital area.

This panty brief is so light and the waistbands and thigh area do not leave any panty line as indicated in its name. It is perfect to pair them with lighter pants; yoga pants or leggings.


Pros Cons
· It is very light and leaves no pant lines.

· It is affordable and the price doesn’t change with size.

· It has a lower rise than most panty briefs.

· It has full coverage.

· It might be a little snug at the waist for some.

OUR TAKE: as the name implies, these panties show no panty lines through your clothes, which, as I said earlier, makes them perfect for lighter clothing. If you’re searching for something that is really light and fits at the waist, then might be the one for you.


  1. The OUENZ Women’s Cotton Underwear, Breathable Solid Comfortable High Waist Soft Briefs Panties for Women– Best for Plus-size.

OUENZ Women's Cotton...
5,625 Reviews
OUENZ Women's Cotton...
  • Comfy Underwear You Want to...
  • 🧡A Must-have Underwear for Maternity&...

This set is made from durable cotton and spandex which makes them very comfortable and breathable. They are very hygienic in that they allow for air to circulate and don’t leave you with a sweaty crotch. It is a high rise with a two-inch waistband that is not too tight and a double layer at the crotch. These are especially perfect high rise panties for plus-size men as they do not leave the appearance of what is popularly referred to as a muffin-top.


Pros Cons
· It is very comfortable and is made out of durable material.

· It is very plus-sized friendly.

· It is good for proper genital hygiene as it doesn’t let sweat accumulate.

· It hugs the body without leaving the appearance of a “muffin-top.”

· They are not as light as other panty briefs.

OUR TAKE: Because this set was initially made for nursing mothers and the like, it was made in a way that makes it sure comfortable. Men who love women’s panties for comfort should definitely check this out.  It is size friendly and amazing for plus-size people.


Should You Buy Women’s Panties As a Man?

Well, the truth is nobody can answer that question for you. There are a number of reasons why you might want to try out women’s panties but regardless of those reasons or maybe even because of those reasons, the best panties for you are the ones you feel the most comfortable in.

Choosing underwear and wearing panties means choosing yourself, your comfort, and even maybe your identity over the social construct of what makes a man. A man who decides to wear women’s panties because they make him more comfortable or because they are what he feels best is one who is confident in his masculinity.

This review is supposed to aid you in your decision to pick comfort over conforming.

Comfort, Hygienic, and light-weight are some of the many advantages that come with wearing women’s panties.


How To Choose The Best Panties For You

Like I have mentioned before, it is easy to get lost in the web of so many options and even easier to choose something that isn’t right for you. Here are a couple of things to bear in mind when you’re shopping.

  • What do you want?

Are you looking for something comfortable because you’re tired of the men’s underwear? Are you looking for something with more of a sexy feel? What kind of fabric do you feel is best for you? Are there materials your skin is sensitive to? Things like these and are more are questions you should ask yourself before making any decision. Knowing the reason why you’re shopping and having a goal in mind helps you to focus and eliminate other options that may not be right for you.

  • How much do you have to spend?

No matter what you’re shopping for; groceries, clothing, shoes, and yes, even underwear, your budget is always a big factor in your shopping. Keep in the mind the amount you are willing to part with for this. If you’re shopping online, you can apply filters that bring to you results that are within your price range, we can’t always trust ourselves to stay within budget so applying filters take the decision out of your hands.

Frequently asked questions

· How do I know what fits me?

First things first, make sure you have your measurements, do not guess or assume. Have the measurements in handy so you pick a size that fits. You know best what style you want and what you will be most comfortable in.


· Is it wrong to wear women’s panties?

The answer to do that is a big no, if you feel comfortable in them, then why not?  Wearing underwear even goes beyond just comfort; it is you being sincere with yourself about what you want despite what society might think about it. To others, it is just being confident enough to deviate from the norm and try new things. Regardless, there are no laws that prohibit you from wearing women’s panties so go ahead!




It’s so fulfilling when you know you got the right gift for someone. So if you’re scanning for the best gift or gifts for the guy in your life? Or a friend or relation? No need to search no more cause you’ve gotten to the right stop.

We have drafted out for you a list of the best men grooming products specifically for bald men, moisturizing gel, anti-shine lotions, and razors included.

Because the market is saturated with a wide range of gifts that can satisfy your need, this list might be precisely what you’ve been looking for.


1.Beau Brummell for Men Matte Finish Face Moisturizer

Beau Brummell for Men Matte Finish Face...
  • MADE FOR ALL MEN - Simply put, this is a...
  • ENERGIZE: Our caffeinated formula will...
  • NOURISH: Vitamin E assists in cell...

The Beau Brummell for Men lotion is a unique non-sticky antioxidant hydration formula, it is made with the finest ingredients to take good care of your face and scalp. Feels great on the bald head.

This powerful facial hydrator and soothing aftershave lotion in one ensures your skin is nourished and moisturized all day long, Your face will stay soft even when you skip days using it, coupled with extra benefits and eliminate oily skin shine, like irritation relief and harmful ray protection.

it is best to use this after showering down your shave or before going out. Apply gently and evenly around your face and scalp to even your skin tone

Because It is your first line of defense against the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, sun & environmental damage, dull uneven skin tone, and post-shave irritation.

People also love the smell: a masculine fragrance consisting of a fresh, green opening, leading into robust earthy notes.

PLUS one bottle can last 5 months of casual use.

Highly recommended by dermatologists.

It’s a perfect gift for all bald men.


2.C3 Head Wash: Daily Foam Cleanser for Bald, Shaved, and Buzzed Heads.

C3 Head Wash: Hydrating and Balancing,...
  • Not a shampoo or a soap; this gentle...
  • Non-comedogenic and hypo-allergenic...
  • Use after shaving to soothe, heal and...

I promise this is the best head wash for the bald guy.

C3 Head Wash is made for people without hair.
The skin on scalp is not like the rest of the body!
Soap and shampoo dry out the skin leaving you itchy, oily, or dry.
This Comprehensive Cranium Care Head Wash is designed precisely for face and your dome( even the most sensitive skin), to support healthy skin on your face and scalp
It can also be used after shaving to Eliminates razor burn and razor bumps.


3.Feather Double Edge Safety Razor Blade

Feather Double Edge Safety Razor Blades...

Looking for safety razor blades to go with your gift, Feather produces the best and safe razor blades you can find out there, and they fit all standard safety razors.

A lot of barbers widely use these blades, and they are often reviewed to be smooth and sharp.

They are platinum coated, and they combine a visual design with a very close shave. This is definitely an accessible and affordable gift you can lay your hands on.


4.Cardon Men’s Face Moisturizer with SPF 30

The intense hot sun doesn’t really favor a bald head, so it’s essential that any who bald use a product that will eliminate this threat if you want to avoid looking like the hide of a baseball glove when you’re old, and Cardon Men’s Face Moisturizer with SPF 30 can do that correctly for you.

Defends against exposure to harmful rays of sunlight and the appearance of wrinkles. With this lightweight sunscreen, you protect your skin against excess shine, and it ensures your scalp doesn’t accumulate too much oil daily, It absorbs immediately and never leaves a white film.

This product is very good for break-out prone skins. The inoffensive scent is a bonus.

Getting this gift for a bald guy who often spends a lot of time outdoors would be a golden score for you.


5.Harry’s Shave Gel 

Harry's Shave Gel - Shaving Gel with an...
2,614 Reviews
Harry's Shave Gel - Shaving Gel with an...
  • SMOOTH SHAVING - Harry's Shave Gel...
  • BETTER FOR YOUR SKIN - Unlike many other...
  • FACTORY-DIRECT PRICING - Harry's bought...

It is very important to keeping skin protected for a bald man.

Harry’s Shave Gel, which is made with advanced, ultra-glide technology, so you get a very smooth and comfortable shave.

The rich shaving foam that helps your razor glide effortlessly over your skin, avoids the risk of getting cuts while shaving, especially if you intend to shave your scalp and get a bald look.

Here is a review from a  bald customer :

 I love this shave gel

Based on previously using the Harry’s body wash and being thoroughly impressed. I decided to order the 3 pack of shaving gel. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I figured it would be good if not better. This stuff lives up to the “hype”.
I shave my head regularly. Being a baldie. It gives me a smooth shave. My scalp is not dry or feeling irritated after.
The scent is very mild so for guys who don’t like strong aromas. This gel is for you. I highly recommend Harry’s shave gel. I’ll continue to support the Harry’s brand of men’s care products.


6.WAHL Chrome Pro Complete Haircutting Kit for Men

Wahl Clipper Combo Pro, Complete Hair...
  • Heavy Duty Motor – Our ultra-power...
  • Self-Sharpening Blades – Wahl’s...
  • Adjustable Taper Lever – Easily change...

This product is simple but remarkably effective, as it exploits all the benefits of the Wahl power drive barbing system and gives an even and smooth cut.

A good mix of engineering and exquisite design and a real gift to keep on. For simplicity, shaving without the whistles and bells always attached to other high-end hair clippers is definitely a go-to.

Though there are many other Haircut Kits on the market, but, hey! We do need to change our hairstyle, we just need a simple and effective product to have our head bald.

review from a  bald customer :

 If you’re an almost bald guy like me, BUY THIS
This thing is extremely well built, and has all the fittings and instructions you need to get the job done.I can do this easily by myself in a few minutes. It looks better than the job I get at most barbers (because you care about the fine details much more than they do), takes only a few minutes and I can trim it up any time I want to keep it looking good. All you need is a vanity mirror so you can see behind your ears and head and you’re set.
This thing paid for itself with the first haircut. And no more waiting in line!
I’m VERY glad I bought this


7.Head-lube moisturizer

HeadBlade HeadLube Matte Aftershave...
  • Post shave moisture lotion, leaves a...
  • Comes in 5oz bottle, contains shea...
  • Specially formulated for your scalp and...

