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How to Look Good in Shirt for Big Bust

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I have shirts with a row of buttons, I always feel tight at the button in front of my boobs. Even if it’s not tight, I feel that there’s a risk of catching a glimpse.

so is it possible for a busty person to look good in a shirt?

in fact, as long as you find the right shirt to wear and choose the right style according to your body characteristics, you can also wear your own style.

Shirts are the Saviour of women. 


1.Avoid too stiff and wrinkled fabric.

or your upper body will be stronger and broader visually.

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The nicest fabric for big chest people is the smooth soft texture fabrics: Cotton, silk, heavyweight chiffon, etc. It is easy to wear and to look slim. It can also weaken the existence of the chest and give people a fresh and bright feeling.

Don’t be too tight on the shoulder.

You can also use your hair to cover the protruding chest

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2.The waistline should not be too high

Although the high waistline can make your legs look longer, Because the higher waistline will shorten the upper body, it will also make your chest more prominent. 

But if you put the waistline in the middle of the waist, the sagging feeling of the shirt makes the chest less obvious.



3、 Simple style

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The simple style weakens the lightness and overstatement of the large breasts, A variety of decorations, such as flounce, lace, and frilly layers, can make your boobs look bigger.



4. Choose the type of collar

big V collar, intellectual, elegant, with a little bit of sex appeal;

As shown in the picture, the right v collar does not overemphasize on sexy, it also modifies the shoulder shape, people’s eyes moved from the chest to the shoulder.



5. Choose a stripy shirt

The stripes can stretch the body proportion visually;

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6.Underwear Outside 

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