If you want to buy an accessory to accompany a new clipper, you can go with Headblade’s moisturizer. It helps to soften the scalp and smoothen the skin without any heavy shine.

This is the best gift to give to a bald guy for aftershave. It will create a wonderful and enjoyable shaving experience.

The price is reasonable, and it is perfect as an additional gift for that favorite bald friend.

A bottle of 150ml goes for about £8.99, which is worth the price for getting a fantastic relief immediately after shaving.

8.Pacific Shaving Company Natural Shave Cream

Pacific Shaving Company Natural Shave...
  • ENJOY SHAVING AGAIN: Crafted with safe,...
  • SMOOTHER SHAVE: Save your skin from...
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Our vegan formula...

Pacific Shaving is a popular brand for men’s skincare, so your recipient will surely want this.

Using this product leaves you feeling refreshed when used after shaving, and it is a very good idea for a bald friend.

It has a unique shaving effect that gives smooth and fresh skin. You can use this product during or after shaving for less irritation. This moisturizing shave cream give you the smoothest shave possible without risking razor burn.; it does not clog to your razor.

With this aftershave, you will get an even shave while trying to go through any areas you missed while shaving, and it provides you with softer whiskers and superior lubrication. It is an ideal product with good value for a bald gent.


9.Pitbull gold shave

Skull Shaver Pitbull Silver PRO Electric...
  • DESIGN: Signature patented innovative...
  • WET & DRY SAVING: Waterproof use with...

The extraordinary Pitbull shaver delivers exceptional performance and includes a stylish and unique design that will appeal to anybody.

This outstanding electric shaver cost more than a Wahl product alternative, and that is justified with a patented comfortable design that gives you genuine ease when used.

It provides an even shape across all contours and curves and you can use this easily while in the shower. Thanks to the newly improved technology of IPX5 water resistance.

It is also cordless and rechargeable, making it the ultimately flexible hair clipper for shaving.

review from a  bald customer :

 Lightweight and easy to use

I bought this for my hubby so that he can maintain a bald look. He LOVES it!! Said it is easy to use and easy to clean. I would certainly recommend this product.

10.Flexfit Men’s Delta Seamless Cap

Flexfit Men's Delta Seamless Cap, Black,...
  • The Flexfit Delta cap is our most...
  • Seamless front panels with seam-sealed...
  • Multifunctional 3-layered sweatband for...

This hat without big logo is worn by both Captain America and Winter Soldier in Captain America 3. The hat shape is excellent, and the design of solid color has no redundant patterns. In addition to the beautiful appearance, it is also very high-tech.

It adopts the new seamless stitching technology and ultra-light waterproof breathable fabric. The weight is ultra-light, and the brim of the bending arc can be adjusted. It is also the latest flagship product made by Yupoong company which owns more than 40 years of experience in hat making, so the quality is totally reliable.

Read this article for more details:

What Is the Best Hat for Bald Men? (Top 5 Styles You Need)


11.Willful Smart Watch 

Willful Smart Watch for Android Phones...
44,367 Reviews
Willful Smart Watch for Android Phones...
  • ♥【Smart watch for Android Phones...
  • ♥【Accurate Fitness Tracker】-...
  • ♥【24/7 Heart Rate Monitor & Sleep...

The watch reflects a man’s status, taste, and even his temperament and demeanor to some extent. On any occasion, a watch is an eye-catching presence, so it is necessary to own a good watch.

This smartwatch is a great gift for anyone!

It came with a 2 yr warranty. It can track sleep, has music control capability, and great battery life. It also works great with mobile phone, You can get notified of text messages and calls on the watch.

5- star review from a customer :

5.0 out of 5 stars This watch wins over Fitbit Versa 2!!!


12.Murtoo Mens Leather Bracelet 

murtoo Mens Leather Bracelet with...
  • Leather Bracelet - Multi-layer Genuine...
  • Excellent Mens Bracelet:Genuine...
  • Bracelet Length: 8.7"(22cm) Extra...

A lot of people believe that women own the monopoly of bracelets, however, men can also wear bracelets. Bracelets can highlight a man’s personality, showing the different charm. Especially in boyish styling, wearing a bracelet can highlight stylishness, and enhance the chic immediately to a new level. At the same time, the bracelet that itself has a meaning for the wearer can add a lot of points, which is highly recommended.

5- star review from a customer :

 Best gift ever.
This was a gift for My Man for his Birthday he wore it all weekend. His friends and family complimented him on the bracelet as well. He loved the clasp. We will be back to buy more a great gift for anyone. And the price was right. 

 Perfect gift for men

Really well made leather bracelet. It comes in a nice gift box, a blank card comes with so you can give it as a gift. Cleaning cloth. The company really goes out of their way to make this a nice gift. I would def recommend this

13.Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Ribbon Inlay Fabric Belt

Tommy Hilfiger Men's Ribbon Inlay Fabric...
  • STYLE: You know a Tommy Hilfiger belt...
  • DESIGN: A contrasted stitching on a...
  • SIZE & COLOR: Big & Tall and Regular...

American light and simple is its design style all the time. This basic belts is not fancy, but very wearable, with only small logos on the belt buckles, interpreting a new academic-school style, which made them appropriate in daily wearing.

5- star review from a customer :

 Great buy!!Bought this belt as a Christmas gift and my boyfriend loves it! very strong and stylish! I would definitely recommend this as a gift or for your self it’s a great buy and the price is right!

Final Thoughts


Gift shopping for bald guys shouldn’t be different or challenging compared to getting gifts for guys with hair. In fact, it’s so easy, as long as you are searching in the right place. Look at Jason Statham, he is handsome even he is bald.

We hope that this guide has inspired some great ideas for the gift you want to get your bald friend or buddy, and we are so sure you will pick the right one.


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The Best Male Package Enhancer That Is the Most Supportive (2021 Reviews)

Male Package Enhancer

Looking for something new below the belt? That’s quite a bold move, right? Whether you already have something in mind or are looking for more options. It’s time to update your outfits with the male package enhancer.

A male package enhancer is an underwear that can really thread an outfit together. It makes you feel more confident about yourself. And it does what most men would like – enhances your bulge!

Yes, these undies are modern and stylish. They’ll help you show off your package without looking cheap or sleazy. And they ensure you don’t feel constricted or sweaty.

If you’re still on the fence, take a look at these picks.

Best Male Package Enhancer – Top 5 Underwears That You’ll Want to Wear

These are basic enhancing underwear but with a premium fit and style. So dig in and see what attracts your fancy!

iKingsky Men’s Colorful Big Pouch Thong Underwear#5Polyester, SpandexPouch/Thong
ROunderbum Men’s Package Enhancing Padded Trunk#4Cotton, ElastanePadded
iKingsky Men’s Pouch G-String Underwear#3Polyamide, SpandexPouch/G-String
BRAVE PERSON Men’s Jockstraps Underwear#2CottonJock-Straps
LAPASA Men’s Modal Boxer Briefs Bulge Enhancing Pouch Trunk Underwear#1 – Editor’s ChoiceMicro Modal, SpandexBoxer-Briefs/Trunks

#5 iKingsky Men’s Colorful Big Pouch Thong Underwear – Best low-rise package enhancer


iKingsky Men's Colorful Big Pouch Thong...


Feels lightweight and comfortable.

You can wear it for running or to the gym.

Well-contoured and firm front pouch.


The front cup is small.

This is a low and firm male package enhancer underwear. It has a big pouch but a thong-like fit. The front pouch contains everything. It has a 3D shape which is ergonomic as well as supportive.

If you think about it, this underwear is quite kinky. It has sufficient bulge, low-rise, and durable. The 3D pouch is its most appealing feature. It has a contouring effect which gives your bulge a rounder and firmer shape.

Polyester improves elasticity while spandex improves firmness. So it works both ways to enhance your package. The best part is that the waistband is stretchy and firm. Most underwear with a great fit has a down-and-out waistband. It’s either too tight or too loose.

But the waistband of this male package enhancer is convincing as it is. Judging by what’s already out there, this best male packager enhancer feels precious. It keeps everything in place. It’s well-made, stylish, and functional. I don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t buy this.

#4 ROunderbum Men’s Package Enhancing Padded Trunk–Best convex support male package enhancer


ROunderbum Men's Package Enhancing...


It’s machine-washable and long-lasting.

It’s very breathable and soft.

The pad contours and provides lift.


The elastic waistband is mediocre.

The Rounderbum Enhancing Padded Trunks looks like a normal men’s underwear. But it functions way better than one. It’s made of cotton and elastane. It has a white-wash fabric and a black logo print on the top left corner.

It’s a handsome pair of underwear with concealed padding. This padding is true to size and provides exceptional enhancement. So it fits like a trunk but does more than what a normal pair does.

In case you want a break from it, you can remove the padded cup. It has a special front pouch cutting too. The legs feel comfortable and firm. Even if you have a small lower body profile, the fabric won’t hang loosely from the top.

It sits snugly around the waist and thighs. And it reveals just enough details around the groin area. The white color offers a seamless appearance which is essential in such underwear. You don’t want a male package enhancer but give everything away every bit of detail, right?

#3 iKingsky Men’s Pouch G-String Underwear – Best support and lift package enhancer


iKingsky Men's Pouch G-String Underwear...


The front pouch has custom air-vents.

Supportive and secure waistband.

Easier to put on and take off.


The front pouch does not stretch.

Not the best choice for a growing size.

The iKingsky is a little less complicated. It works like G-string underwear and it’s super-light. Made of Polyamide and Spandex, it’s supportive and tight. The feature that makes it super male packaging enhancing is the 3D pouch.

It lifts and supports the crotch to give it a tempting bulge. The fabric offers contoured shape and size to your nether region. With seams that go all the way back and stay firm. No matter how much you move or walk or lie back.

The fabric is so light and breathable, you will like you’re wearing nothing at all. The thin strings don’t irritate or cut the skin. The front pouch offers new and improves support. It gently pulls your package away from your thighs to give it an enhanced appearance.

This, inversely, reducing chafing and heat buildup from skin-to-skin contact. It keeps the fabric and your skin cleaner, dryer, and cooler. Isn’t that great? It’s a high functional male package enhancer for most people.

#2 BRAVE PERSON Men’s Jockstraps Underwear – Best natural shape jockstrap enhancer


Men's Jockstraps Underwear Athletic...


Not too bulky or hot.

No wedgie or constriction issues.

Impressively accessible with a contoured bulge.


The size chart runs a bit small.

No machine wash.

Are you looking for comfortable and sexy male package enhancer underwear? This sure seems like it. It fits as expected with a soft elastic waistband and cotton fabric. It supports where you need 100% support.

The front pouch has plenty of room for small, average, and large sizes. It keeps everything compact and stable. Even becoming an ideal choice for breathability. I mean, you only have to look at the underwear to know it’s a sure thing.

There’s no extra fabric anywhere to take the gaze off of your package. The lack of fabric or seams doesn’t mean it’s uncooperative. It accentuates your package without giving you a hard time of it.

The pouch is even contoured to fit right off the bat. It contours the shape of your package with no sloppy seams. The fabric itself feels lightweight and breathable. It destroys the sweat factor which is a hindrance for most men. Especially when out in the hot and humid climate.

#1 LAPASA Men’s Modal Boxer Briefs Bulge Enhancing Pouch Trunk Underwear – Editor’s Choice


LAPASA Men's Modal Trunks 2 Layer Pouch...


Lenzing Micro Modal improves softness.

The waistband is super comfortable.

Well-contoured and supportive pouch.


The pouch has only a single layer.

The LAPASA Modal Bulge Enhancing Underwear has a special cutting. Its seamless and comfortable design consists of an ergonomic U-cut front pouch. This front pouch looks and feels different than normal underwear. It doesn’t ride up with no irritation or stiffness.

The material feels great. The shape of the pouch is cleverly-designed and breathable. The shape of this best male package enhancer is shaping and also elaborating. This means it feels like a regular pair of underwear. But it looks extremely supportive and enhancing.

The premium feel of the fabric is worth noting. The micro modal and spandex blend offers a soft and breathable quality. It sits smoothly on the skin without cutting or promoting sweat.

Meanwhile, the waistband and seams stay in place. Even while bending over, standing up, running, lying down, etc. The waistband is hardly even noticeable. So for that itself, you’d never want to let this underwear go.

Best Male Package Enhancer – Buying Guide

If you want to know more about how to enhance your package better. Then you’ve come to the right place. This information will make your jaw drop. It’s convincing, intriguing, and quite well-received.

You’d call any underwear that lifts and supports your bulge as a male package enhancer. It’s not just underwear. It’s a lifestyle choice. It’s the coolest and sexiest fashion trend for men who want to flaunt their figure. And by “figure,” you know what I mean!

Can normal underwear be made enhancing? Well, there are all types of enhancing underwear. You can wear trunks, briefs, thongs, low-rise, and boxer briefs. Here’s the determining factor that’s common in all-male package enhancers.

Contoured Pouch

If your underwear doesn’t have a fold and a protruding pouch at the front. Then it’s not enhancing underwear. This contoured pouch gives you a rounder and bigger look. If it’s flat, it’s obvious it doesn’t ‘curve’ anything.

There is a reason why you won’t find a contoured pouch in every underwear. It’s not the most traditional underwear choice for men since ages. The idea of accentuating the nether region, for most men, is not as flattering. They’d rather keep that under covers wearing a flat pouch.

However, modern days call for modern ways of living. And so more and more men are comfortable coming out in the open about their size. This means wearing enhancing underwear blatantly.

But don’t worry. Wearing a male package enhancer is not a cheap move. There are many sophisticated brands out there. They make a male package enhancer look and feel great.

Another reason is the cost of manufacturing. You need that extra material to sew up the front pouch. And some underwear requires padding or a 3D contour shape. If you would just look at a normal flat pouch vs. a curved pouch, you’d know the difference.

This brings me to my next most important question. How many types of men’s enhancing underwear are there?

Types of Underwear

1. Padded Underwear

The most common type of men’s enhancing underwear. It’s readily available, cost-effective, and durable. The separate pouch holds slightly curved padding which accentuates the nether regions. It’s smooth, light, and feels thick.

Athletes wearing padded underwear all the time. Such as football players, bikers, and tennis players. It provides protection and cupping. Sort of like wearing a sports bra for women is essential for exercise. Without it, everything feels unsupportive and sloppy.

You can wear padded underwear for a really, really long time. It comes in various sizes and materials. And it offers the perfect enhanced shape and size for small, average, or large sizes.

2. Pouch Underwear


Pouch or pocket underwear is different than padded. Padded underwear comes with a gel-infused or foam cup. Pouch underwear fits like a pocket. In the sense that it holds your package but it also lifts it away from the thighs. Giving your groin a lift and support kind of feeling.

The only downside to such a fit is that it can be too constricting. The pouch can feel a little bit small or tight. But this can also be a result of bad construction. If your groin hurts after wearing pouch underwear for a few hours. Look for something more spacious and breathable.

3. Jock Straps


Jockstraps show maximum bulge but feel minimal. It’s a thin piece of fabric that wraps around your waist and thighs. Poorly-constructed jockstraps can ruin your entire outfit. But high-quality jockstraps can make a strong impression.

It gives you a tighter and smoother behind all thanks to the firm waistband and seams. You feel lighter, more flexible, and less constricted in them. That’s their charm.

Do They Cause Sweating?

One of the most common misconceptions about enhancing underwear is that they’re hot. I mean, they don’t look hot and feel hot… hot and sweaty. Well, that’s not true. There are more breathable fabrics out there.

The worst underwear mistake you can make is picking a lousy fabric.

Look for padded or pouch underwear with soft and breathable materials. Anything that doesn’t stick to your skin will cause chafing and feel icky. During the winter season, this may not be a problem. The extra layer provides cushioning and insulation. But what about summer?

Look for cotton blends that are thinner. It comes with a front pouch with air vents to make you feel comfortable and at ease. You will make fewer adjustments while wearing underwear. In fact, such underwear fits like a second skin. You forget about wearing them right after wearing them!

Does Size Matter?

You fall in either one of the following size categories.

  • Small (less than 4-inches)
  • Average (5 to 7-inches)
  • Large (above 9-inches)

To find out the proper measurement for your package, look beyond the waist. Get a bit more specific is what I mean. By measuring your package itself you can know how to boost and enhance its shape and size.

This brings me to the point – what sizes are there?

The average size of a penis is 3 inches (not erect) and 7 inches (erect). Don’t be shy. It’s a simple process to measure your penis size and takes less than 5 seconds. Just measure from the base of the penis to the tip.


The Wrap-Up

It’s easy to find the best male package enhancer. It’s not magical underwear, to be fair. It just accentuates and enhances your size. So even if you have a small penis size, it is effective if you wear the correct size.

Look at the LAPASA Modal Enhancing Pouch Underwear. It’s super fine, durable, and enhancing. You don’t need to have an extra-extra-large package to wear it. It works with what you already have. And that’s more than enough for some people.


10 Best Wrinkle Free Dress Shirts in 2021

Wrinkle-free shirts are a great fit for people who don’t want to iron their dress shirts now and then. Besides, these shirts feel great on the skin, making them an ideal choice for formal dressing.

However, the real problem is that there are many wrinkle-free shirts available in the market. Some of them work, others don’t.

Moreover, these shirts come in different fabrics, stitching, and price brackets. Hence, spoiling you with the availability of choice in the market.

The good news!

We have compiled a list of 10 Best Wrinkle Free Dress Shirts in 2020.

So, without any further delay, check out the top-products on our list.

List of Best Wrinkle-Free Shirts Available in 2020

Top 3 Best Wrinkle Free Dress Shirts

ProductRatingMaterialMachine Washable
Mizzen+Main Dress Shirts #1Polyester 85%, Spandex 15%Yes
Brooks Brothers Textured Non Iron Dress Shirt#2100% CottonYes
Van Heusen Big and Tall Traveler Non Iron Shirt
#366% Cotton, 30% Polyester, 4% SpandexYes

1. Mizzen+Main Leeward Dress Shirt (Orange Blue Multi Check)


First in the line is the Leeward dress shirt in orange, blue color with a multi check pattern. The shirt is a fine piece of cloth tagged by the name of performance fabric.

The shirt possesses wrinkle-resistant properties, which allow it to sit on your body with a fine and smooth appearance. Even if you are doing something more than office work, this shirt will not cause wrinkles on the arms and shoulders during standing and sitting.

The superior quick dry cloth makes it convenient and easy to wash and dry. The shirt will easily get dried within a few hours in the sun or less than overnight in a closed environment.

With 85 percent polyester and 15 percent spandex, the fabric looks elegant and catches the attention from a distance. You will definitely look classy and modern wearing such a piece in the office.

The modern multi check and orange-blue colored linings give a modern and stylish feel. You can match it with any dark or light color trousers or wear a coat over it. It suits all.

Take care of the shirt properly by washing it in cool water inside out, and it will last longer than your expectations. You can also wash it in a machine, but do not mix it with other dark-colored clothes.


  • Completely Wrinkle Free
  • Comfortable to Wear
  • Excellent Value for Money
  • Machine Washable
  • Different Sizing Options


  • Nothing to Complain About

2.Brook Brothers Men’s Textured Shirt (White)

Brooks Brothers Men's Textured Regent...

This shirt is made up of pure 100 cotton material. The non-iron sports shirt is made specially to remain wrinkle-free on your body.

The modern design looks elegant, sleek, and beautiful. The white color makes it compatible with any dress. You can match it with any dark or light apparel.

The shirt is tailored by the Traditional Italian tailors making it a perfect stitched material. The shirt is available in all sizes, and the smart fit built makes the shirt perfectly fit for you.

The company has taken care of the quality and royal feel. That is why the shirt has concealed stitching at the front shoulder and back yoke.

The genuine mother of pearl buttons is used in the shirt, which gives a premium and imported feeling.

There are double buttons on the cuffs. The barrel cuffs with signature six pleat shirring set the standards high and make you look more elegant.

Please buy it from their official store or order it online from their official website. The product is also available on amazon. It will take just two days to ship your favorite wrinkle-free shirt.


  • 100% Made with Cotton
  • Completely Wrinkle Free
  • Sits Great on Body
  • Imported Material
  • Classy


  • Limited Sizing Options

3.Van Heusen Men’s Shirt (Blue Mazarine Texture)

Van Heusen Men's Big and Tall Traveler...

You must be looking for a good comfortable shirt that not only looks elegant but also remains stretch and wrinkle-free during your long journeys. Most of the companies are making comfy shirts but compromising on wrinkle-free properties.

Here comes the solution, the Van Heusen Men’s shirt with blue mazarine texture is a perfect combination of a casual, relaxed shirt that remains wrinkle-free throughout your voyage. Comfort increases with the stretching qualities in the fabric.

The company has specially made such shirts for travelers. The shirts are easy to pack, carry, and ready to wear at any time.

With 66 percent cotton, 30 percent polyester, and 4 percent spandex, the shirt is ultimately built. The non-iron fabric is stylish and fits perfectly on your body.

The shirt also possesses stain-free properties, which save the shirt from accidental ketchup or ink spills.


  • Stretchable
  • Excellent Stitching
  • Comfortable to Wear
  • Stain-Free
  • Superior Texture


  • Catches Stains Seldomly

4.CC Performance Men’s Dress Shirt (Black)

CC Performance Stretch Slim Fit Dress...

If you are a gym boy with a muscular V-shaped body or an athletic body, you must be tired of normal conventional fit shirts because they do not set on your athletic body physique.

Here we came with a CC performance Men’s Dress shirt in black. The shirt is categorically designed for a slim physique and an athletic V-shaped body.

The built-in natural V shape of the shirt with large shoulders removes the extra fabric around the waist and underarms area.

The fabric is made with pure cotton with a blend of polyester and spandex. Overall the shirt looks like a standard elegant oxford quality shirt but with better moisture and sweat-wicking properties. This also enhances the durability and comfort feel of the shirt.

The shirt does not need fancy dry cleaning. It can be washed in the washing machine, easily saving time and money.


  • Perfect for Athletic Body
  • Outstanding Material
  • Versatile
  • Better Sweat Wicking
  • Comfortable


  • Too Much Thin

5.Alex Vando Men’s Dress Shirt

Alex Vando Mens Dress Shirts Wrinkle...

This is a perfect modern casual shirt for everyday use made by Alex Vando. The shirt comprises 36 percent bamboo, 31 percent viscose, 30 percent polyester, and 3 percent spandex. These all materials combined increase the gsm rating up to 150 gsm.

The contrast and taping inner collar, placket, and cuffs make it stylish and more fashionable.

The good quality cloth is durable and easily washable in the machine. The non-iron properties keep the shirt wrinkle-free.

All the shirts are made in the industry under the expert’s supervision with BSCI and WRAP certificates. That is why the company gives a 100 percent money-back satisfaction guarantee.


  • Fashionable
  • Excellent Contrast
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Completely Wrinkle Free
  • Durable


  • Sleeves Need Slight Improvement

6.COOFANDY Men’s Muscle Fit Dress Shirts

COOFANDY Men's Muscle Fit Dress Shirts...

The COOFANDY dress shirts are perfect to be worn at dinners, parties, or any other official event.

These shirts are made up of the best and the most comfortable fabric, which fits perfectly, giving an attractive shape to the body. The metallic buttons, turn-down collars, and long sleeves also add to the shirt’s decent finish.

If you are looking for a shirt that will stay for a longer time without losing flexibility and stretch, these shirts are perfect for you as they are highly durable.

The shirt stays wrinkle-free for a long day at work. It is made up of highly absorbent and soft material, which keeps your body dry all day and absorbs all the moisture, allowing your skin to breathe naturally instead of causing discomfort.

The fabric is safe to be washed by hand or machine, making things easier and convenient.


  • Superior Fabric
  • Durable
  • Wicks Sweat
  • Perfect for Parties


  • Not Very Breathable

7.Banana Republic Non-Iron Dress Shirt

Banana Reublic Mens Slim-Fit Non-Iron...

Banana republic produces one of the most finely designed and tailored shirts. These include a wide variety of designs and size and fitting options you can choose according to your preferences.

The fabric used in manufacturing these shirts is of high quality and the most comfortable one that is popular among the consumers.

The number of designs ranges from old classics to the modern slim-fit looks. These give a decent and elegant look and make you ready for any occasion.

The most popular banana republic shirts are the modern ones, which are tailored to perfection so that they fit the muscular body perfectly and give a nice shape and figure.

If you are looking for the best shirt to be worn at any upcoming events, don’t forget to check these out. I’m sure you’ll fall in love with them.


  • Wide Variety of Design
  • Comfortable
  • Slim-Fit Look
  • Perfect for Large Size


  • Limited Color Options

8.Paul Fredrick Men’s Non-Iron 2-Ply Cotton Dress Shirt (Grey)

Paul Fredrick Men's Non-Iron 2-Ply...

The shirt is made up of premium 2 ply cotton. The 2 ply fabric has added advantages in the shirts. It is a stronger, durable, and thick fabric as compared to 1 ply.

There is a single pocket on the left side, which you should not use as it looks odd.

Overall, the shirt gives a full professional and formal look. You can easily buy it from amazon for your office needs.

Talking about the size and fitting, the shirt comes in all sizes, from small to XX-large. The three fitting options, including trim and classic, ensure a perfect fit for any body type.

The extended long sleeves of the shirt ensure proper fitting. It’s a great pick for people seeking a quality T-shirt.


  • 2-Ply Cotton
  • Different Fitting Options
  • Various Sizing Options
  • Fits Great of Body


  • Pricey

9.Buttoned Down Men’s Dress Shirt (French Blue with Pocket)

Amazon Brand - Buttoned Down Men's...

The shirt is made in Indonesia with 100 percent pure Supima cotton with a lightweight and smooth finish.

Supima cotton is a high cotton class with stronger, smoother, softer, and brighter fibers.

The tailored fit keeps the shirt tight from the waist and arms while keeping a bit relaxed cuttings from shoulders and armpits so that you can easily carry out upper body movements.

With an insane 72 number of sizes, you can easily find the perfect fit for yourself. If you seek a quality wrinkle-free shirt that will last you for a lifetime, you cannot go wrong with this one.

Absolutely one of the top-rated products available in the market.


  • Made in Indonesia
  • Soft
  • Comfortable to Wear
  • 72 Sizing Options
  • Durable


  • Buttons can Come off Very Easily

10.Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Striped Dress Shirt (Mist)


Tommy Hilfiger Men's Non Iron Slim Fit...

The shirt is a perfect choice for formal wear. It is made up of pure cotton. The non-iron fabric keeps the shirt wrinkle-free for the whole day—no need to press it daily.

The modern slim fit with narrow sleeves and slimmer waist gives a slim and elegant look.

With no pockets, the company has kept things simple, fine, and streamline.

The shirt is soft, smooth, and comfortable. The stitching is finely done. You can wear it with formal trousers or jeans easily. It matches all. Overall the shirt looks classy.

Lastly, it’s made using very quality material, making it a great pick for people seeking a quality wrinkle-free shirt.


  • 100 Percent Pure Cotton
  • Comfortable to Wear
  • Superior Stitching
  • Classy
  • Great Fit with Trousers


  • Not Great for Large Body Size


You can wear a shirt to any occasion either it be a formal or official event or a private family affair. Like any other piece of clothing, certain points are to be kept in mind while buying a shirt so that you get the one that suits you best in all possible ways.

For making your shopping experience better, we have brought together a few points that are to be kept in mind while buying a shirt.


As with every other product you are buying, the cost is the first and foremost thing to be considered. Make sure you have your budget in your mind before you actually buy the shirt. Spending a lot of money on a low-quality shirt is not a good idea. Think and spend wisely.


The process of buying any product becomes cost-effective if you have bought the best one at the right price. Quality is not something that can be compromised.

A good quality shirt means that it is made up of the most comfortable and high-class fabric. The low quality of a shirt looks apparent and noticeable, so there is no point buying one if it does not even look presentable. If you have a little knowledge about the fabrics being used in designing the shirt, you will be able to choose the best one for you.

Wrinkle-free Properties

Most shirts get easily wrinkled after a few hours of wearing. This is not acceptable if you buy a shirt to be worn during office hours or a meeting. It’s better to find a shirt that has a non-iron wrinkle-free fabric. It will keep the shirt perfectly fine and smooth for your entire day.


Many shirts tend to fade away and lose the vibrance of their color after one wash or after being left out in sunlight. Make sure you choose the shirt that bears detergent and washing process and keeps its color for longer periods of time.

Plus, choose a universal color. Much brighter colors are to be avoided as they draw unattractive attention.

Fabric Type

The soft and stretchy fabric of the shirt is something you need to look into. As you are supposed to wear it for long periods of time, the fabric must be comfortable and not scratchy at all.

Some companies are producing shirts with 100 percent pure cotton fiber, which gives a fine oxford finish. Simultaneously, others are adding polyester and spandex to increase the softness, durability, smoothness, and absorbing properties of shirts. You can select any depending upon your need.

Size and Fitting:

A perfectly fitting shirt makes you look decent and smart. Don’t forget to get the shirt’s proper size and get it altered if it is not properly fit.

Care and Handling

A properly cared shirt can last for more than a decade.

Do check the handling instructions on the shirt tag so you can get to know if it can be easily washed in a machine or by hand.

Some shirts require special conditions for washing and drying, so make sure you have already been through all of them to avoid any inconvenience in the future.


Wrinkle-free shirts are perfect for people who do not like frequent ironing on their clothes. In this guide, we have reviewed all the top-performers in 2020.

If you are still confused in choosing the right product, we highly recommend the Leeward Dress Shirt.

It’s a versatile and high-quality wrinkle-free dress shirt that is the right fit for various people’s needs.

10 Best Wrinkle Free Dress Shirts in 2020

ProductRatingMaterialMachine Washable
Mizzen+Main Dress Shirts For Men#1Polyester 85%, Spandex 15%Yes
Brooks Brothers Textured Regent Fit Non Iron Dress Shirt#2100% CottonYes
Van Heusen Big and Tall Traveler Stretch Button Down Non Iron Shirt
#366% Cotton, 30% Polyester, 4% SpandexYes
CC Performance Stretch Slim Fit Wrinkle Resistant Button Up Dress Shirts
#450% Cotton, 50 PolyesterYes
Alex Vando Wrinkle Free Regular Fit Stretch Bamboo Shirt
COOFANDY Muscle Fit Wrinkle-Free Casual Button Down Shirt
#670% Cotton, 30% PolyesterYes
Banana Republic Non-Iron Dress Shirts
#7100% CottonYes
Paul Fredrick Non-Iron 2-Ply Cotton Straight Collar Dress Shirt
#8100% Cotton

Buttoned Down Tailored Fit Spread Collar Solid Non-Iron Dress Shirt
#9100% Supima CottonYes
Tommy Hilfiger Men's Striped Dress Shirt
#10100% Cottonbetter dry clean

How to Look Manly? 9 Easy Tips to be Masculine

No one can argue the fact that Looking Manly is just a very common desire for any real man.

Most often we get ourselves messed up with the misconception that you can’t look manly unless you have a bear. But interestingly this is the miscalculation you are having with yourselves. Except having bears, there’re plenty of factors that matter on how manly you are.

But first, it should be clear, what makes a man look feminine? There are some activities or behaviors that can make you look more feminine than you really are.

To be a man and look like a man, first of all, you have to dismount the activities and behavior that make you look feminine.

Here’s somewhat we are talking about, like taking more selfies, removing hair from every part of your body, having less emotional control over yourself and crying, wearing skinny dresses and pants, earrings, oversized sweaters, cuffed pants, and chinos, at last, overarched and over-plucked eyebrows. This is not all that makes you look feminine but these are things that you should be aware of in order to make you look more masculine.

Now it’s time to get to the main point. How to look manly? Let’s look at some point which can surely make a man more manly.

Take charge and responsibility.

God made a man physically stronger than a female. And you have to use it. Protest against any kinds of injustice and oppression. Help people in simple casual ways. That’s what a real man is supposed to do. That will show your ability and quality which will lead you to look more manly. People say being a man is not that easy. This is the point why they think so and probably this is why God made man.

Groom your beard.

If you’re going to grow out a beard, especially if you’re attempting to keep one in a professional setting, make damn sure you keep it well-groomed. Keep your beard trimmed to give it an appealing shape. Even if you’re going for length, your beard should get a regular trim every now and then to cut off any broken and split hairs so that it can continue to grow unimpaired. Don’t forget to apply beard oil and beard balm in the morning and after washing your face to keep it soft and healthy and avoid scraggly dryness. Going a step further, beard wax will help control and style your beard so it doesn’t point out in a million directions. But remember don’t over style.

Stand and move correctly.

Standing and walking are the most underrated but most noticeable activities of a human being. So stand and walk straightly. Do not mend. If you mend or stand like a curved line that will make people feel that you aren’t confident enough and you do not wish to be there. So walk confidently and prolong your chest. These simple changes can change you and make you look more masculine.

Be confident and take care of your mental health.

You know that point but you never understood it. Men’s Mental Health is something that is less spoken of in today’s world, but it is one of the most important topics that should be discussed and be taught to both the older generations and the younger men of today. If you are mentally fully healthy then you will find a spontaneous power that will make you more confident. And this is what most of the men lack.

Choose your apparel consciously.

Do not wear clothes or shirts that are tightly fit to you. A stat says that you can solve 80% of your style problem by getting the right fit. So be aware of what you wear. You don’t need a suit to make you look manly. Just ask yourself what suits you best. You can test yourself to solve this. Wear the right outfit that  suits and makes you more confident and make people ask themselves, ”How the hell does he look so cool wearing just a t-shirt and jeans?” 

Be relaxed and calm.

Overreaction and uncontrolled anger will make you more irritating and less valuable to other people which you won’t want if you want to look more manly. So think twice before any misbehavior and reply with calmness. That will show you maturity which is one of the fundamental characteristics of the real man. Men are subjected to a lot of standards regarding being tough and not showing their emotions. Besides, it’s more manly when a man is sensitive, empathetic, romantic, and passionate. It means he’s confident enough not to worry about the standards. Feel these lines. 

Use suitable accessories.

There are some accessories like belts, watches, wallets, bags, and sunglasses which are very decorative for a man to look more manly.  All these accessories should be used to complete an outfit not to draw attention to themselves. It’s better to go a little understated than screaming for attention. Also, make sure they go together. A Velcro wallet combined with a suit and tie is a bad idea. But remember you’re dressing like crap, accessories are not going to save you. If you dress well, a few well-chosen accessories can lift your whole appearance to a new level.

Body Hair is effective to show your manliness.

 One of the other things you can play around with is body hair. While this isn’t something that will be commonly visible, it will have a big impact on how you look when you take your clothes off. If you’re shaving every piece of body hair at the moment, think about changing that.

Maintain proper hygiene.

You’ll think this should have been learned when men were mere boys, long before they’re coming of age.  You’d think stench and grime shouldn’t be the first thing mentioned on this list, but it is. Brush your teeth twice a day, including the tongue.  No one likes a dirty mouth.  Wash up – your entire body and face – at least once a day.  If you just finished work or some heavy lifting at the gym, you reek.  Apply deodorant after your shower and reapply throughout the day as needed.  Never over-do the cologne.  If you can smell yourself, that means the people around you can’t breathe without suffocating on your scent.


If you can remember these points and try to abide by them, surely you can find yourself more manly than you were.

What is Semi Casual

“Dressing with a semi-casual attire style can give you an authentic look to achieve an extraordinary first impression in every aspect of regular life.”

In our everyday life, a perfect matching dressing almost always plays an essential role in making you look different and energetic when attending a variety (family or other) or rare event. So, in this case, you would never want to wear shorts and a T-shirt to a wedding party of your close friends or relatives, just as you would never want to be in a formal look when you are exercising playing sports.

So, to safely choose the right outfit in the right place, you must know precisely about the different dress codes. And the most common but highly effective dressing method, in this case, is semi-casual because it gives you complete freedom to use it appropriately in almost all types of events.


What does semi-casual mean?

The concept of a semi-casual dressing code has become popular in the American context of those who expect an excellent comfortable look in every aspect of their daily lives. The use of semi-casual clothing refers to your active lifestyle cycle, so whenever you go out, the people around you are also influencing by your cheerful attitude.

Note that semi-casual outfits evoke the incredibly tailored care utility of a perfectly arranged evolving thought stream in you. The most standard dresses used in this method are chosen with a neutral color to keep yourself energized.

However, when you are inclined to use this advanced thinking style dressing method in the workplace, this semi-casual wear may not give you enough freedom to consider it as an alternative to the standard business dress code.

But you can confidently expect that by wearing semi-casual clothes, you will feel comfortable in everyday life with easy movement around the body, a comfortable feeling, and the enjoyable pleasure of being perfectly matched understandably even in regular official cases.


What does it mean to apply the dressing in a semi-casual way?

Semi Casual uses some clothes in the case of costumes, which gives you a valuable opportunity to present yourself more attractively. To provide an overview of what semi-casual dresses look like, the following is a detailed description of sequential dresses.


When is Semi Casual type of clothing commonly used?

So, you can use this dressing method as you like to hang out with friends, for a cup of relaxing-coffee in between the work or to spend some quality time with your loved one, to attend various family functions or events and more eternal purposes, With hopefully enough satisfaction in fulfillment.


Semi Casual at Work

Employees are usually given a specific dress code in an appropriate workplace in official environments, where it is strictly forbidden to wear any other type of casual work attire, but there are currently many offices where you can wear semi-casual work attire if you wish. So now the question may arise, which semi-casual dresses can be using in the office?

A polo t-shirt with a perfectly fitting design with excellent quality can make your workplace’s perfect professional personality to a more advanced level extraordinarily. With a polo t-shirt, you can easily use perfect fitting trousers for the expected look, and you can continue to wear this incomparably workable dress code to any occasion or event.


You can safely use stylish pullover sweaters for official work if you want, as it is worn over formal attire without breaking the rules for office dress code.

In almost all workplaces, you will notice that many people wear button-up long-sleeved shirts and trousers. However, this type of clothing plays a significant role in creating an appropriate obsession in the work environment.

So, if you want to have a great mix with this quality look, you can use a jacket to make your look more appealing. You must keep in mind when wearing a jacket, which is that no sports-type can use but, in this case, a blouson jacket will help you maintain your perfect professional look very cleverly.


Maintain perfect style with the semi-casual in the summer season

In the scorching heat of summer, it isn’t easy to keep yourself fully organized, especially when you need to go out. So, to maintain your perfect smart look even at this time, you can use a t-shirt with a perfectly fitting design, and a short that match your size, which will be right above your knees. However, some care needs to be taking in choosing the color of these dresses, and in this case, the light color will be more suitable but not too bright.


Maintain perfect fashion with the semi-casual on the go

There is no end to the busyness of our daily lives, but if you live with full awareness, chances are you are well versed in your regular used clothes. So, it is natural for everyone with this kind of mindset to have a blouson jacket in their collection, and you can use this amazingly fashionable design jacket at any time of the year (spring, summer, and others) to maintain the perfect style effortlessly.

According to many fashion experts and personal user experience, this blouson jacket with excellent quality can give you a matching texture with extraordinary quality combined with a straightforward look.

If you suddenly have to rush out of the house to participate in a program, you can always have at hand a few perfectly fitted white T-shirts with your body and a few narrow-fitted jeans.

So, whenever you need to go out, wear jeans trousers or pants with a white t-shirt from your collection, and wear your stylish blouson jacket with it and regularly used sneakers and tuck the jeans with one or 2-fold. Bingo! You’re ready to go! with extraordinary quality’s perfect look, and you are prepared to go where you want, which will surely catch the eye of others:)



To differentiate the semi-casual dressing poison, you can combine something more with your preferred style with an outstanding matching dressing that will perfectly satisfy you.

But I think the rule of choosing semi-casual dresses is to ask yourself what kind of ceremony you will attend, and what type of clothing the other participants will wear there. We hope you find the answer you are looking for more comfort.

Since each person has an entirely different intelligence and the ability to understand, the semi-casual definition may differ for other people. But for me, semi-casual dressing means wearing all the clothes that will give me a pleasant and comfortable feeling from the mind.


What is the Best Underwear for Big Dicks? (The Most Important Features)

Underwear for Big Dicks

The thing about men’s package is that it’s not created equally. Meaning there are some men that have pretty large goods down below. More often than not, they consider this to be a great thing. But not always. Especially when it comes to fitting those large genitals into regular undies. So it’s only logical for brands now to design the best underwear for well-endowed men.

The amount of discomfort you feel in a pair of uncomfortable tighty whities is like trying to stuff just way too many groceries in a grocery bag. Enter underwear built with contoured pouches, and other such thoughtful features.

The beauty of contoured pouch undies is that it fits both men with a large penis and those with an average-sized package. After all, just a simple center seam can go a long way. In providing the much-needed comfort and support. Along with enhancing your profile down there. So why shouldn’t you make the most of the extra space this center seam has to offer!

Best Underwear for Well-Endowed Men – Top 5 Choices for Big Dicks

ExOfficio Men's Give-N-Go Boxer Brief,...

The breathable comfort these undies can provide is something that even outdoor enthusiasts simply cannot dismiss. The ExOfficio Men’s Give-N-Go Boxer Briefs have earned a pretty neat reputation among hikers, explorers, campers, and travelers. Thanks to superior comfort. And also to exceptional moisture-wicking properties.

The mesh fabric that is a part of the construction of the underwear improves breathability. Mesh works flawlessly when it comes to wicking away sweat and moisture. So that your man parts down there can remain comfortable, odor-free, and dry.

Speaking of odor, the brand has incorporated Silvadur technology. This deliberately eliminates odor to keep you fresh as long as you’re wearing the undies. 94-percent nylon is used. And that means this is a pair of quick-drying boxer briefs.

The waistband of the underwear is among the most important features, isn’t it? So long as ExOfficio is the manufacturer, you don’t have to worry about such factors. The brand has included a stretchable, comfortable waistband. One that fits and even retains shape.

Moving on, the structure of the boxer briefs consists of a light diamond knit. This particular design stretches to accommodate the most comfortable fit. No matter how large or well-endowed you are as a man.

On top of that, lycra spandex is also a part of the construction. So your private parts can get all the space they require. Meaning ExOfficio Boxer Briefs do not restrict your everyday movements in any way.


  • Breathable mesh wicks away sweat and moisture
  • Quick-drying, odor-eliminating technology
  • Lightweight, stretchy diamond knit for comfort and fit


  • Shows pilling easily
DAVID ARCHY Men's Dual Pouch Underwear...

How does this rank as superior underwear? Particularly for men with large goods? It’s a very simple answer if you ask me. The David Archy Men’s Dual Pouch Underwear features patented individual pouches. Each one keeps your personal area separate from the other. And that too in an extremely comfortable manner.

Let me also not forget to mention that soft, super-smooth micro modal fabric is used. This type of material adds a luxurious feel to the undies. On top of that, the micro modal is abundantly breathable and lightweight.

Then comes the remarkable window panel design. You can call this a stay-cool, breathable panel. That creates a fresh and dry environment inside your trunks all day long. That’s exactly what air circulation does.

Now here’s the best part about David Archy Men’s Dual Pouch Underwear. It’s built with supportive pouches. Each pouch holds your private parts to support them. As well as provide ultimate comfort.

Furthermore, the waistband of the undies seems like a long-lasting feature. So, out goes the common issue of the waistband losing its elasticity and shape over time. Neither are the seams something you’re likely to get frustrated with in terms of durability. Both the seams and waistband are comfortable and durable to a great extent.

Needless to say, you can put these on even during your workout sessions. After all, micro modal takes care of eliminating sweat and moisture. This explains why so many athletes choose David Archy underwear.


  • Separate, supportive pouches
  • Breathable window panel activates airflow
  • Smooth, soft micro modal used for construction


  • Legs tend to ride up
Under Armour Men's Original Series 3”...

Now it’s time for me to present to you the best underwear for well-endowed men that you can put on for your athletic or workout sessions. But what about Under Armour Men’s Original Series 3” Boxerjock makes it such a suitable choice for performance? It’s not one but many features!

First of all, the brand has incorporated its exclusive smooth and lightweight HeatGear fabric. Along with the articulated fly panel that consists of mesh material. If that wasn’t enough, which it never is in the case of performance undies, Under Armour also decided to include a four-way stretch. Such a stretchy construction allows you to move better in all directions.

How about the materials used? Do they wick away sweat and moisture? Without the shadow of a doubt, the boxer briefs here dry you up really fast. And why wouldn’t they when 90-percent of the construction is built using polyester!

What’s also quite impressive is the excellent anti-odor or antimicrobial technology integrated into the underwear. It does an excellent job of keeping bad, unpleasant odor away from your junk.

Top it off with a performance waistband. And you have a pair of boxer briefs you can put on for all your sports-driven activities.


  • 4-way stretch for flexibility and movement
  • Smooth, lightweight HeatGear fabric
  • Anti-odor technology and performance waistband


  • Sizing runs small
DAVID ARCHY Men's Underwear Bamboo Rayon...

There’s no denying that these briefs are specifically designed for men with a large package. The proof? It takes the form of the U-pouch structure. This U-pouch is very useful when it comes to providing your large genitals with more room. That too without causing any constraint or extrusion. These briefs, no doubt, rank among the best big pouch undies for men.

The stay-put, strong waistband is also a very impressive feature. It’s got that classic logo. More importantly, the waistband reduces friction. Along with preventing chafing and other such common problems generally associated with an uncomfortable waistband.

But are these undies designed for versatile, flexible performance? I don’t see why not, given the bamboo rayon construction. This particular fabric comes from bamboo. And is quite well known for its quick moisture-wicking properties. Along with the lightweight structure and exceptional air permeability.

Furthermore, the single-piece, clean-cut design makes room for no wedgies at the back. So there’s no chance these undies are created to cause any amount of discomfort. You don’t even feel the need to make any embarrassing adjustments during your day. No matter what movements you’re performing!

Speaking of which, the full-coverage hip design also makes these briefs suitable for all types of activities. Be it sitting, walking, or jogging!


  • U-pouch design offers more space
  • Comfortable, stay-put waistband
  • Made of moisture-wicking, lightweight bamboo rayon


  • Butt-climbing briefs in the case of a small tushy
Calvin Klein Men's Underwear Iron...

With a contoured pouch, this Calvin Klein underwear automatically becomes a part of the list of the best undies for a large package. First off, there’s the classic Calvin Kelin logo waistband. But is the functional aspect of the underwear as appealing as the looks? The answer is YES. No wonder this pair of Iron Strength Boxer Briefs is such a sought-after choice!

The underwear conforms to the shape of your body, no doubt. Meaning the fit is very smooth and close. One that offers stretch comfort as well. So you don’t have to worry about the boxer briefs restricting your range of motion.

But what matters the most here is the contoured pouch. It’s this particular feature that gives the undies the ability to accommodate your well-endowed goods. Along with that, active support is also a part of the experience.

So it’s not just the modern design with the printed iconic logo of Calvin Klein in the front that seems enticing. The functional facet of the boxer briefs is also quite impressive. In the sense that it performs the task of providing extra comfort, support, and room.


  • Body-conforming, smooth, close fit
  • Contoured pouch and active support
  • Iconic Calvin Klein logo printed on the waistband


  • Not a very breathable pair of boxer briefs

What Is the Best Underwear for Well-Endowed Men – Buying Guide

You will not know the comfort of good underwear until you wear one. And for well-endowed men, this feels more like a lifelong dream than reality. If you’re looking for underwear for big dicks, this is where you finally find your bearings.

How is underwear for big dicks different? For men or women, underwear is the first item they slip into. For men, it may be the only item of undergarments. So they’d have to do it right.

Finding the right pair of underwear for big dicks is not difficult. What’s important is understanding your personal size and fit. And not just what is famous for other men out there.

This article will guide you through what works for you. Your guide to buying supportive underwear for a well-endowed size. So let’s begin.

Look for These Features:

1. Pouch


A pouch in a man’s underwear goes a long way. It provides extra room for supporting a large penis. So your testicles don’t rub against your penis. And in turn, your penis doesn’t rub against your thigh skin.

The pouch creates these special compartments. It helps to keep your underwear clean and organized. Even if your sock and underwear drawer isn’t.

And more importantly, this shows when you’re wearing pants. So even if you have a large penis, nothing bulges out. A pouch keeps everything inside, protected and shapely. So that one thing that made you embarrassed as a well-endowed man. In the right underwear, it is a confidence-booster!

2. Boxers vs. Briefs


It’s not uncommon to opt for boxers as the best underwear for big dicks. In fact, men looking to swap support for space often wear boxers. But that’s exactly how you will always be in boxers…. relaxed.

Briefs are more supportive in that they offer a stretch. So your soldier is not on guard all the time. And can actually ease up and stay composed. In boxers, because of their loose fit, this is not ideal. They do offer leg movement but may cause bunching in jeans.

That’s why boxers are best worn at home. The fabric is baggy, spacious, and accommodating.

Briefs are stretchable and supportive. Sometimes, they may feel a little too constricting. Good for giving your penis a structured shape. But is that ideal? There is a way to reap the benefits of boxers and briefs. Enter – boxer briefs!

They’re the best underwear for big dicks. It will give you structure but without stamping on your assets. And there will be plenty of leg and crotch room to feel at ease in.

3. Size



Do you want your underwear to fit you like a glove? If you’ve been adjusting and re-adjusting your underwear a lot lately, it’s time to change. Your underwear size should match your size (if you know what I mean). And not the other way around.

You need a change of underwear size if you’ve been doing this a lot lately.

Are you stretching the waistband constantly before and after taking off your pants? Are you pulling or tugging from the bottom to make room for your penis? Are you tucking your shirt inside the waistband to make up for size? Does the base of your pouch act more as a minimizer than a shaper?

If you said yes to any of these questions, bin the size! You need a bigger size. Most waistbands are made of elastic. So if the waistband is pinching or squeezing, it’s not because it’s elastic. Walk away from the small size and make room for a bigger one.

Types Underwear for Men with A Well-Endowed Package

You have to grow out of all the underwear your mom bought you some time! And if you’re really growing out, you need underwear for big dicks. Modern and sleeker underwear styles have taken over the market.

Stylish underwear is the new fashion statement. And for men with well-endowed penises, you need something extra-supportive. The only thing to bear in mind is size. If you’re blessed with a big dick, you need better coverage to back it up.

Because anything smaller or narrower or tighter will hurt your nether regions. So make sure the underwear you finally buy is less constrictive. It’s a real confidence booster if you ask me!

Then it’s important to take certain factors into account during the selection process if you want a pair of underwear to fit and accommodate you perfectly, irrespective of your size. 

Spacious Underwear

choosing-the-best-underwear-for-well-endowed-men-minBy spacious, I mean undies built with a center seam, for example. This, by default, offers more room for your well-endowed parts. Or you can buy underwear, mostly boxer briefs, built with a double pouch. Both styles provide ample of room to fit in your large goods.

At this point, keep in mind that too tight underwear makes you feel restricted and uncomfortable. This happens whether or not you have a large penis. So whatever you choose, make sure to pick out properly sized undies.

Breathable Underwear


No matter what you plan on doing, your underwear should keep you dry and cool down there. Isn’t that right? If you agree, then how about buying a pair constructed using breathable materials. Such as nylon and polyester. Some underwear styles feature mesh window panels to boost air circulation. Thus, wicking away sweat and moisture as soon as possible.

Speaking of which, many underwear brands incorporate quick-drying, moisture-wicking, anti-odor, etc. technology. So these have the capacity to keep your genitals dry, cool, fresh, and odor-free.

Comfortable Underwear

What about the underwear is responsible for providing comfort? I have reviewed quite a few underwear designs for well-endowed men in this article. And what all of them have in common is a stretchy, body-conforming, and comfortable fit. Along with a waistband that feels smooth against the skin. It should be snug while also not digging into your skin or causing friction.

Seamless Underwear


With seamless construction, the underwear prevents rubbing against your skin. Therefore, no chafing to deal with at all. This is especially useful for men with a large bulge down below. And also for activities like walking, running, biking, hiking, etc.

And by seamless, I mean flatlock seams. Instead of ones that protrude from the underwear.


Underwear Care Tips


There’s more to taking care of underwear than you think. Underwear for big dicks needs extra care and attention. Because if you don’t, they lose shape quicker and become saggy and unsupportive.

When washing your underwear, never mix colors. The whites with whites. And all the colored ones separate. Temperature is important too. Underwear fabric is different than denim in that it is easily affected by temperature.

A gentle wash cycle can clean underwear properly. For denim, you need a stronger, deeper cleaning cycle. The same applies to dry your underwear in the air dryer. It’s best to stay away from the dryer for your underwear. Air-drying underwear prolongs its shelf life.



The problem is returning home empty-handed after a long search of underwear suitable for well-endowed men. It’s only common to not find undies that can accommodate a large junk. In fact, the majority of underwear brands out there manufacture only regular styles. You know the kind that fits men with an average-sized penis only.

That means your search for your type of underwear continues. And if you don’t want all your efforts to go in vain, then it’s time for you to seize the day here. Meaning makes your pick from the top 5 underwear options I’ve reviewed for you. The best of the lot being the ExOfficio Men’s Give-N-Go Boxer Brief.

These are boxer briefs that are quite well-known for their breathable fit. It’s a very good choice for hiking, camping, working out, playing sports, exploring, and traveling. The anti-odor microbial treatment keeps bad odor away. Then there’s moisture-wicking mesh all over. For keeping your zone sweat-free and moisture-free.

As for the waistband, it brings plenty of comfort into the picture. Plus, the thing stretches perfectly well to fit your body shape. And it retains its own original shape for a very long time. Despite frequent washes!

So you can never go wrong with ExOfficio. Or with the other brands I’ve shortlisted, like Calvin Klein, David Archy, and Under Armour.

Top 5  Underwear for Well-Endowed Men Comparison Table

Calvin Klein Underwear Men’s Iron Strength Boxer Briefs#5Boxer briefNylon, elastane
David Archy Men’s Underwear Bamboo Rayon Comfort Lightweight Pouch Briefs#4BriefsBamboo rayon, spandex
Under Armour Men’s Original Series 3” Boxerjock#3Boxer briefPolyester, elastane
David Archy Men’s Dual Pouch Underwear#2TrunksMicro modal, spandex
ExOfficio Men’s Give-N-Go Boxer Brief#1 Top ChoiceBoxer briefNylon, lycra spandex

Dansko vs Sanita – What Clogs Are the Best? (A Complete Guide)

Dansko vs Sanita

Dansko and Sanita are two shoe brands that most nurses and waitresses are in awe of. They offer clogs that are comfort shoes, slip-resistant, cushiony, and supportive. Considering nurses and waitresses spend most of their time on your feet. Buying clogs is unavoidable.

But which to buy: Dansko vs Sanita?

Let’s get back to basics. In this article, I will talk about what makes Dansko or Sanita a quality choice. Which is better with regards to price, quality, and durability. So if you want to buy the best clogs for nurses or waitresses – you don’t want to miss this. Shoes affect your health so choose wisely!

An Overview


There is no visual difference between Dansko vs Sanita. Both may look the same with a few differences in design. The reason for their shared appearance is that both brands were, a few years ago, under a single company. But they split and their designs are more or less the same.

But if you really want to know what sets the two apart. Dansko clogs have a wider heel footing than Sanita. You may not notice this at first glance but it’s there. It enhances stability while walking or brisk walking. It also improves balance to prevent accidental ankle rolls.

Sanita differs too in more ways than one. It lacks a broad heel base, no rubber piping near the opening of the show, and a higher supply. The rubber piping prevents discomfort and chafing which was a common complaint.

Sanita is everywhere; in online stores and other retailers. They’re available in various sizes, colors, patterns, and styles. Dansko, in comparison, runs a little behind. Because the company produces most of its shoes by hand, the sizing is a bit inaccurate.

Between Dansko vs Sanita, Dansko is the more expensive choice. And because it’s not as adaptable and available as Sanita, it attracts an exclusive crowd.

Dansko vs Sanita – Which is Better?

Dansko Women's Professional Black Oiled Clog Dansko Women's Professional Black Oiled Clog
  • Oiled Leather
  • Padded instep collar for comfort when walking
  • Roomy reinforced toe box
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Sanita Women's Professional PU Leather Clogs White Sanita Women's Professional PU Leather Clogs White
  • Made in Europe
  • PU leather makes this Professional a perfect choice for professionals that want an easy cleaning and spill resistant upper
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It is important to know that both brands offer high-quality and irresistible shoes. If you pick up a pair of Dansko, they offer premium quality materials, sturdiness, and a better posture. The same goes for buying a pair of Sanita.

But the only difference is the price. The former is more costly than the latter. And that’s why most people prefer buying Sanita over Dansko.

There are two types of clogs Dansko and Sanita offer. Closed-back and open back clogs. Closed-back clogs, as you must have guessed already, have back support. They are there to prevent slipping and support your feet as you walk. Open back clogs are good to look at but not so great otherwise. 

Here’s how both clogs benefit waitresses and nurses…



Clogs are not as heavy and thick-skinned as sports shoes. Provided you will be on your toes most of the day, the weight is an important factor to consider. Too much weight on your feet can cause foot problems. It’s highly likely that you’d be in a bad or irritable mood also.

The point of wearing clogs is to feel at ease. They improve ventilation allowing your skin to breathe as you walk or stand all day.

Slip Resistance

It doesn’t matter how skilled a nurse or waitress you are. Walking on a wet surface is going to be an everyday thing. Putting anti-slip soles or other accessories on your standard shoes is not enough.

You need something specific like clogs that offer protection and stability. The sole grip is made of rubber or a rubber blend. It offers softness but makes sure your feet don’t slip even if you’re brisk walking on a wet floor.

Upper Material

The upper material is one of the most important deciding factors for clogs. The common upper materials are leather, rubber, or polyurethane. They are high-quality and premium materials. Researched and tested for offering support for a long day.

A solid upper material also resists stains and dampness from showing. It resists moisture, dust, water, and stains. So your feet stay dry and comfortable while you deal with plans and stress.


The comfort and lightness of clogs are incomparable. It offers your feet plenty of room to move around. But just the perfect amount with the comfy foam, padded tongue, and bottom sole. Another important aspect of flexibility is the support factor.

If you have a different foot shape, such as flat feet, clogs are perfect. Dansko offers a broader heel which is perfect for people with a flat feel. It’s the same for people with high arches who need a high-contoured sole to support their arches.

Medical Problems

Footwear plays a very important part of plantar fasciitis treatment. This is a common concern among experienced nurses or waitresses. Do clogs help plantar fasciitis? Truth be told – both brands are suitable for the condition. Both Dansko and Sanita offer pain relief, better foot posture, and stiffness relief.

So if you have incredible arch pain, and you need a better arch and torsional support. Choose only the Dansko or Sanita that fit your size and have better flat or contoured arch support.

If you had to compare two pairs of clogs. Go for the one with the elevated heel, a rugged outsole, and medium-wide foot. And if you have narrow feet, make sure the heel base isn’t too broad. That will worsen your condition even more.


The Wrap-Up

Finding the ideal choice between Dansko vs Sanita is tough. Professional clogs differ in size and style, perhaps, but never quality. Especially when you’re talking about 2 of the most premium shoe brands.

However, Dansko is a more premium choice between Dansko vs Sanita. Sanita’s clogs are popular and at a professional’s beck and call. You can order different colors to match your outfit. You can switch between sizes more easily and be confident that they’ll fit. Dansko’s clogs need trial and error.

Clogs are designed to increase support and comfort. They improve posture, ease foot movement, and prevent ankle rolls. So you can be on your feet all day and go home without throbbing heel pain.

Whatever your foot requirements, choosing the right pair of clogs can be life-saving. It will improve your mood, your activity, and save tons of money! Clogs don’t squeak if you keep them dry, they don’t bend, or look old and damp with age. As long as you take care of ‘em, you’re fine!

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The Difference Between Shoes and Sneakers (Complete Guide You Need to Know)

Difference Between Shoes and Sneakers

The term “shoes” has become so generic these days. But when used against sneakers, shoes consist of canvas shoes or tennis shoes. However, you never use the term “shoes” for sneakers. That rarely happens. Either way, what is the real difference between shoes and sneakers?

If you think there’s no difference at all, then let me tell you you’re wrong. In fact, there is a HUGE difference between shoes and sneakers. The former being canvas or tennis. Now I know that both shoes and sneakers protect your feet. And allow you to move comfortably and with tons of support. Even so, they’re not designed in the same manner. Nor do they serve the same purpose. So let’s find out more!

Difference Between Shoes and Sneakers – The Complete Guide

1. Material


There are many different types of shoes, correct? But what do all of them have in common? That they provide warmth and comfort. However, this is only possible due to the use of synthetic materials like nylon and polyurethane. These are the fabrics mainly used for the construction of the bottom and top of the shoe. And are very easy to maintain and clean.

But sneakers are equipped with special rubber soles. That are long-lasting and super-comfortable. Although the top of sneakers is also made of synthetic materials or canvas. Both of which are lightweight. Sneakers, no doubt, feature incredibly soft soles. The kind that doesn’t make any noise when you’re “sneaking” into the room without making a sound.

2. Comfort

This particular factor plays a major role when it comes to differentiating between the two.

Shoes, generally speaking, deliver abundant comfort for activities like running. However, this is only possible if you choose the best pair of shoes. Otherwise, you end up with heavy footwear that feels nothing but uncomfortable and painful during movements.

As for sneakers, they also provide lots of comfort. But you don’t have to worry about sneakers feeling heavy. You can wear them on a daily basis, even for walking.

3. Purpose


Some men and women wear shoes for stability and comfort. While some wear them for style and comfort. This explains why there are so many different kinds and designs of shoes. As a matter of fact, shoes are constructed strong enough. To serve a wide range of purposes. Such as running, walking, training, etc.

Every category consists of shoes that offer the right amount of stability, traction, and comfort. For instance, training shoes are built with additional rubber padding. This brings into the picture extra cushioning. To support your movements at the gym.

What about sneakers? These are more on the comfortable and casual side. They’re outfitted with exceptional rubber soles. And even sneakers are available in a broad variety of designs. But none of them are suitable for training, running, and other sports-related activities. So can sneakers be used for running? The answer is NO.

Sneakers are plain athletic shoes. With a canvas or synthetic material top and rubber soles. They don’t feature the technicality of sports shoes. The technicality being lateral support, shock absorption, etc. Even so, sneakers are plenty comfortable and even flexible. So you can wear them for walking purposes.

4. Cushioning


When you don’t give importance to cushioning, you’re only welcoming discomfort. Along with foot injuries, pain, and conditions like plantar fasciitis.

Be it shoes or sneakers, cushioning is crucial. However, sneakers don’t offer much in this department. And that’s because they have hard soles. But that doesn’t mean some brands don’t manufacture sneakers with proper cushioning.

But with shoes, cushioning is something you need not worry about. The soles, in this case, are constructed using comfortable, thick materials. Meaning no pain, injuries, or discomfort of any kind.

5. Motion Control


Another major difference between shoes and sneakers is motion control. What is motion control? It’s the amount of control the shoes provide to your feet at the time of wear. This means for activities like running, motion control should be ace. But for general use, this particular factor is not so important.

As for sneakers vs shoes, there’s no superior choice in this area. Meaning it all depends on the manufacturer. But, generally speaking, sneakers hand out better motion control. In comparison to canvas or tennis shoes. That’s because sneakers come with outsoles made of high-quality rubber. The underside here consists of special ridges for control.

In canvas and tennis shoes, the rubber outsoles are present. But the ridges of the shoe aren’t as sturdy as sneakers. So when running in these types of shoes, it becomes hard to stop. Unlike sneakers that make the task easier without any concerns.

6. Stability

Along with motion control, the gripping capacity of the shoe is also important. This includes the way the uppers provide a secure fit and feel.

With sneakers, you get excellent stability. They have laces installed in the upper region, no matter the design. As in the case of shoes; some have laces, some don’t, and some feature Velcro strap.

Stability comes in the form of laces and laces only. Other alternatives may be strong. However, they don’t bring into the picture factors like a secure fit. Plus, their chances of loosening over time are also pretty high.

7. Durability


Hands down, shoes win the battle of durability. Sneakers’ rubber soles are very light. The sole itself isn’t strong enough. This means sneakers cannot tolerate a lot of pressure. On top of that, sharp objects can pierce these soles quite easily. So you can’t even think of walking on a bushy or rocky terrain with sneakers.

On the other hand, shoes are built with polyurethane. And this is a very flexible, sturdy, and durable material. The kind that has the ability to withstand high-pressure impact. And even hard or sharp objects. So feel free to run on rough terrain with shoes. As long as they have tough, durable outsoles!

The Bottom Line

Now you get the idea that sneakers and shoes serve almost the same purposes. In the sense that they provide comfort, stability, motion control, and cushioning. At least the basic level is a part of every pair of shoes and sneakers. But if you want something that can withstand heavy pressure, go for shoes.

But choose sneakers for a more casual vibe. And in both cases, make sure you’re picking the right size.